10+ Best EHS Softwares 2021

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software is a technology companies use to manage all their regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, and corporate sustainability data and activities. An EHS software system helps companies save time, reduce risk, and prevent unwanted events.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
SafetySync SafetySync 9.5 Brian Nodwell $5 2006 $1.2 M
Canada 1744+ Reviews
21K +
Intelex EHS & QMS Intelex EHS & QMS 9.5 Craig Halliday N/A 1992 $122.5 M
Toronto 1747+ Reviews
16M +
Gensuite EHS Gensuite EHS 9.4 R. Mukund N/A 1997 $50 M
Cincinnati 1774+ Reviews
1M +
SHEQX SHEQX 9.2 Jacob O'Brien $30 2014 $1 M
South Africa
1757+ Reviews
1.6M +
EHS Insight EHS Insight 9.1 Kenneth T. Lamneck $3 2009 $5 B
Houston 1747+ Reviews
1K +
VelocityEHS VelocityEHS 9 John Damgaard N/A 1996 $60 M
Chicago 1555+ Reviews
11K +
Enablon EHS Enablon EHS 8.9 Chris Joseph N/A 2007 $15 M
Berlin 1666+ Reviews
1M +
ETQ Reliance Software ETQ Reliance Software 8.8 Robert Gremley N/A 1992 $3 B
1888+ Reviews
500 +
ASK-EHS ASK-EHS 8.7 JK Anand N/A 2016 $17 M
1784+ Reviews
12K +
iAuditor EHS iAuditor EHS 8.6 Luke Anear N/A 2004 $42.6 M
1547+ Reviews
12.4K +


9.5 User Rating
$5 Price
Safety policies, Forms & records, Equipment management Feature

SafetySync is a comprehensive EHS management software, branded as today’s one of the best EHS solution providers for businesses and organizations. SafetySync offers a cloud-based occupational health and safety management system, enabling operations to keep up to date with industry regulations, monitor risks, and train employees. These benefits work through the application’s high-end solutions, such as hazard management, custom training creation, incident tracking, competency assessments, prime contractor orientations, and emergency contact database.

Despite the application’s superb features, SafetySync still has negative qualities that you need to consider as a potential user. SafetySync might be a suitable app for you, but take note that this software has disadvantages like lacking incident report capabilities, lack of ability to test competency and technical issues like bugs and lags. SafetySync’s menu is also a little hard to navigate on occasion, has outdated video materials, and the platform doesn’t offer H2S and first aid management.

Intelex EHS & QMS

9.5 User Rating
Audit Management, Risk Assessment, Data Security Feature

Intelex EHS & QMS is a web-based EHS platform programmed to improve operational business information, compliance requirements, and manage risks. This software is branded as one of the leading EHS providers, offering high-end capabilities, such as permit management, environmental management, reporting, and analytics. Intelex EHS & QMS also offers health and safety management features, including inspection management, document control, illness management, and injury management. What makes this platform a comprehensive EHS platform is it caters to the needs of almost all industries, including the automotive, construction, health care, and manufacturing operations.

Like any other software, Intelex EHS & QMS still has several downsides that you need to consider as a potential subscriber. Intelex EHS & QMS may require configuration to meet specific business needs, which makes it complex for other industries. Intelex EHS & QMS also requires more flexible functionality, especially in improving the existing applications being used by your organization.

Gensuite EHS

9.4 User Rating
Workflow Management, Compliance Management, Alerts/Notifications Feature

Gensuite or Gensuite EHS is another cloud-based environmental, health, and safety platform designed for small and large-sized organizations. Gensuite EHS covers all scope of organization EHS processes, thanks to its high-end features like EHS and sustainability management, quality management, security management, and responsible sourcing. What makes this application ideal for every organization is it is available in 18 translated interfaces and accessible on desktop and mobile platforms, allowing users to manage risks, quantify energy and resource savings, schedule training, and perform program audits anytime, anywhere.

With Gensuite EHS’s state-of-the-art EHS features and remarkable recognition in today’s market, there’s no question why the platform is considered one of the best EHS software. However, like any other platform, Gensuite EHS has several issues and disadvantages that are also needed for you to recognize. Gensuite EHS lacks a security gate log to manage emergency evacuations, laggy interface issues, expensive pricing plans, and a slow customization process.


9.2 User Rating
$30 Price
Audit Management, Risk Management, Document Control Feature

SHEQX is an all-in-one health, safety, environment, and quality solution programmed to automate processes for maintaining product quality and regulatory compliance. This software features high-end solutions, including audit trail, online word editor, document control, and calibration. SHEQX also aggregates data in a single, auditable database and manages the analysis and reporting processes effectively. When it comes to compliance with international standards and guidelines, SHEQX supports ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22301, and more. In addition, SHEQX supports integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Whether you want to utilize SHEQX as your primary platform or not, it’s still essential for you to know the platform’s negative qualities. SHEQX might be an all-in-one EHS software, but the app’s initial setup and back end work is laborious and tough to grasp at first. SHEQX’s auditing module also requires a bit more work when scoring n/a elements, and its keystroke command needs to improve.

