10+ Best Exit Interview Management Softwares 2021

Exit interview management software coordinates the exit interviewing process while simplifying the administrative work necessary for employee exits and terminations. The goal of exit interview management software is to ease the transition of exiting employees from their roles.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Qualtrics Exit Interview Qualtrics Exit Interview 9.5 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $568.9 M
Provo 1587+ Reviews
35M +
ExitPro ExitPro 9.4 Chason Hecht N/A 2002 $1 M
New York 1698+ Reviews
1K +
Exit Logics Exit Logics 9.3 Tahir Barry $49 2014 N/A N/A Pakistan
1545+ Reviews
WebExit – Nobscot WebExit – Nobscot 9.2 Beth Carvin N/A 2000 $5.5 M
1658+ Reviews
HR Acuity HR Acuity 9.1 Deborah Muller N/A 2006 $6 M
Florham Park
1587+ Reviews
Checkster Exit Interview Checkster Exit Interview 9 Yves Lermusi N/A 2006 $8 M
1658+ Reviews
250K +
Kissflow Exit Interview Kissflow Exit Interview 8.9 Suresh Sambandam $690 2012 $9 M
Chennai 1658+ Reviews
10K +
Grapevine Surveys Grapevine Surveys 8.8 Wes Houston N/A 2003 $19.4 M
1654+ Reviews
3K +
StaffTRAK StaffTRAK 8.7 Dave Roush N/A 1985 $7 M
Ohio 1698+ Reviews
ExitRight ExitRight 8.6 Deb Dwyer N/A 1992 $1 M
1687+ Reviews

Qualtrics Exit Interview

9.5 User Rating
$1500 Price
100+ question types, 360 degree feedback, Data filtering Feature

Qualtrics Exit Interview is another high-powered exit interview software that automates exit interview processes. This software delivers high-end exit interview capabilities that establish a data-driven approach for collecting exit data and feedbacking. Qualtrics Exit Interview also offers another set of exit interview capabilities, including intelligent analytics, report, automation, and integrations.



9.4 User Rating
Budgeting, Forecasting, Employee Lifecycle Management Feature

ExitPro is a software that can automate your company’s exit interview process. With it, you no longer have to spend too much time processing paperwork for outgoing employees. ExitPro can do all of those. It streamlines an outgoing employee’s transition from his or her job role in your company. ExitPro can end a worker’s employment on a positive and professional note.

Exit Logics

9.3 User Rating
$49 Price
Multi Usage, In-depth Analysis, Mobile Friendly Feature

Exit Logics is a user-friendly exit interview management software that works for every HR manager or employer. It helps managers identify why employees are leaving. which helps in reducing future turnover rates. Exit Logics also has quality templates for exit interview questions and surveys. This software eases the pressure of exit interviews and enables employers and employees to cut their ties professionally.

WebExit – Nobscot

9.2 User Rating
Language Module, Enterprise Version, High Participation Rates Feature

WebExit – Nobscot is an easy-to-use and powerful exit interview platform programmed for mid and large-sized companies. This software delivers all the essential tools for exit interviewing processes, thanks to its high-end data-driven and automated capabilities. WebExit – Nobscot also delivers highly automated reports that provide its users with automated turnover management in every department, division, and job type within your company.


HR Acuity

9.1 User Rating
Data encryption, Automatic backup, Benchmarking Feature

HR Acuity is an all-in-one human resource management software that also delivers complete exit interview solutions for businesses. This software has the capacity to track, investigate, and analyze employee issues, including employee turnovers. With HR Acuity, users can proactively respond to their HR-related processes, thanks to its superb features like employee documentation, analytics, events-based intelligence, and so much more.


Checkster Exit Interview

9 User Rating
Identify fraudulent references, Improve quality of hire, Encourage candid feedback Feature

Checkster Exit Interview is a high-end solution that delivers superb solutions for employee turnover. Checkster Exit Interview has the capacity to provide a confidential process and collect honest feedback across the workforce environment, allowing managers or HR teams to uncover the real reasons for an employee’s exit. With Checkster Exit Interview, users can also determine and build support infrastructure to improve their retention success.


Kissflow Exit Interview

8.9 User Rating
$690 Price
Progress Tracking, Advanced Reporting, Hands-off Workflows Feature

Kissflow Exit Interview is a high-end exit interview software programmed for businesses. This software provides extensive exit interview or employee offboarding capabilities, allowing businesses to ensure that every offboarding process is done correctly and the relationship ends smoothly. With Kissflow Exit Interview, users can seamlessly manage employee offboarding, thanks to its high-end features like reporting, automation, dashboard, audit, and much more.

Grapevine Surveys

8.8 User Rating
Survey Hosting & Monitoring, Unlimited Questions Per Survey, Email Survey Link Feature

Grapevine Surveys is an online HR survey software that provides satisfaction, feedback, and exit interview surveys. This platform makes it easy to gather valuable employee feedback, for the platform provides a wide variety of employee surveys. On top of that, Grapevine Surveys has the capacity to analyze survey results, thanks to its analytics tools, graphs, and filter exporting.



8.7 User Rating
Quarterly appraisal, Probationary period, Performance Appraisal Training E-Book Feature

StaffTRAK is an all-in-one human resource management platform that delivers human resource and exit interview solutions for businesses. StaffTRAK delivers web-based HR scheduling and exit interview capabilities, allowing users to simplify their processes. What also makes StaffTRAK the best platform for exit interview management is it provides an easy-to-use and more affordable offer.



8.6 User Rating
Easy Monitoring of Surveys, Great Completion Rates, Full Analysis Feature

ExitRight is one of the leading exit interview management software available today. It provides robust analytics into an employee’s performance metrics. With this software, you are able to improve your employee retention, so that you can minimize employee turnover. However, ExitRight does have a few downsides. This includes its steep learning curve and poor support team.