Best 3 Companies founded with 1971

The year 1971 made a huge stride in human history as this period develops the most impactful and useful technologies that benchmark some of the advanced products today, especially for businesses. If we come to imagine it, before the days of automated cloud-based storage technology, 1971 marks the birth of floppy disks that serve as the best solution for saving electronic data. The year 1971 is also the period where e-mail or electronic email was developed. It's shocking to realize that these technological innovations invented 50 years ago, right? We may not be able to realize this, but it's also a great thing to look back at some of the best events that happened in 1971, particularly for the best companies established during this period. Before business automation platforms emerge in the market, businesses resort to the manual process of handling different kinds of tasks. For instance, when we talk about business activity monitoring processes, businesses before only accommodate 15% to 25% of the overall enterprise processes, which are only focused on back-office data flow for financial processes, as per With this business process challenge, there are companies that program automated technology, fitting every critical business processes—like Macola and Paychex. Established in 1971, Macola and Paychex were released to fill every business needs. Macola was released as a high-end business activity monitoring software, while Paychex provides payroll processing for businesses. These platforms pioneer in their respective specialization, paving the way for some of today's other business activity monitoring and payroll processing software like TIBCO BAM, Oracle BAM, Square Payroll, and Gusto Payroll. Imagine if 1971 is out of the history books. Probably, we cannot appreciate how platforms like Macola and Paychex greatly impacts our day-to-day business processes. According to the words of Steve Jobs, “we cannot understand what's happening today without understanding what came before.” Thus, before you pick the best software that would work on your end, make sure to also consider these companies that pioneered in the industry.

Logo Name Sort Pricing Sort Rating Sort CEO Revenue Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort Founded Sort
Sciwheel Sciwheel $4.95 8.7 Vitek Tracz N/A London 1985+ Reviews
N/A 1971
Macola Macola $70 8.8 Alison Forsythe $2.1 M
6790+ Reviews
N/A 1971
Paychex Paychex $60 8.2 Martin Mucci $1.4 B
New York 3450+ Reviews
580K +