10+ Best Employee Training Softwares 2021

Employee training software allows you to create training modules, make them engaging by adding interactive elements, securely deliver them to your employees, track the learner's performance, assess and give feedback. It is an all-in-one tool to deliver effective training to your workforce. 7 Benefits of Employee Training Software Programs: 1. Reduce Training Time and Cost 2. Attract Talent 3. Create Efficient Onboarding 4. Improve Communication and Employee Engagement 5. Equip Employees for Current and Future Success 6. Build Relationships at Work 7. Retain Employees


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Proprofs Proprofs 9.6 Sameer Bhatia N/A 2010 $19 M
Los Angeles 4500+ Reviews
Lessonly Employee Training Lessonly Employee Training 9.5 Max Yoder $300 2012 $6.8 M
Indianapolis 1689+ Reviews
3M +
TalentLMS Employee Training TalentLMS Employee Training 9.5 John Leh N/A 2012 $9.1 M
San Francisco 1654+ Reviews
1K +
Litmos Employee Training Litmos Employee Training 9.4 Rich Chetwynd $4 2007 $34 M
Dublin 1547+ Reviews
22M +
Docebo Employee Training Docebo Employee Training 9.2 Claudio Erba N/A 2005 $46.3 M
Toronto 1654+ Reviews
6M +
TalentCards Employee Training TalentCards Employee Training 9 Thanos Papangelis N/A 2017 $815 K
California 1784+ Reviews
500 +
Bridge Bridge 8.7 Dan Goldsmith $5000 2011 $7.7 M
Washington 4600+ Reviews
7.5K +
Connecteam Employee Training Connecteam Employee Training 8.7 Amir Nehemia N/A 2014 N/A 20+
New York 1898+ Reviews
200 +
Mindflash Mindflash 8.6 Bob Casey $599 1999 $18.1 M
Seattle 6700+ Reviews
1.1K +
Trainual Trainual 8.6 Chris Ronzio $99 2018 $3 M
Scottsdale 4500+ Reviews
3K +


9.6 User Rating
Issue report cards, Analytics Track, learner progress Feature

ProProfs is an advanced learning platform that provides employee training solutions for businesses. Essentially, this cloud-based software provides superb modules such as Quiz Maker, Training Maker, Knowledge Base, Survey Maker, Live Chat, Help Desk, and more. However, ProProfs is also home to a few disadvantages. This includes its limited reporting functionality and lackluster customer support team.

Lessonly Employee Training

9.5 User Rating
$300 Price
Knowledge Base, Leaderboard, Gamification Feature

Lessonly Employee Training is an advanced employee training software that enables teams to collaborate, practice, and learn better. With this cloud-based solution, users can fastrack their employee onboarding processes, thanks to its intuitive platform and superb customer support team. However, Lessonly Employee Training does have a few downsides, which include its limited reporting capabilities and customization.

TalentLMS Employee Training

9.5 User Rating
Data Import/Expor,t Mobile Access, Reporting Feature

TalentLMS Employee Training is a robust employee training software designed to help businesses streamline their processes of training new employees. Essentially, this cloud-based solution enables human resources and management to create online courses in just a few clicks. However TalentLMS Employee Training lacks when it comes to its preloaded page designs, and this app also has a limited number of customization tools.

Litmos Employee Training

9.4 User Rating
$4 Price
Gamification, Real-time reporting, Assessment/Quiz Feature

Litmos Employee Training is an extensive software that is part of the SAP Litmost platform, which is a learning management system (LMS). However, this solution provides its users with a comprehensive training content library. This enables management and human resources to train new employees effectively. However, Litmos Employee Training does have a counterintuitive interface, poor customer support team, and weak reporting tool.

Docebo Employee Training

9.2 User Rating
Automate learning management, learning in the flow-of-work Feature

Docebo is a cloud-based employee training solution that provides training programs for employees, partners, and customers. It serves several industries like IT, technology, consulting, retail, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, oil, and gas. Docebo enables users to deliver content, manage training, track certifications, and reward learners. Plus, it offers multi-language support with over thirty languages, training, and customized onboarding. Moreover, Docebo is available in iOs and Android devices.

TalentCards Employee Training

9 User Rating
Academic/Education, Mobile Learning, Gamification Feature

TalentCards is a cloud-based mobile training solution that helps businesses make learning cards to train employees on safety protocols, compliance, new product knowledge, and many more. It has unique 12 digit codes that enable users to access mobile training content easily and quickly. Moreover, TalentCards lets users create quizzes and assessments to test their training knowledge. Plus, it has gamification features that aim to enhance employee engagement.


8.7 User Rating
$5000 Price
Mobile Learning, Synchronous Learning, Blended Learning Feature

Bridge is an employee training platform that combines learning management, career development, performance management, and engagement measurement into one unified experience. It helps companies to create a learning culture that engages and develops employees. It is easy to use with several learning features. Moreover, its integrated technology allows companies to increase employee engagement by making learning and training a part of employees’ and leaders’ day-to-day workflows.

Connecteam Employee Training

8.7 User Rating
Payroll Management, Asset Management Workflows, Time Tracking Feature

Connecteam is an employee training software that provides solutions to raise employee development, engagement, reduce turnover, get feedback, and improve productivity. It is an easy-to-use platform with powerful tools that companies need to engage and train employees. Plus, it is a one-stop-shop to enhance the daily work grind. It is fit for industries including retail, food and beverage, transportation, construction, and healthcare. Users can create and personalize their app for employees.


8.6 User Rating
$599 Price
Performance reports, Group training, Multi-language Feature

Mindflash is a cloud-based employee training and learning management solution for the extended enterprise, allowing large and fast-growing businesses to provide frequent training on business-critical topics to employees and partners. It offers programs and features such as employee training, onboarding, virtual classroom, and compliance training. Plus, Mindflash delivers groundbreaking innovations in content creation, business analytics, program management, and enterprise integration.


8.6 User Rating
$99 Price
Helping businesses, onboard and train, remote employees Feature

Trainual is a cloud-based employee training and learning management software that provides a solution that serves various industries and enables companies to automate the training and onboarding process. It helps organizations in organizing training modules in a centralized system. Plus, it is easy to use, fast to implement, and flexible and accessible. It is available on desktop, iOs, and Android. Moreover, it can keep employees align with the company’s goal.