10+ Best Document Management Softwares 2021

When it comes to our daily business processes, especially in the corporate setup, it's impossible to go through a day without creating, sorting, viewing, and sharing documents. To sum things up, workplace document processes such as project proposals, technical documents, guidelines, or training materials are so indispensable. The fact that businesses deal with multiple documents, it's extremely important not to get things out of hand. This fact also marks the importance of document management software. But what is a document management software? Document management software or DMS is a platform that delivers creation, storing, managing, protection, and retrieval processes for documents. This platform is highly essential for every business operation, considering that DMS seamlessly manage critical documents in a single platform. Benefits:
  • It improves regulatory compliance.
  • It provides backup and disaster recovery for documents.
  • It establishes an efficient document collaboration process.
It's also important to know that the more we create and rely on documents for our work, the more we should see it as a critical aspect that should be managed accordingly across our operations. With this said, you should also consider having one document management software on your end. And for you to find out the best platform for you, you can choose to browse our list for the best DMS platform for you to use.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Pandadoc Pandadoc 9.5 Mikita Mikado N/A 2011 $18.5 M
San Francisco 1987+ Reviews
17K +
eFileCabinet eFileCabinet 9.4 Jesse Wood $15 2001 $25 M
Utah 1878+ Reviews
160K +
M-files M-files 9.3 Antti Nivala N/A 1987 $78 M
1789+ Reviews
9K +
Templafy Templafy 9.2 Jesper Theill Eriksen N/A 2014 $32.2 M
New York 1897+ Reviews
500K +
Zoho Docs Zoho Docs 9.1 Sridhar Vembu N/A 1996 $600 M
Chennai 1789+ Reviews
45M +
DocuWare DocuWare 9 Jurgen Biffar $300 1988 $34.8 M
Germany 1879+ Reviews
100K +
FileHold FileHold 8.9 Larry Oliver $15 2005 $3 M
1987+ Reviews
1K +
Laserfiche Laserfiche 8.8 Chris Wacker $60 1987 $67.5 M
California 1985+ Reviews
1K +
Dropbox Dropbox 8.7 Drew Houston $1661000000 2007 N/A 2,323+
California 1897+ Reviews
14M +
WebMerge WebMerge 8.6 Jeremy Clarke $31.99 2011 $2 M
Indiana 1879+ Reviews
3K +


9.5 User Rating
Roles Management, Document Analytics, Content Locking Feature

PandaDoc Document is a document management software or system (DMS) programmed for organizations and businesses. This software provides a complete digital document solution that is capable of producing high-quality business documents. This platform also offers third-party integrations for accounting, help desk, online storage, payment gateways, and sales applications, allowing you to import crucial data from other systems.

However, like any other software, there are still downsides that you need to know upon using PandaDoc Document. PandaDoc might be a powerful document management software, but the software requires to improve its presentation capabilities and its ability to load videos into documents.


9.4 User Rating
$15 Price
Built-in security, Mobile optimization, Integration Feature

eFileCabinet is one of the popular software today that delivers document management solutions. This platform provides high-level documentation capabilities, which makes the app the best platform for financial planners, accountants, HR departments, manufacturing companies, and more. On top of that, eFileCabinet also provides workflow automation, eSignature capabilities, and compliance features that are accessible on the browser or desktop app.

Despite its reputation as one of the most popular document management software, we still cannot disregard that this app has its downsides. eFileCabinet’s SecureDrawer needs to improve, it’s navigation speed also requires improvement and its sidekick app needs to revamp its functionality.


9.3 User Rating
Collaboration Tools, Workflow automation, Access Control Feature

M-Files is another document management software that provides easy-to-use capabilities to its users. M-Files has a reputation of next-generation DMS provider tailored for small to medium-sized businesses that require comprehensive document management solutions. This software improves workflow, eliminate redundancy, securely control every content, and data loss, for this platform delivers AI-powered capabilities.

However, aside from its positive features, there are still factors that you need to know upon choosing M-Files. Yes, M-Files delivers high-quality solutions for you, but the software needs to improve its mobile phone client user interface, address its system speed, and simplify its setup process.


