10+ Best Employee Engagement Softwares 2021

Employee engagement software is a category of application programs that organizations use to increase employee job satisfaction and retain talented workers. ... Most modern employee engagement software is administered by human resource (HR) departments and is sold on a subscription basis as software as a service.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
TINYpulse TINYpulse 9.5 David Niu $3 2012 $10 M
Seattle 1666+ Reviews
323.2K +
15Five Employee Engagement 15Five Employee Engagement 9.4 David Hassell N/A 2011 $29.9 M
San Francisco 1777+ Reviews
2K +
Qualtrics Employee Engagement Qualtrics Employee Engagement 9.3 Ryan Smith $1500 2002 $568.9 M
Provo 1777+ Reviews
35M +
Quantum Workplace Engagement Quantum Workplace Engagement 9.2 Greg Harris N/A 2002 $10.9 M
1999+ Reviews
4.8K +
Officevibe Officevibe 9.1 Guillaume Roy N/A 2013 $4 M
1888+ Reviews
1K +
Lattice Lattice 9 Jim Anderson $9 2015 $5.6 M
San Francisco 1598+ Reviews
160K +
Peakon Peakon 8.9 Phil Chambers $5000 2014 $48.8 M
Copenhagen 1656+ Reviews
13M +
Trakstar Employee Engagement Trakstar Employee Engagement 8.8 Julie Rieken $4370 2000 $14 M
Washington 1658+ Reviews
189 +
Blink Employee Engagement Blink Employee Engagement 8.7 Michael D. Farkas $3.40 2015 $2.9 M
London 1656+ Reviews
3.2M +
Kazoo Kazoo 8.6 Paul Pellman $9 2013 $27.7 M
Austin 1658+ Reviews
600 +


9.5 User Rating
$3 Price
Feedback Collection, Surveys Data, Analysis Dashboard Feature

TINYpulse is an employee engagement solution that offers features to improve a company’s employee engagement and relations. It builds better working cultures and makes employees happy. Plus, it can help companies understand their employees more and make better leadership decisions. Moreover, TINYpulse has an employee engagement report that enables companies or businesses to discover insights into employee engagement trends and figure out what it takes to manage a high-performing team.

15Five Employee Engagement

9.4 User Rating
Feedback Management, Weekly Reports, Polls and Trends Feature

15five is an employee engagement software that provides tools to build highly-engaged, high-performing companies and businesses by helping people become their best selves. It can help organizations unlock the potential of every member of their workforce. Plus, it provides a solution that works to deepen the connection between the management and employees by empowering transparency, feedback, and meaningful conversations.

Qualtrics Employee Engagement

9.3 User Rating
$1500 Price
A/B testing, Product management, Workflow management Feature

Qualtrics is an insightful employee engagement software. It’s capable of directing managers on where to focus their attention to engage their employees effectively. Qualtrics can show real-time stats on how employees are doing, such as their performance and level of engagement. It also has AI and machine learning abilities that can pinpoint the factors affecting the employees’ behaviors. Qualtrics is what every company needs to know their workforce better.

Quantum Workplace Engagement

9.2 User Rating
360 Degree Feedback, Goal Management, Performance Management Feature

Quantum Workplace is a powerful employee engagement software. Its features enable managers to oversee employee engagement levels in full detail. Quantum Workplace can generate survey questions asking employees how they feel in the company. It can then interpret the survey results to measure employee performance and satisfaction. Managers will see those data through well-structured dashboards, giving them ideas in optimizing employee engagement. Quantum Workplace can help managers make better decisions for their employees’ welfare and benefit.


9.1 User Rating
API, Reporting & Statistics, Real Time Reporting Feature

Officevibe is an employee engagement software built both for managers and employees. Its main feature is providing a platform to conduct a pulse survey and collect anonymous employee feedback. Officevibe can interpret survey results using 10 Key Metrics to direct managers where they should focus. And the anonymous feedback enables them to see deep insights into their employees’ well-being and satisfaction. For employees, Officevibe allows them to openly express what they feel towards the company.


9 User Rating
$9 Price
Employee Engagement, 360 Degree Feedback, Customizable Dashboard Feature

Lattice Engagement is a software that can generate employee experience solutions to help managers keep their employees engaged. It can produce effective employee engagement surveys and interpret their results to provide deep insights. That enables managers to measure how engaged and satisfied their employees are. With Lattice Engagement, managers can do the right approaches to increase employee engagement and build an improved workforce.


8.9 User Rating
$5000 Price
PowerPoint Export, Personalized Insights, Multi-Language Platform Feature

Peakon is a dynamic employee engagement software. It provides managers with dashboards and charts that help them measure their employees’ status, both in terms of performance and satisfaction. Peakon can continuously collect employee feedback to keep managers in the loop about their workforce. However, Peakon is more than just a platform to measure engagement. It can also help in optimizing employee experience, developing potential leaders, and incorporating diversity into an organization.

Trakstar Employee Engagement

8.8 User Rating
$4370 Price
Talent Management Software, Workforce Management Software, Employee Engagement Software Feature

Trakstar is a well-designed and user-friendly employee engagement platform. It helps managers measure employee engagement by generating insightful surveys that bring out the best responses. Trakstar has a plethora of effective survey questions in its library. It also auto-schedules surveys for the managers’ convenience. And their results will directly reflect in Trakstar’s detailed reporting and analytics capabilities. With Trakstar, managers can have instant updates about employee engagement levels.

Blink Employee Engagement

8.7 User Rating
$3.40 Price
Motion Detection, Instant Alerts, Live View Mode Feature

Blink is an employee engagement platform built for managers handling frontline employees. It’s a software that enables managers to stay connected with their people who are in the field, not in their desks and offices. Blink allows seamless communication even though managers and front liners aren’t in the same room. With Blink, managers can engage their frontline workers directly and consistently.


8.6 User Rating
$9 Price
Mobile integration, Operator console, Unlimited extensions Feature

Kazoo is a platform that helps managers optimize the employee experience. It’s an all-in-one employee engagement platform that allows direct communication, feedback, and recognition, enabling managers to stay connected with their workforce. Kazoo can produce dashboards, set goals, has a built-in chat platform, and perform other functions for better employee engagement. Any company from any sector can make good use of Kazoo’s game-changing employee solutions.