10+ Best Endpoint Security Softwares 2021

Endpoint security refers to securing endpoints, or end-user devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. ... Endpoint security software protects these points of entry from risky activity and/or malicious attack.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
McAfee Endpoint Security McAfee Endpoint Security 9.5 Peter A. Leav N/A 1987 $2.5 B
Santa Clara 1698+ Reviews
500M +
Symantec Endpoint Protection Symantec Endpoint Protection 9.5 Vincent Pilette N/A 1991 $715 M
San Jose 7900+ Reviews
Microsoft Endpoint Protection Microsoft Endpoint Protection 9.3 Satya Nadella N/A 2010 N/A 5,000+
Colorado 3500+ Reviews
229.1K +
Avast Business Antivirus Pro Avast Business Antivirus Pro 9.1 Ondrej Vlcek N/A 1998 $871.1 M
1666+ Reviews
435M +
BitDefender Endpoint Security BitDefender Endpoint Security 9 Florin Talpes N/A 2001 $140 M
1989+ Reviews
500M +
ESET Endpoint Security Software ESET Endpoint Security Software 9 Richard Marko N/A 1992 $90 M
1777+ Reviews
110M +
Webroot Endpoint Security Webroot Endpoint Security 8.9 Mike Potts $29.99 1997 $215 M
Colorado 1997+ Reviews
300K +
Sophos Endpoint Security Sophos Endpoint Security 8.9 Kris Hagerman N/A 1985 $640.7 M
1587+ Reviews
100M +
Webroot Business Endpoint Protection Webroot Business Endpoint Protection 8.9 Mike Potts $29.99 1997 $215 M
Colorado 1997+ Reviews
300K +
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud 8.8 Eugene Kaspersky $40 1997 $705 M
1788+ Reviews
400M +

McAfee Endpoint Security

9.5 User Rating
Robust security, Streamlined database security management, Continuous compliance Feature

McAfee Endpoint Security is an extensive endpoint security software built for system security operations, investigations, and security controls. McAfee Endpoint Security provides simplified endpoint security features that scale across every endpoint environment, allowing users to experience centralized security protection for their system. The platform also has the capacity to mitigate risks, uncover threats with EDR, and automate critical system security processes.


Symantec Endpoint Protection

9.5 User Rating
Advanced Machine learning, Desktop firewall, Artificial Intelligence Feature

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a high-powered security software suite that delivers anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and firewall solutions across server and desktop computers. Symantec Endpoint Protection is recognized as one of today’s most integrated endpoint security software, for it delivers cloud-based protection with AI-guided security management—all on a single console architecture.


Microsoft Endpoint Protection

9.3 User Rating
Full-stack development, Web app development, Azure Cognitive Search Feature

Microsoft Endpoint Protection is an anti-malware software built for Windows devices. Microsoft Endpoint Protection is a complete endpoint security solution that delivers preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response. Microsoft Endpoint Protection also delivers highly automated security capabilities and cloud-based features that take endpoint security to a next level.


Avast Business Antivirus Pro

9.1 User Rating
API, Password Management, Authentication Feature

Avast Business Antivirus Pro is a comprehensive antivirus program that provides robust endpoint security functionality. It features advanced threat detection capabilities, ensuring your device, and all precious content, remain safe and secure. On top of that, this app also includes a VPN solution. However, Avast Business Antivirus Pro needs to improve its reporting tool and it also lacks a mobile device management.

BitDefender Endpoint Security

9 User Rating
Advanced Threat Defense, Webcam Protection, Anti-fraud Feature

Bitdefender Endpoint Security is a fully-automated endpoint and computer security software that provides effortless system protection solutions. This software has the capacity to provide the best protection against sophisticated threats without compromising the system performance. On top of that, Bitdefender Endpoint Security also allows its users to enforce their organization’s computer and Internet use policies.


ESET Endpoint Security Software

9 User Rating
Access Control, Threat Response, Reporting/Analytics Feature

ESET Endpoint Security Software is an anti-malware security suite built for small, midsize, and large businesses. This platform delivers on-premise and cloud-based solutions that protect business data with easy-to-implement two-factor-authentication. ESET Endpoint Security Software also highlights its primary functionality, including anti-malware, remote management, endpoint security, file security, firewall, mail security, and web control.


Webroot Endpoint Security

8.9 User Rating
$29.99 Price
API Compliance Management, User Management, Offline Protection Feature

Webroot Endpoint Security is a comprehensive endpoint protection software that secures business systems. This software offers extensive endpoint security solutions across network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. Webroot Endpoint Security also delivers other extensive features to leverage system security, including contextual threat intelligence, fast deployment, and industry-leading efficacy.


Sophos Endpoint Security

8.9 User Rating
Web protection, Server Security, Secure Wi-Fi Feature

Sophos Endpoint Security, as its name suggests, is an extensive endpoint security software. Businesses of all sizes can utilize its solution to protect their organization from any malicious websites. Aside from that, this app also enables you to manage all endpoint connections remotely. However, Sophos Endpoint Security needs to improve its phishing security and it only allows you to connect up to three devices for its free plan.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

8.9 User Rating
$29.99 Price
API Compliance Management, User Management, Offline Protection Feature

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is a leading endpoint security software for all businesses – from small companies to large enterprises. This app features advanced web-based detection tools, and it also detects any malicious binary files. However, Webroot also has a few downsides. It includes a less than robust protection for phishing and script-based attacks.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

8.8 User Rating
$40 Price
Cyber Security, Endpoint Security, Centralized Management Feature

True to its name, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is a robust cloud-native endpoint security software. This application provides businesses with a flexible security platform to ensure a highly automated defence system against potential cyberattacks. However, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud does have a few downsides. This includes the fact that it requires heavy hardware usage for scanning your system and it is also quite expensive.