10+ Best Enterprise Architecture Softwares 2021

Seeing how a business flourishes is indeed a sparkling moment for every business person. Knowing the fact that 21st-century business setup is so thriving, the satisfaction of witnessing business growth, starting from its establishment, down to its current state, cannot be explained. However, as one business grows, inevitable business threats are bound to happen. Thus, the importance of implementing a comprehensive approach for business comes to play its role.  When we talk about comprehensive technique or methodology in today's business setting, enterprise architecture (EA) is the practice that is most commonly used by organizations today. Enterprise architecture is a method used to implement a comprehensive strategy for business. This process standardizes the business approach, allowing organizations to establish practices, information, process, and technology changes that are essential for business strategy and goals.  Benefits:
  1. Enterprise architecture provides a strategic overview for business. 
  2. It establishes standardization and flexibility in every operation.
  3. Enterprise architecture reduces complexity, while it trims unnecessary costs. 
When your business is steadily growing through time, it's essential for you to establish a new approach for your overall operation. Lucky for you, with the abundance of enterprise architecture software in today's market, streamlining your business now within your reach. If you're seeking for such software that you can utilize, we've got below an overview of enterprise architecture software that you can choose to have.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
LeanIX LeanIX 9.4 Andre Christ N/A 2012 $25 M
1952+ Reviews
302 +
Scientrix Scientrix 9 Manfred Muel N/A 2004 $3.6 M
Bengaluru 1698+ Reviews
282 +
SAP PowerDesigner SAP PowerDesigner 9 Bill McDermott $7500 1990 $27 M
California 1897+ Reviews
200M +
Software AG Enterprise Architecture Software AG Enterprise Architecture 8.9 Sanjay Brahmawar $42 1969
$995.2 M
Germany 1789+ Reviews
10K +
BiZZdesign BiZZdesign 8.9 Hugo Ehrnreich $17 2000 $25 M
Netherlands 1892+ Reviews
3K +
Sparx Sparx 8.8 Dan Sandhu $450 1996 $11.8 M
1894+ Reviews
300K +
ER/Studio Data Architect ER/Studio Data Architect 8.8 Randy Jacops $1470 1993 N/A 1,000+
California 1897+ Reviews
20K +
Avolution Avolution 8.5 Antony Allen $2 2001 $4.2 M
Sydney 1658+ Reviews
50K +
Planview Enterprise One Planview Enterprise One 8.5 Gregory S. Gilmore N/A 1989 $200 M
Austin 1987+ Reviews
426.3K +
Insight EA Insight EA 8.4 Ken Lamneck $100 1988 $8.3 B
1789+ Reviews
1K +


9.4 User Rating
Collaboration, Integration, Interactive Reporting Feature

LeanIX is another collaborative enterprise architecture (EA) app programmed for businesses. This software delivers a data-driven architecture model, which allows users to adapt their business architecture easily. The application also provides out-of-the-box integrations with applications, such as Technopedia, Signavio, Confluence, ServiceNow, Apptio, and Lucidchart. With LeanIX, you can gain a real-time overview of your business and automate it in just one software.

Nevertheless, LeanIX also has negative qualities that you should also consider. LeanIX’s navigation needs improvement, for it is a little bit clunky, a more robust roadmap depiction and dashboard capabilities also have to improve.




9 User Rating
Collaboration tools, Timeline management, Data encryption Feature

Scientrix is an agile business architecture platform designed for organizations and businesses. Scientrix provides its users with a user-friendly platform that allows them to develop architectural capabilities so that they can meet systemic challenges and get effective solutions. On top of that, Scientrix is programmed in a matrix thought architecture platform to help users create innovative solutions, build models, and discover remodeling structure while integrating their thoughts.

Moreover, there are also negative qualities that you need to discover concerning Scientrix. Scientrix needs to improve its user interface, navigating capabilities also requires refurbishments, and aggregation of KPIs could also improve.

SAP PowerDesigner

9 User Rating
$7500 Price
Reporting, Analysis, Information access Feature

SAP PowerDesigner is an enterprise modeling tool for complex business transformation. SAP PowerDesigner offers data modeling tools that build architecture for businesses. The application automatically captures the architecture layers, transport into a powerful metadata repository, then create discoveries and insights. With SAP PowerDesigner, you can align your business, improve your productivity, and automate repetitive processes.

However, you should consider not only looking for the app’s advantages, for SAP PowerDesigner also has its disadvantages. SAP PowerDesigner has poor performance on large databases; its user interface needs adjustment, and improve its capability to generate end to end query.


