10+ Best Direct Mail Automation Softwares 2021

Direct mail automation software automates the process of sending letters, postcards, and any form of physical mail. ... These tools can be used alongside marketing automation software to trigger digital events, such as sending an email, based on the confirmed delivery of a piece of direct mail.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Postalytics Postalytics 9.5 Dennis Kelly N/A 2017 $1 M
1777+ Reviews
450 +
Sendoso Sendoso 9.4 Kris Rudeegraap N/A 2015 $36.1 M
San Francisco 1697+ Reviews
15K +
Alyce Alyce 9.3 Greg Segall N/A 2015 $18.7 M
Boston 1888+ Reviews
Inkit Inkit 9.3 Michael McCarthy $10 2018 $7 M
1895+ Reviews
100 +
Amazing Mail Amazing Mail 9.2 Danielle Stiehl N/A 1999 $12 M
1698+ Reviews
Reachdesk Reachdesk 9.2 Marc Chabot N/A 2018 $6 M
New York 1999+ Reviews
Lob Direct Mail Lob Direct Mail 9.1 Leore Avidar N/A 2013 $65 M
San Francisco 1698+ Reviews
6K +
Postal.io Postal.io 9 Erik Kostelnik $19 2019 $5 M
San Luis Obispo
1697+ Reviews
10 +
Mailers+4 Mailers+4 8.8 Ray Melissa N/A 2018 $37.5 M
California 1655+ Reviews
Thanks.io Thanks.io 8.6 Ryan Hartman $49 2017 N/A 10+
1958+ Reviews


9.5 User Rating
Integrated Mailing List Tool, Behavioral Segmentation, Multi-drop Campaigns Feature

Postalytics is one of the leading direct mail automation software providers in the market. This app features a comprehensive feature set that allows you to engage your clients and drive your pipeline. On top of that, it also offers advanced analytics. However, Postalytics does not have the most intuitive interface, and it can be quite expensive.


9.4 User Rating
Seamless Integrations, Warehouse Storage, Intelligent Analytics & Reporting Feature

Sendoso is one of the best direct mail automation software that any-sized business can use. This app provides you with all the essential features that allow you to connect with customers and drive revenue. In addition, it also features an easy-to-use platform for instant access. However, Sendoso needs to improve its integration with Salesforce, as well as its cloud server, since it can be quite slow at times.


9.3 User Rating
Direct Mail Design, CRM, Marketing Automation Integration Feature

Alyce is a robust data automation software that is designed to help all businesses – from startups to large enterprises. In essence, this application features an AI powered system that can help deliver outstanding and fast results. However Alyce also has a few downsides. This includes its complex installation process and less than robust integration with HubSpot.


9.3 User Rating
$10 Price
Automated postcard builder, Automated printing, Tracking conversions Feature

Inkit is a smart direct mail automation software that can help your business reach customers worldwide. Inkit can reach customers via safe mailing channels and accurate mailing addresses. With Inkit, you can easily send postcards, gift cards, letters, ordered items, and other forms of mail to your customer base. Inkit can help your company in adapting to the faster pace of the modern business world.

Amazing Mail

9.2 User Rating
Business reply mail, Custom portals, Flat & folded cards Feature

Amazing Mail is a direct mail automation software designed for marketing teams. With Amazing Mail, you can design brochures, postcards, letters, and other handheld print marketing materials. After that, you can print and mail them to your customers instantly. Amazing Mail lets you start marketing campaigns faster than your competitors. It’s the key to automate your direct mail marketing activities.


9.2 User Rating
Direct Mail Design, CRM & Marketing Automation Integration, Custom Batch Sizes. Feature

Reachdesk is a top notch and highly intuitive software that provides direct mail automation functionality for businesses of every size. Aside from that, this cloud-based solution also enables you to create personalized campaigns that matter to your prospective clients. However, Reachdesk can get quite expensive, and it does not notify you when a prospect opens an email.

Lob Direct Mail

9.1 User Rating
Regular Expression Support, Performance Enhancements, Increased LOB Size Limit Feature

Lob is a powerful direct mail automation software. It can send letters, postcards, or any type of physical mail on a massive scale. Lob sends mails to the addresses stated in your CRM or customer data systems. And not just that. Lob can track the status of each email, either they’re sent, mailed, in transit, or processed for delivery. It gives you full visibility of your mails’ whereabouts.


9 User Rating
$19 Price
Basic AI handwriting, Playbooks & Triggers, Unlimited integrations Feature

Postal.io is the perfect direct mail automation software for companies gunning for more clients. Postal.io can help companies in contacting hard-to-reach prospects. It can send physical mails at a massive scale, which can greatly boost funnel conversion rates. It can send postcards, gift cards, invitation letters, or any type of mail that attracts prospects. Postal.io can skyrocket brand awareness and help establish customer relationships.


8.8 User Rating
CASSTM processing, Standardizes addresses, Dedupes your lists Feature

Mailers+4 is a high-quality direct mail automation software. It’s an application that can ready bulks of your physical mails for your local post office. Mailers+4 is capable of verifying and standardizing Canadian and U.S. mailing addresses to postal standards. It eliminates duplicates to ensure that each of your mails will reach its intended receivers on time.


8.6 User Rating
$49 Price
Map Search, Purchase Lists, International delivery Feature

Thanks.io is a software that lets you create beautiful letters, postcards, and notecards. Thanks.io has a built-in handwriting engine that makes your letters look like they were written by hand. This makes them look more authentic and special for their recipients. Thanks.io can help you create messages for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Other than that, Thanks.io can send them to their rightful recipients in your stead.