9.2 User Rating
Document Compliance Management, CRM integrations, DMS integration Feature

Templafy is a cloud-based content management system that manages and updates digital assets and documents. Templafy eases up content and document management through the application’s automation, templates, and cloud technology. What also makes this platform superb is it provides real-time update features that track permissions controls for who can access and edit content. Moreover, Templafy also works on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Nevertheless, there are still qualities concerning Templafy that are essential for you to know. Templafy might be the right platform for you, but the app’s pricing is a little bit expensive for small organizations, and it takes time to configure and master how the app works.

Zoho Docs

9.1 User Rating
Cloud Storage, Security Advanced analytics, Mobile Apps Feature

Zoho Docs a part of Zoho Corp’s web-based business tools. Zoho Docs is an online file management tool that stores files into a centralized location, allowing its users to access, edit, and share their essential documents anytime, anywhere. From documents down to images, Zoho Docs has the capacity to deliver effective and efficient document management solutions, thanks to its cloud-based capabilities.

However, we still cannot deny the fact that Zoho Docs has some issues concerning its functionality as an app. Zoho Docs’ is a little bit outdated, its built-in sheets don’t match Excel’s capability, and adding larger files tends to slow down the app’s performance.


9 User Rating
$300 Price
Collaboration tools, Workflow management, Invoice processing Feature

DocuWare is a document and workflow automation software designed to streamline document processes for organizations. This software is a powerful platform that helps every user with contract management, invoicing, filing records, and store document-related processes in just a single suite. DocuWare also can secure critical business documents and optimizing them to streamline the process.

Despite these positive qualities, there are still downside issues that you need to consider before purchasing the DocuWare app. DocuWare’s back-end administrative functions are a bit outdated; there is no Outlook integration, as well as active directory integration.


8.9 User Rating
$15 Price
API, Records management Integration, Document control Feature

FileHold is a full-featured document management system, designed to provide enterprise-grade and affordable DMS solution. This platform is best for large organizations that need a comprehensive document workflow. FileHold features vast tools and features that its users can enjoy, such as audit trails, forms processing, e-signature, and document scanning that can be enjoyed on-premise or via a secure private and public cloud.

Despite these powerful qualities, FileHold is just like any other app, for it has several downsides that you need to consider. FileHold’s routing tools is a little bit challenging to use, the app’s security system needs to improve, and navigation is a little bit clunky.


8.8 User Rating
$60 Price
Document Management, Collaboration Tools, Workflow Management Feature

Laserfiche is another enterprise content management software that manages and automates document workflows for business. Laserfiche delivers top-notch solutions that bring all of your documents into one secure platform. With Laserfiche, users can simply manual content management process, for it delivers powerful workflows, electronic forms, document management, and analytics that accelerates how your business should operate.

Nevertheless, Laserfiche also has its share of negative qualities that are essential for you to know. Laserfiche’s OCR capability needs improvement, storing large files through the app takes a lot of time, and it should have a secure remote login features.


8.7 User Rating
$1661000000 Price
Automatic updates, File storage, Efficient syncing Feature

Dropbox is a file-hosting solution that delivers file syncing and cloud storing for businesses. This software delivers cloud-based storing, allowing its users to bring together documents and files into a single and secure central place. What also makes Dropbox a powerful software is it provides integrations from various software applications, like Priority Matrix, Pipeliner CRM, Breezy HR, and Asana.

However, before you opt to pick Dropbox, there are also factors concerning the app that you need to consider. Dropbox can be very costly for small companies, its mobile version is not as flexible as the desktop platform, and it needs to be more customizable.


8.6 User Rating
$31.99 Price
Data routing, Dynamic formatting, Workflow Management Feature

WebMerge is a web-based document management system programmed to aid users in streamlining document processes. Aside from its key features like contract management, records management, and case management, Webmerge enables its users to merge data from the cloud into custom PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PDFs. Moreover, Webmerge also provides multiple integrations to streamline your document management process.

Despite its powerful capabilities, you need to consider that Webmerge is not a perfect platform. Webmerge still needs to improve its user interface, enhance the ease of use, and improve its integration with FormStack.