Software AG Enterprise Architecture

8.9 User Rating
$42 Price
Integration, Analytics, Customer Journey Mapping Feature

Software AG’s enterprise architecture is a platform that provides tools for IT landscape alignment necessary for digital transformation. Software AG’s enterprise architecture provides real-time and accurate IT landscaping details that specify the relationship between technologies and business processes, allowing users to implement and design the IT architecture of their own. On top of that, the platform improves the governance, risk and compliance, accelerates innovation into the IT landscape, and increases business agility and flexibility.

Despite Software AG’s powerful capabilities, we still cannot deny that this application also has concerning issues. Before you opt to pick the app, make sure to find out more about the app’s issues so that you can avoid setbacks in your overall utilization.


8.9 User Rating
$17 Price
Enhanced Collaboration, Project Management,Architecture Governance Feature

BiZZdesign is one of the collaborative platforms for strategic business initiatives made available for businesses today. This software offers all the necessary tools that leverage your business into the digital business setup. BiZZdesign primarily provides architecture models, business design capabilities, and analysis to establish strategic business initiatives that allow your business to make informed decisions better and improve business capabilities.

However, like any other platform, BiZZdesign has its disadvantages. BiZZdesign’s disadvantages might affect your overall use, so you might as well check them out before you opt to pick the software.



8.8 User Rating
$450 Price
Project Management, Collaboration Tools, Reporting/Analytics Feature

Sparx or Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect is a visual modeling and design software, designed to deliver innovative visual modeling tools for business. This software features essential tools for architecture modeling, like planning, designing, and documenting collaborative business architectures. Sparx also provides cloud-enabled collaboration for enterprise-wide support; plus, it offers highly scalable enterprise architectures that are necessary for modeling your business processes.

Yes, Sparx could be the right software for you; however, you should also consider that this app has its negative attributes. Utilizing Sparx means that you might encounter several bugs and glitches, difficulty in terms of its overall configuration, and clunky user interface.



ER/Studio Data Architect

8.8 User Rating
$1470 Price
Enhance Data, Lineage Design, Effective Data Models Feature

ER/Studio Data Architect is considered as a powerful tool for data modeling tool that is available in today’s market. This software aims to enable companies to create relationship diagrams with detailed metadata, allowing users to optimize databases from diverse platforms. What makes ER/Studio Data Architect a powerful platform is it builds business-driven data architecture and improve data consistency.  

However, you should also consider that ER/Studio Data Architect is not an entirely perfect platform. You should also consider this app needs to improve its meta-data, has missing functionality for SQL Server databases, and improve regression testing.




8.5 User Rating
$2 Price
Cybersecurity, Service management, Integration Feature

Avolution is a popular software programmed to provide a step-by-step process for enterprise architecture and digital strategy. Avolution provides a business-outcome driven approach that establishes comprehensive enterprise architecture. On top of that, Avolution provides cloud-based collaboration, a business and technology roadmaps, diagram-driven modeling, import, export, integrate and automate data management capabilities, and much more.

However, Avolution also has downsides that you need to consider, despite how powerful this platform is. Avolution needs more standard connectors for integration with other modeling tools, better diagramming features, and a steep learning curve with its tool. With this, take time to consider these negative attributes, before you opt to pick the software.


Planview Enterprise One

8.5 User Rating
Collaboration Analytics, Reporting, Security Strategy Feature

Planview Enterprise One is an end-to-end solution for business enterprise architecture management. This software provides strategy and execution capabilities that drive the right decision-making process. Planview Enterprise One makes it possible by integrating planning and execution, enabling its user’s organizations to balance organizational capacity with the demand, create plans for project execution, and manage all the financial aspects of the entire process.

But despite how powerful Planview Enterprise One is, we cannot deny that this platform has its negative attributes. The software’s timesheet feature needs to be more user-friendly, its user interface needs some adjustment, and their support team has to be more responsive.

Insight EA

8.4 User Rating
$100 Price
Architecture Governance, Risk Assessment, Project Management Feature

Insight EA is one of the powerful enterprise architecture software available in the market today. This software delivers IT alignment and information and business strategy that are necessary for business’ architecture. This platform has the all-in-one features that users can enjoy, such as mapping capabilities, modeling and simulation, risk assessment, roadmapping, and so much more.

For sure, you are now eyeing to pick Insight EA for your business operation. However, before you choose to utilize the app, there are also several negative qualities that you need to consider concerning Insight EA. Insight EA needs to add more enterprise architecture tools, plus the app needs to address multiple issues of bugs and glitches into their app.