10+ Best Document Creation Softwares 2021

In a world where most of us deal with multiple paperwork and document-filing for work or personal matters, the time spent in every filing, organizing, and searching for paper documents can be a burdensome task. It's great that with new technological advancements, we could now go with a paper-free work environment. According to statistical data gathered by Record Nations, an estimated number of 10,000 sheets of copy paper are produced and used by an average office worker per year. Not to mention the 45% of the paper-based materials ended up being trashed by the end of the day. The figures alone make us think that it is an alarming matter, considering that most of us wouldn't end the day without facing documents. Good thing that along with the advanced technology today, platforms like Document Creation Software is here to help us deal with paperless processes. Benefits
  • It saves the overall operational cost.
  • It saves space.
  • It secures critical documents.
If you're having a hard time seeking the perfect document creation software to use, we're glad to tell you that you've browsed on the perfect site. We got below a list for the best document creation software in today's market, so feel free to check it out.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 9.5 Satya Nadella $1.67 1983 $33.7 B
Redmond 1654+ Reviews
1.2B +
Google Docs Google Docs 9.4 Sam Schillace $5 2009 $2.6 B
Mountain View 1874+ Reviews
1B +
Adobe Acrobat DC Adobe Acrobat DC 9.3 Shantanu Narayen $1.95 1993 $11.2 B
Washington 1654+ Reviews
7M +
LibreOffice Microsoft Word LibreOffice Microsoft Word 9.2 Marco Borries N/A 2010 N/A 50+
Berlin 1654+ Reviews
200M +
Apache OpenOffice Writer Apache OpenOffice Writer 9.1 Scott McNealy N/A 2000 $21 M
Santa Clara 1687+ Reviews
122M +
Zoho Writer Zoho Writer 9 Sridhar Vembu N/A 1996 $500 M
Chennai 1874+ Reviews
13M +
WPS Office WPS Office 8.9 Zou Tao N/A 1988 $9.3 M
Palo Alto 1748+ Reviews
100M +
OnlyOffice OnlyOffice 8.7 Lev Bannov $1200 2010 $5 M
1587+ Reviews
5M +
iWork Pages iWork Pages 8.6 Steve Jobs N/A 2005 $18 M
1574+ Reviews
1B +
PandaDoc Creation Software PandaDoc Creation Software 8.5 Mikita Mikado N/A 2011 $18.5 M
San Francisco 1698+ Reviews
17K +

Microsoft Word

9.5 User Rating
$1.67 Price
Create a Custom Tab, Mouse Mode, Placeholder Text Feature

Microsoft Word is considered as the most popular word processor application available today. This software is widely used across all demographics, for it offers the essential and advanced tools for managing documents. With Microsoft Word’s popularity and robustness as an app, this platform is perfect for a variety of users, whether it is for home, school, or work use.

Despite its popularity today, Microsoft Word still has several issues that are essential for you to know. Although it provides all the tools for document creation, you still need to pay for a subscription to access the app compared to its free alternatives. Also, there are several issues with glitches, especially with its formatting options for images.

Google Docs

9.4 User Rating
$5 Price
Offline mode, Clear formatting, Bookmark Feature

Google Docs is a web-based word processor software programmed by Google as part of its comprehensive office suite. Google Docs offers the most reliable and powerful document management capabilities that enable users to store, create, and edit spreadsheets and documents online. This application also offers customizable templates, scalable charting, and collaboration capabilities that are accessible on the web and mobile apps.

Regardless of what’s your take with Google Docs, you need to know the application’s downsides as a word processor software. Sending a collaboration document invite to a non-Gmail account seems impossible to do; it lacks built-in fonts, and the app requires a stable internet to function.

Adobe Acrobat DC

9.3 User Rating
$1.95 Price
Unlock the power of every PDF, Editing and converting PDFs made easy, Share and sign PDFs Feature

Adobe Acrobat DC is a Portable Document Format (PDF) reader software that allows users to manage, create, and view PDF files. This software offers comprehensive features that wouldn’t just create and manage PDF files, for it also encrypts, exports, and publishes it, whether on Windows or Mac devices. On top of that, Adobe Acrobat DC is capable of manipulating hyperlinks, adding comments, and changing PDF file orders, while aligning to the ISO standard for PDFs, which is PDF/A.

Whether you want to use Adobe Acrobat DC or not, it’s also beneficial for you to know its downsides as an app. Features that require you to purchase to get access, speed issues, lacking customer support, and complex Adobe Creative Cloud integration setup are few of the problems concerning Adobe Acrobat DC.

