10+ Best Equipment Maintenance Softwares 2021

Equipment maintenance software is a type of maintenance management software that creates work orders for preventive maintenance tasks and predictive maintenance scheduling. ... Sharing many characteristics of CMMS software, equipment maintenance systems will track maintenance activities and the upkeep of the assets.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
EZofficeInventory EMS EZofficeInventory EMS 9.7 Syed Ali $40.00 2011 $27.3 M
Austin 1250+ Reviews
20K +
Hippo CMMS EMS Hippo CMMS EMS 9.4 Mark Peterson $39 2014 $2.5 M
2200+ Reviews
125 +
UpKeep EMS UpKeep EMS 9.2 Ryan Chan $35 2014 $13.8 M
Los Angeles 1878+ Reviews
160K +
eMaint EMS eMaint EMS 9.1 Brian Samelson $33 1986 $18 M
Bonita Springs
1784+ Reviews
50K +
Cheqroom Cheqroom 9.1 Vincent Theeten $55 2013 $4.1 M
New York 4500+ Reviews
Maintenance Connection EMS Maintenance Connection EMS 8.9 Eric Morgan $85 1999 $25 M
1879+ Reviews
1.4K +
BookingKoala BookingKoala 8.9 Filip Boksa $27 2017 $5 M
4500+ Reviews
MEX Maintenance MEX Maintenance 8.6 Stephen Ninnes $2390 1993 $2 M
3456+ Reviews
Facilities Management eXpress Facilities Management eXpress 8.6 Jeffrey M. Wilkins $3000 2012 $8 M
Ohio 3490+ Reviews
FTMaintenance FTMaintenance 8.5 Paul Ayers $40 1995 $5 M
3400+ Reviews

EZofficeInventory EMS

9.7 User Rating
$40.00 Price
Inventory controlm, Tool Management, Custom Reports Feature

EZOfficeInventory EMS is a highly advanced Equipment Maintenance Software or EMS that offers scalable solutions to manage the lifecycle of a company’s assets. This platform, whether you deploy it on the cloud or on-premise, enables you to schedule maintenance services, increasing productivity. However, much like most apps, EZOfficeInventory EMS also has a few downsides. This includes a lack of system optimization and its automation processes are somewhat limited.


9.4 User Rating
$39 Price
Facilities management, Activity tracking, Calendar management Feature

Hippo CMMS is one of the more popular computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) available in today’s market. This solution provides multiple features that can change the way your business operates. This includes Preventive Maintenance, Inventory Management, Asset Tracking, and more. However, much like other apps, there are a few disadvantages to using Hippo CMMS. This includes a counterproductive work order tool and a slight learning curve for beginners.

UpKeep EMS

9.2 User Rating
$35 Price
Preventative Maintenance, Inventory Management, Signature capture Feature

UpKeep EMS is an advanced equipment maintenance software (EMS) that is part of UpKeep’s computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). This cloud-based solution features a highly intuitive platform for businesses of all sizes. Plus, it also features a fantastic support team. However, UpKeep EMS does have a few downsides, including its lack of assistance during the setup process and some of its features are counterproductive.

eMaint EMS

9.1 User Rating
$33 Price
Asset management, Custom workflow, Task management Feature

eMaint is among the most powerful maintenance software in the market. It’s capable of many things, such as managing tasks, structuring preventive maintenance routines, scheduling, tracking inventory, and so much more. Companies consisting of dynamic teams that do hands-on tasks using complex equipment will find eMaint useful. It’ll make their operations smooth-sailing, with very minimal hurdles and basically zero mishaps.


9.1 User Rating
$55 Price
Tool Management, Asset Library, Lifecycle Management Feature

Cheqroom is a reliable equipment maintenance software that can oversee the status of every piece of equipment in your business. It can do inventory, help schedule maintenance, report issues, and keep records of equipment. With Cheqroom, you’ll be aware of your equipment’s whereabouts either through your desktop PC or mobile device. This software is what you need to maintain your equipment’s functionality and save money in the process. 

Maintenance Connection EMS

8.9 User Rating
$85 Price
Work Order Reporting, Mobile App, Asset management Feature

Maintenance Connection is among the best maintenance software in tracking equipment. Everything that concerns equipment, Maintenance Connection can handle them. It can help in inventory management, predictive maintenance, work order tracking, equipment reporting, and equipment security. Maintenance Connection can help its users track the status of every piece of equipment in an instant. With this software at your disposal, you can say goodbye to tracking equipment manually using pen and paper.


8.9 User Rating
$27 Price
Billing & Invoicing, Inventory Management, Mobile Access Feature

BookingKoala is the perfect partner for anyone who’s planning to establish a service business. Everything that a service business needs are mostly covered by BookingKoala. It can attract clients through extensive marketing, create online booking forms to onboard clients, create an attractive official website, structure a client and merchant dashboard, and more. All of those in one stroke. With BookingKoala, anyone can start a service business in no time.

MEX Maintenance

8.6 User Rating
$2390 Price
Billing & Invoicing, Asset Tracking, Mobile Access Feature

MEX Maintenance is one of the best-reviewed maintenance software in the market. It’s capable of many tasks, such as preventive maintenance, asset management, inventory, overseeing KPIs, reporting, and more. It’s also very user-friendly. Users can quickly get the hang of navigating this software. MEX Maintenance is what every business needs to keep its tangible assets and resources in good shape.

Facilities Management eXpress

8.6 User Rating
$3000 Price
Asset management, Time tracking, Data import/export Feature

Facilities Management eXpress or FMX is a software that provides solutions for a much-improved equipment maintenance procedure. It can arrange work orders, generate maintenance schedules, track inventory, and several other key functions. FMX software can help all types of businesses increase productivity and save money from repairing faulty equipment. Thus, it’s highly recommended.


8.5 User Rating
$40 Price
Maintenance Management, Billing & Invoicing, Facility Management Feature

FTMaintenance is a software platform that ensures all maintenance activities are in order. It can perform and automate inventory management, work order management, preventive maintenance, maintenance requests, and maintenance reports. FTMaintenance’s seamless, user-friendly interface enables any new user to adapt to it quickly. That said, FTMaintenance would be an excellent choice for every CEO, supervisor, manager, or business owner.