10+ Best Employee Recognition Softwares 2021

Employee recognition software is technology that helps you manage abstract human concepts—like employee satisfaction and relationships—with as much purpose and efficiency as you use to manage project deadlines and sales goals.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Kudos Kudos 9.5 Muni Boga N/A 1992 $8.2 M
London 1999+ Reviews
57K +
Bonusly Bonusly 9.4 Raphael Crawford-Marks $2.70 2012 $7.3 M
1658+ Reviews
20M +
Fond Fond 9.3 Taro Fukuyama N/A 2011 $4.2 M
San Francisco 1544+ Reviews
9.1K +
Motivosity Motivosity 9.2 Scott Johnson $3 2013 $3.6 M
Lehi 1666+ Reviews
5K +
Bucketlist Bucketlist 9.1 Bart Wisniowski N/A 2015 $100 M
Vancouver 1888+ Reviews
110K +
Awardco Awardco 9 Steve Sonnenberg N/A 2015 $8.4 M
Utah 1696+ Reviews
1M +
Reward Gateway Employee Recognition Reward Gateway Employee Recognition 8.9 Glenn Elliott N/A 2006 $262 M
London 1555+ Reviews
9.8K +
O.C Tanner O.C Tanner 8.8 Dave Petersen N/A 1927
$540 M
Utah 1654+ Reviews
13.7K +
Halo Recognition Halo Recognition 8.7 Marc A. Simon N/A 1935
$87.5 M
1654+ Reviews
2.5K +
Blueboard Blueboard 8.6 Taylor Smith N/A 2012 $7.5 M
San Francisco 1666+ Reviews
5K +


9.5 User Rating
Communication, Collaboration, Appreciation Feature

Kudos is a software that aims to optimize employee performance, productivity, satisfaction, and retention through recognition. Kudos automates the way your company recognizes your employees’ achievements. It can produce badges, printable certificate templates, video recognition, and other customizable rewards. Everything you need to keep your employees feel valued is in Kudos.


9.4 User Rating
$2.70 Price
Personalized Bonus Feeds, Dashboard-Based Recognition, Analytics and Reporting Feature

Bonusly is a well-designed employee recognition platform. It provides innovative tools and solutions that can structure a welcoming and encouraging company culture. Bonusly focuses on recognizing the contributions and longevity of employees. It helps employers recognize their employees’ value and suggests actions to express gratitude. Bonusly’s user-friendliness enables companies to integrate it easily into their system.


9.3 User Rating
Employee Engagement, Performance, Rewards Feature

Fond is an employee recognition platform unlike any other. Its key feature is allowing employees to send points to other employees for their contributions and accomplishments. That way, employees are empowering each other and building a welcoming culture. Fond also has features commonly found in employee recognition platforms. But they offer something different. Fond is a highly integrable software. Thus, new users can easily adapt it to their business.


9.2 User Rating
$3 Price
Employee Engagement, Benchmarking, Performance Appraisal Feature

Motivosity Recognize is an employee solutions platform that focuses on employee recognition. Its prominent feature is the peer-to-peer or manager appreciation. It enables employees or managers to directly and freely express gratitude to anyone in the organization. It can also automate rewards, spot bonuses, badges, and record employee milestones. Ultimately, Motivosity Recognize promotes a culture of gratitude in a company.


9.1 User Rating
Focus Coaching Efforts, Track Costs, Grow Social Recognition Feature

Bucketlist is an employee recognition and rewards software designed to keep employees engaged. This simple and extensive recognition platform simplifies company rewards for milestones and achievement, recognizing a job well done for employees. Bucketlist showcases its superb recognition and reward features, including peer-to-peer recognition, manager-to-peer recognition, reward points, goals, and social recognition.



9 User Rating
Integrations, Dashboard, Performance Feature

Awardco is an employee recognition software that offers flexible recognition programs for businesses. Awardco has the capacity to eliminate unnecessary rewards and recognition costs, allowing companies to redirect their recognition processes into a simple system. With Awardco, businesses can seamlessly manage their recognition and reward programs, thanks to its superb features like peer-to-peer recognition, reward points, social recognition, and more.


Reward Gateway Employee Recognition

8.9 User Rating
Audio / Video Conferencing, Custom Survey URLs, Benchmarking Feature

Reward Gateway is an employee engagement platform that offers extensive employee recognition solutions. This software offers high-end and simple employee recognition programs, allowing businesses to boost employee engagement. With Reward Gateway, companies can now simplify and unite employee recognition processes through the platform’s comprehensive features like peer-to-peer recognition, internal communications, survey, and more.


O.C Tanner

8.8 User Rating
Mention Management, Nominations, Recognition Tracking Feature

O.C. Tanner is a global employee recognition platform perfect for people-oriented businesses. This software provides superb employee recognition programs that allow businesses to connect with their people by recognizing exemplary accomplishments and milestones. With O.C. Tanner, businesses and HR teams can enjoy a suite of employee recognition features, including corporate wellness management, activity tracking, goal setting, feedbacking, and employee engagement.


Halo Recognition

8.7 User Rating
Reporting, Dashboard, Integrations Feature

HALO Recognition is a powerful incentive and recognition platform that help businesses drive employee engagement. This software delivers a data-driven recognition functionality that establishes superb employee experiences through rewards, incentives, and recognition programs. With HALO Recognition, businesses can cover all recognition program touchpoints in their company, thanks to the application’s features like employee segmenting, peer recognition, and automation.



8.6 User Rating
Recognition Tracking, Performance Management, Social Recognition Feature

Blueboard is a recognition and employee rewards software programmed for modern operations. This software offers a personalized employee recognition solutions, allowing businesses to give meaningful rewards and recognitions to their employees. Blueboard primarily highlights its superb capabilities, including anniversary awards, employee referral incentives, spot recognition, well-being incentives, and sales incentives.