EHS Insight

9.1 User Rating
$3 Price
Incident Management, Audit Management, Mobile Applications Feature

EHS Insight is an EHS and quality management solution programmed to help organizations track environmental effects, manages security and risks, and ensures industry compliance. EHS Insight delivers the best solutions to improve every organization’s EHS processes, thanks to its high-end modules like audit management, risk management, quality management, business performance monitoring, and incident management. With EHS Insight, users can seamlessly manage their critical EHS processes that can also be accessed through their Android or iOS devices.

For sure, with these superb features, you now think that EHS Insight could be the perfect EHS software for your organization. However, like any other software, there are still negative qualities that you need to consider before subscribing to this software. EHS Insight’s reporting feature isn’t as versatile as it should be; it lacks uploading to work off-line functionality; plus, its user interface needs to improve. These disadvantages might affect your overall use, so make sure to consider these negative qualities before subscribing to the app.


9 User Rating
Risk analysis, Data visualization, Audit & inspection Feature

VelocityEHS is a cloud-based environment, health, safety (EHS), and sustainability software programmed for businesses’ risk management needs. This platform provides all the essential functionalities and modules to improve visibility and manage risk across organizations, such as change management, chemical management, compliance management, training management, waste compliance, performance metrics, and configurable reports and dashboards. What makes this platform ideal for businesses and organizations is it provides EHS mobile functionality and 16 languages support. With its superior EHS solutions, VelocityEHS is suitable in industries like manufacturing, education, retail, transportation, and healthcare.

Regardless of what’s your take of VelocityEHS, it’s still beneficial for you to know some of its disadvantages. The platform might be the perfect software for you, but VelocityEHS still has numerous issues with limited functions for reports and dashboards. VelocityEHS also does not have smart storage, document storage that allows for offline use, and a dashboard feature on the mobile app.

Enablon EHS

8.9 User Rating
EHS Management, Quality Management, Audit Feature

Enablon or Enablon EHS is another cloud-based environment, health, and safety (EHS) management platform built to help organizations manage EHS processes. Enablon EHS has the capacity to manage critical EHS action plans and manage follow-ups while identifying permits and meet compliance requirements. This software also offers audit trails and meetings functionality that sets and tracks every organization’s health and safety objectives. On top of that, Enablon EHS integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that are also highly accessible through mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Despite Enablon EHS’s superb EHS features, there are still several issues that are essential for you to know. Enablon EHS could be the perfect app of your choice; however, this platform could be a little bit expensive for you. Enablon EHS’s programming language is also a bit outdated, its proficiency takes time to reach, and it lacks a training program. Make sure to take note of these qualities for these aspects might affect your overall user experience.

ETQ Reliance Software

8.8 User Rating
Quality Management, Software Audit, Software Security Feature

ETQ Reliance is another intuitive quality management software solution programmed to deliver configurable and Cloud-based EHS solutions across businesses of various sizes. This software prides itself as a flexible EHS platform that drives its users on establishing a comprehensive approach to their EHS processes, all in just one app. ETQ Reliance offers its users the essential EHS solutions, such as environmental management, health and safety management, incident management, operational risk management, and compliance management.

Despite ETQ Reliance’s superb features as an EHS platform, there are still negative issues concerning the application’s functionality that you need to consider. ETQ Reliance might be a suitable platform for your operation, but take note that the application lacks integration with ETQ Insights, ETQ Helpdesk, and Training. The application’s customer support also requires improvement, as well as its tool administration, mobile app, and customization. These factors might affect your overall ETQ Reliance use, so make sure to consider these qualities before utilizing the app.


8.7 User Rating
Audit Management, Reporting/Analytics, Risk Management Feature

ASK-EHS is one of the world’s most trusted safety, health, and environment software solution providers today. This software offers the most vital solutions to manage EHS processes, particularly for industrial workplaces. ASK-EHS provides powerful and robust EHS solutions like reporting, compliance management, Corrective and Preventive Action Tracking (CAPA), EHS portal, scaffolding management, and so much more. What also separates ASK-EHS software among other applications is it provides artificial intelligence (AI) technology for safety management.

Without a doubt, ASK-EHS offers the best solutions you can get for your EHS processes. However, like any other platform, you need to consider the disadvantages of utilizing this application for your business. ASK-EHS requires a certain quality of life changes in data input and retrieval, so make sure to check this quality and see how it works for your end. The application also requires improvement with its user interface, as well as its customization functionality.

iAuditor EHS

8.6 User Rating
API Dashboard, Data collection, Reports Feature

Branded as the next-generation EHS software, iAuditor is another comprehensive EHS platform built for organizations’ EHS management needs. iAuditor has the capacity to decentralize health and safety management processes, by simplifying regulatory compliance, efficiently managing internal audits, inspections, reporting, and documentation. What also makes this application ideal for every business operation is it has the ability to allow users to enjoy the platform through mobile devices, thanks to its iAuditor mobile app version.

Like any other EHS applications, iAuditor has still several negative qualities as a platform that you need to consider. iAuditor might be the perfect application for you to use, but this app still requires multiple improvements, especially with its audit and inspection features. The software also has lesser features in the free version of the app, particularly its lacking workflows customization. Make sure to take note of these downsides so that you can assess whether iAuditor could be the ideal platform for your business’ end.