10+ Best Employee Feedback Softwares 2021

Employee feedback is the health checkup for your organization's work culture. An employee feedback software helps in measuring employee engagement and employee satisfaction. These are the chief methods of collecting employee feedback.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Tinypulse Employee Feedback Tinypulse Employee Feedback 9.5 David Niu $3 2012 $10 M
Seattle 1555+ Reviews
323.2K +
15Five Employee Feedback 15Five Employee Feedback 9.4 David Hassell N/A 2011 $29.9 M
San Francisco 1654+ Reviews
2K +
Officevibe Employee Feedback Officevibe Employee Feedback 9.3 Guillaume Roy N/A 2013 $4 M
1666+ Reviews
1K +
Culture Amp Employee Feedback Culture Amp Employee Feedback 9.2 Didier Elzinga N/A 2009 $65.4 M
Melbourne 1565+ Reviews
10K +
Reward Gateway Employee Feedback Reward Gateway Employee Feedback 9.1 Glenn Elliott N/A 2006 $262 M
London 1545+ Reviews
1.6K +
Qualtrics Employee Feedback Qualtrics Employee Feedback 9 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $568.9 M
Provo 1696+ Reviews
35M +
Weekdone Weekdone 8.9 Juri Kaljundi $109 2013 $900 K
1587+ Reviews
10K +
Engagement Surveys and Pulses Engagement Surveys and Pulses 8.8 Adit Jain N/A 2015 $2 M
New York 1658+ Reviews
12K +
GetFeedback GetFeedback 8.7 Craig Shull N/A 2013 $35 M
San Francisco 1696+ Reviews
100K +
Impraise Impraise 8.6 Bas Kohnke $6 2014 $12.2 M
New York 1587+ Reviews
100K +

Tinypulse Employee Feedback

9.5 User Rating
$3 Price
Feedback Collection Surveys, Data Analysis, Dashboard Feature

TINYpulse is an employee feedback and engagement software that improves business communications. This software offers extensive capabilities that improve employee transparency and communication. With TINYpulse, companies can establish real-time feedback and decisions, thanks to the platform’s superb features like company culture management, data analysis, dashboards, collaborative reviews, and recognition management.


15Five Employee Feedback

9.4 User Rating
Feedback Management, Weekly Reports, Polls and Trends Feature

15Five Employee Feedback, as its name suggests, is a highly popular employee feedback software that caters to businesses of all sizes. This platform features a highly intuitive system so that you can start using it instantly. Plus, its customer support team is also quite helpful. However, 15Five Employee Feedback does have downsides, including a complex review tool and limited cross-functionality.

Officevibe Employee Feedback

9.3 User Rating
API Reporting, Statistics, Real Time Reporting Feature

Officevibe Employee Feedback is an employee feedback solution and is one of the tools that you can use when you implement the Officevibe application into your business’ operations. It enables managers to improve collaboration, trust, and team performance. However, Officevibe Employee Feedback does have a few disadvantages when it comes to questionnaire tools and reporting capabilities.

Culture Amp Employee Feedback

9.2 User Rating
Goal Management, Performance Management, Pulse Surveys Feature

Culture Amp Employee Feedback is one of the leading cloud-based employee feedback software in the market today. This solution enables teams to grow employee engagement, performance, and retention. Plus, it also features an intuitive platform and a fantastic customer support team. However, Culture Amp also lacks administrative controls and its reporting tools need to be improved.

Reward Gateway Employee Feedback

9.1 User Rating
Blogs, Survey/Poll Management, Employee Database Feature

Reward Gateway Employee Feedback is a top notch solution offered by the Reward Gateway platform. This solution, however, focuses on helping managers empower their employees in order to improve employee performance, development, and retention. However, Reward Gateway Employee Feedback does have a few downsides. This includes its limited reporting tool and expensive price plans.

Qualtrics Employee Feedback

9 User Rating
$1500 Price
A/B testing, Product management, Workflow management Feature

Qualtrics is an employee feedback software that enables companies to collect and analyze data and gather insights that drive better decision-making and customer experience. It offers world-class solutions that automatically surface personalized actions that can provide excellent employee experience, engagement and retain talented employees. Plus, it provides services and supports to help users build a strong team. Moreover, it has excellent customer service that is available 24/7.


8.9 User Rating
$109 Price
Time management, Status reporting, Commenting Feature

Weekdone is an employee feedback and OKR software that users use to connect objectives between different levels. It has automated reporting and live dashboards that enable users to stay updated, monitor team and company goals, and handle employees’ weekly activities. Leaders used Weekdone to know what employees are focusing on, automate the setting and tracking process of the OKRs, and manage and align teams.

Engagement Surveys and Pulses

8.8 User Rating
Goal Setting & Management, Performance Analysis, Achievement Sharing Feature

Engagement surveys and pulses powered by Leena AI is artificial intelligence (AI) platform that helps companies deploy an automated helpdesk that improves employee engagement. It provides features, such as real-time communication, predictive analytics, personalized workflows, virtual dashboards, reports, and more. Also, managers can notify workers using bulk notifications about upcoming activities and gain insights through analytics into survey feedback, employee satisfaction ratings, improvement areas, and more.


8.7 User Rating
Open API, Salesforce integration, Analytics & reporting Feature

GetFeedback is a cloud-based employee and customer feedback software that automatically collects customer and employee feedback at critical touchpoints in the customer and employee journey. It can adapt to changing customer and employee needs, measure employee or customer satisfaction, and improve employee or customer experience. Moreover, many global brands trust and rely on GetFeedback and Salesforce to get real-time insights from customers and employees.


8.6 User Rating
$6 Price
Alerts/reminders, Dashboard, Real time feedback Feature

Impraise is a cloud-based employee feedback platform that provides solutions to improve performance and employee engagement. It helps managers support their people, create a focus for exceptional results, add clarity and insights to fuel growth, and grow the business together with its people. Moreover, it offers features like OKR, 1:1s, real-time feedback, reviews, surveys, analysis, and reporting.