LibreOffice Microsoft Word

9.2 User Rating
EPUB export, Pivot charts, Document watermarks Feature

LibreOffice is an open-source application designed for users that require an all-in-one office suite platform. This software provides everything you need from an office suite, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, databases, and more. LibreOffice also accepts file types like DOC, DOCX, PPT, and PPTX, allowing you to edit, create, and share for Microsoft Office documents.

Before you pick LibreOffice as your primary office suite, you need to know that this application also has disadvantages. LibreOffice has issues with document conversion processes, bugs and glitches issues, and complex processes, especially for templates that require to be installed manually.

Apache OpenOffice Writer

9.1 User Rating
Built-in and custom templates, Full-featured word processor, Full spreadsheet functionality Feature

Apache OpenOffice Writer is another word processor software programmed to cater to text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations processes. Apache OpenOffice has all the essential tools for your office suite needs, allowing you to access word processor, calculator, multimedia dashboard, data manipulation tools, equation editor, and more in just one platform. With its powerful capabilities, Apache OpenOffice perfectly suits your home or office process, regardless of how big or small it is.

Although this software offers you superb features, you need to know that it also has its share of downsides that are worth considering. Apache OpenOffice is not the perfect application for large or complex documents; it lacks a built-in grammar check tool, and it takes a large amount of your device space.

Zoho Writer

9 User Rating
Collaborative Review, Workflow Automation, Digital Signature Feature

Zoho Writer is a word processor software designed by Zoho as part of its web-based office suite. This software offers powerful capabilities for your document creation process, along with its live-collaboration feature and seamless integration with Microsoft Word. What also makes this application superb is it offers you access to create, edit, review, and publish your documents on any device.

However, Zoho Writer is just like any other word processor platform, for it has its share of negative qualities. The application currently has no spell checker; it lacks essential fonts, and it cannot work without internet access.

WPS Office

8.9 User Rating
View Multiple Documents, Save To PDF, Collaboration Tools Feature

WPS Office is another office suite software designed for a seamless document creation process. This free office suite offers powerful features for your document, presentation, or spreadsheet tasks, thanks to its world-class text editor, collaboration tools, multiple document configuration, PDF conversion capabilities, and so much more. Also, WPS Office offers a multi-tab interface, a paragraph adjustment tool, and a drag-and-drop table feature, enabling you to simplify your process.

Like any other software, WPS Office has disadvantages that are also worth noticing. WPS Office has several ads for its free version, which makes it annoying; multiple issues with interface crash, and it only offers 1GB cloud storage.


8.7 User Rating
$1200 Price
Online document editors, Platform for document management, Corporate communication Feature

OnlyOffice is an on-premise and cloud-based free software office suite for online collaborative projects. OnlyOffice provides all-in-one editing capabilities for managing documents, mail, calendar, and projects, for this app, highlights an online office suite, document management feature set, and CRM system to its users. What also makes this software so powerful is it can be accessed on mobile devices!

Nevertheless, OnlyOffice still has negative attributes that you also need to recognize. OnlyOffice might be a handy software for you, but this application has poor graphic editor, lacking automatic synchronization for the drive, slow system speed, and space limitations.

iWork Pages

8.6 User Rating
Word processor, Text formatting, Spreadsheet functionality Feature

iWork Pages or Pages is a word processor platform made available for Apple iOS devices. This software is a part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite that offers integrated features and tools for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations collaboration. iWork Pages also provides highly customizable templates and easy-to-use design tools that enable you to add illustrations and design specifications of your preference.

Despite its wonderful features, iWork Pages still has issues that you need to consider before using it. iWork Pages lacks assorted built-in templates to choose from, the listed headers can’t be automated, and it has limited formatting conditions upon importing word files.

PandaDoc Creation Software

8.5 User Rating
Roles Management, Document Analytics, Content Locking Feature

PandaDoc Creation Software is a cloud-based intuitive document management software. It provides users the ability to create various documents and stay on top of each. On top of that, it also provides various collaboration tools for sales teams and marketing teams. This allows for a much more efficient and productive workflow. Speaking of, it also enables you to automate your document creation process.

However, knowing that PandaDoc Creation Software is not the only platform that is available today, it is best to know the disadvantages to using it prior to subscribing to its subscription plans. Such disadvantages include a mediocre customer support team, and it does not have the most seamless installation. Aside from that, its notification system could also need updating.