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9.6 User Rating
$3.5 M Revenue
206+ No of Employees
2015 Founded
SaaS Industry
Expense Management Category
Jeppe Rindom CEO

Pleo is a management software that offers payment solutions for every business. This application is a smart software business that allows its users to skip the hassle of manual expense management, for it highlights features that help one to get a real-time overview of business spending. You can get access to Pleo’s automatic expense categorization, direct accounting system integrations, and more, anytime and anywhere, since the app is highly accessible through various electronic devices.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Pleo Pleo 9.6 Jeppe Rindom $6.25 2015 $3.5 M
Copenhagen 1400+ Reviews
Expensify Expensify 9.5 David Barrett $12 2002 $100 M
San Francisco 1000+ Reviews
20K +
Zoho Expense Zoho Expense 9.5 Sridhar Vembu $12 2003 $600 M
Chennai 1000+ Reviews
Fyle Fyle 9.2 Yashwanth Madhusudan $4.99 2016 $10.3 M
1250+ Reviews
300 +
Divvy Divvy 9.1 Blake Murray N/A 2016 $30 M
Lehi 1500+ Reviews
3K +
Spendesk Spendesk 8.9 Rodolphe Ardant $111.33 2016 $5 M
Paris 1500+ Reviews
1.5K +
Harvest Harvest 8.9 Steve White N/A 2006 $25.9 M
New York 1200+ Reviews
40K +
Rydoo Rydoo 8.8 Sebastien Marchon $6 1966
$8 M
2300+ Reviews
Emburse Emburse 8.8 Eric $50 2014 $25.6 M
San Francisco 2000+ Reviews
4.5M +
Happay Happay 8.8 Anshul Rai $1.99 2012 $48.6 M
Bangalore 1450+ Reviews


Plastic and virtual cards for you and your team
Easy handling of your team's Pleo usage through limits and reviews
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Dedicated account manager on hand to help when questions arise

Key Employees

Andreas BernstromAndreas BernstromInvestment Directorhttps://se.linkedin.com/in/andreasbernstrom
Niccolo PerraNiccolo PerraCo-Founderhttps://dk.linkedin.com/in/niccoloperra


“ Takes the pain out of expenses ”

8/10 (overall) - Gareth L.
  • We have a great relationship, very similar cultures and it’s been exciting to see how they have evolved and listen to their customers.
  • Being able to keep a track of my spending on the go is brilliant, as well as having my spending limit adjusted for specific events and times of the year is a really useful feature.
  • No more problems with, who bought what services and who has which invoice. Now I can directly see who has expensed what, and make sure the all invoices are in the system.
  • Filling and dealing with my expenses was the chore I hated the most, Pleo has solved that headache.

“ Pleo is very simple and quick to use ”

9/10 (overall) - Clare Y.
  • Both the digital onboarding in backoffice but also the amazing support from the Swedish team. Thanks Björn (and the rest) for helping us connect Pleo to our accounting system Fortnox.
  • Good experience and links into our finance dept so makes expenses easy.
  • The biggest problem being solved is people not forgetting to submit receipts – with the app installed on all phones, there is no excuse for missing a receipt.
  • We have experienced some outages which can be inconvenient and even a bit embarrassing if the card gets declined when you’re trying to use it.

“ Great solution to expenses claims ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Michelle B.
  • Beautiful interface and 1-click (almost) bookkeeping is very impressive. I save maybe 2 hour a month on reporting for myself and my teams and I don’t have to keep track of my receipts in my pockets.
  • Pleo is very simple and quick to use. The app is user friendly and it takes me no time at all to record my expenses.
  • Would be great if there was some sort of kickback but that’s probably not in the EU directive that makes it legal.
  • We have experienced some outages which can be inconvenient and even a bit embarrassing if the card gets declined when you’re trying to use it. These usually get fixed fairly quickly but it would be useful to know, in the app perhaps, if software is done or there is scheduled maintenance.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Application Integration
  • Assignment Management
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customer Support
  • Employee Management
  • Predictive Sales

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Q & A

Q. What is the use of Pleo?

Pleo is an up and coming expense management software that helps businesses of every size. The platform provides the necessary tools for administrators to access, manage, and oversee all company expenditures. This allows them to set limits on spending, load, reload, and block cards.

Q. How do Pleo cards work?

Pleo cards work like any other debit cards. Cardholders can use Pleo cards for any transaction. Whether online or in a store, Pleo software’s prepaid Mastercard is globally accepted by over 30 million sellers. Of course, being a prepaid card, cardholders can only use it if there is money inside them.

Q. How much does Pleo cost?

Pleo offers users with three (3) paid subscription plans. These are: the Essential plan ($7.52/month per user), the Pro plan ($12.53/ month per user), and the Premium plan. Unfortunately, customers that are interested in the Premium plan must contact their sales team.

Q. What is the purpose of a Pleo virtual card?

A Pleo virtual card works just like any physical prepaid card; however, it is only accessible online. With virtual cards, users can enjoy the ease of making transactions online. Plus, with the advantage of accessing it anywhere from any device is truly flexible.