10+ Best Enterprise Content Management Softwares 2021

Enterprise content management extends the concept of content management by adding a timeline for each content item and, possibly, enforcing processes for its creation, approval and distribution. Systems using ECM generally provide a secure repository for managed items, analog or digital.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Opentext ECM Opentext ECM 9.5 Mark Barrenechea N/A 1991 $3.2 B
Canada 1999+ Reviews
4K +
Docuware ECM Docuware ECM 9.5 Jurgen Biffar $300 1988 $34.8 M
Germany 1654+ Reviews
100K +
Laserfiche ECM Laserfiche ECM 9.4 Chris Wacker N/A 1987 $87 M
California 1698+ Reviews
3.6K +
Alfresco ECM Alfresco ECM 9.3 Jay Bhatt N/A 2005 $100 M
1888+ Reviews
1.4K +
OnBase ECM OnBase ECM 9.2 Bill Priemer $25000 1991 $85 M
1987+ Reviews
39.9K +
Xerox Docushare Xerox Docushare 9.2 John Visentin $2000 2000 $24 M
Palo Alto 1985+ Reviews
848.2K +
Docstar ECM Docstar ECM 9 Tom Franceski N/A 1996 $10 M
New York 1784+ Reviews
980 +
IBM FileNet Content Manager IBM FileNet Content Manager 8.9 Lee Roberts N/A 1982 $422 M
New York 1698+ Reviews
Omnidocs ECM Omnidocs ECM 8.8 Diwakar Nigam N/A 1992 $85 M
New Delhi
1587+ Reviews
Confluence ECM Confluence ECM 8.7 Mark Evans N/A 1991 $1.2 B
1744+ Reviews
10K +

Opentext ECM

9.5 User Rating
Content Authoring, Content Aggregation, Portal Support Feature

OpenText ECM is a highly extensive enterprise content management or ECM solution for large corporations. It enables businesses the advantage of automating their content management processes into its system. With this app, users are able to connect and send information across their organization. However, OpenText ECM has a steep learning curve and its support team is slow-responding.

Docuware ECM

9.5 User Rating
$300 Price
Importing, Digitizing, Indexing Feature

DocuWare is a high-quality cloud-based enterprise content management system. It enables companies and organizations to secure and digitize all their documents and information. It also organizes them for better clarity and convenient curation for people with access. DocuWare can help solidify an organization’s identity by putting all its documentations on one platform.

Laserfiche ECM

9.4 User Rating
Collaboration Tools, Notifications, Collaboration Tools Feature

Laserfiche ECM is an award-winning enterprise content management or ECM for enterprises and large businesses. It enables users to eliminate manual processes and automate repetitive tasks to ensure a productive and efficient operation. Plus, this app also features advanced document management, analytics, and electronic forms. However, Laserfiche ECM needs to improve its implementation process and its form generator could be more intuitive.

Alfresco ECM

9.3 User Rating
Content Authoring, Workflow Management, Personalization Management Feature

Alfresco ECM is an enterprise content management solution that connects, manages, and protects an organization’s most valuable information. It has an open, cloud-native ECM that allows users to manage content anywhere, connect information with users everywhere, and deliver apps to any device. Plus, it can boost productivity, handle sensitive data, and provide exceptional customer service.

OnBase ECM

9.2 User Rating
$25000 Price
Single low-code platform, Case Management. Business Process Management Feature

OnBase ECM is an enterprise content management system that helps to manage content, processes, and cases. Thousands of global organizations rely on OnBase’s ability to help them become more agile, productive, and efficient. Furthermore, it also provides an almost unlimited variety of solutions across all departments and the entire organization.

Xerox Docushare

9.2 User Rating
$2000 Price
Data connectors, Change tracking, Security & encryption Feature

Xerox Docushare is a content management system for businesses that can be on-premises for better IT control or in a secure private cloud for greater mobility. It equips any company with powerful tools for automating processes and facilitating digital transformation. Plus, it provides the easiest way to access, share, and collaborate for enterprise content management.

Docstar ECM

9 User Rating
Archiving & retention, Auditing, Compliance management Feature

DocStar ECM is an enterprise content management that provides teams the content management and AP automation solutions they need to work efficiently. It offers cloud-based and on-premise versions. It helps users in adhering to record retention and management policies. Plus, it has other features like version control, user-based permissions to control file access, and integrations with various software solutions.

IBM FileNet Content Manager

8.9 User Rating

IBM FileNet is an enterprise content management software that allows users to manage their company’s content and documents. Lifecycle management, transactional content processing, document management, content consolidation, content-based application development, and compliance and governance amongst the services it provides. Plus, it enables users to gain secure, mobile access to content stores at any time and supports the business processes.

Omnidocs ECM

8.8 User Rating
Archiving & retention, Document assembly, Mobile access Feature

OmniDocs ECM is a content management system that allows for end-to-end enterprise content management, from creation to disposal. It also lets organizations go digital by connecting content and processes with context. Plus, it provides intelligent tools for capturing content from various sources, managing it in a secure, centralized repository, and making information accessible across content-centric processes.

Confluence ECM

8.7 User Rating
Create versatile documentation, Collaborate on projects and plans, Customize Feature

Confluence ECM is an enterprise content management software that includes features that make it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It allows users to create any content that will help their projects progress. Plus, it has several document management features that enable team members to keep their work organized and accessible.