10+ Best Decision Making Softwares 2021

Decision-making software (DM software) is software for computer applications that help individuals and organisations make choices and take decisions, typically by ranking, prioritizing or choosing from a number of options. An early example of DM software was described in 1973.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
1000minds 1000minds 9.6 Paul Hansen N/A 2002 $1 M
New Zealand
6890+ Reviews
Datapine Decision Making Datapine Decision Making 9.5 Martin Blumenau $249 2012 $3 M
Germany 1777+ Reviews
1.7K +
Actico Actico 9.3 Hans Jürgen Rieder N/A 1997 $12.5 M
27890+ Reviews
Board.Com Board.Com 9.2 Giovanni Grossi N/A 1994 $80 M
1888+ Reviews
3.5K +
Quickbase Quickbase 9 Ed Jennings $500 1999 $125 M
Cambridge 4780+ Reviews
Flowforma Flowforma 8.7 Neil Young N/A 2012 $2 M
New York 3500+ Reviews
150K +
Syncopation Syncopation 8.7 Chris Dalton N/A 1998 N/A 6+
2890+ Reviews
Planbox Planbox 8.6 Ludwig Melik $2 1999 $11.3 M
3545+ Reviews
150K +
Airfocus Airfocus 8.6 Malte Scholz $29 2017 $3.2 M
3890+ Reviews
Decision Lens Decision Lens 8.5 John Saaty N/A 2002 $5 M
2600+ Reviews


9.6 User Rating
Application Development, Budgeting & Forecasting, Version Control Feature

1000minds is an insightful decision-making software. This platform is built around Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis or MCDA. It’s a decision-making structure with four key elements: alternatives, criteria, weights, and decision-makers. With MCDA, 1000minds can suggest the best possible courses of action. 1000minds’ decision-making is accurately data-driven with almost zero mishaps. Organizational and business leaders/executives will benefit from it.

Datapine Decision Making

9.5 User Rating
$249 Price
Collaboration Tools, Dashboard Real Time Analytics, Visual Analytics Feature

Datapine is one of the smartest decision-making software in the market. It enables users to explore, monitor, and share data for a quick and easy decision-making process. Datapine can display every data from different aspects of the organization in a centralized dashboard. That makes it convenient to analyze and assess them to make the most sound decisions.


9.3 User Rating
Archiving & Retention, Audit Management, Risk Management Feature

Actico is an innovative decision-making software with AI and machine learning capabilities. It can collaborate with human knowledge in analyzing various data and information for effective decision-making. Actico’s capability is designed for businesses or corporations of all sizes. Fast, streamlined, and efficient decision-making procedures await Actico’s current and future users.


9.2 User Rating
Business intelligence, Business Analysis, CPM workflow management Feature

Board is a powerful cloud-based decision-making software. Its user-friendly interface enables a quick, easy, and accurate decision-making process. With Board’s smart tools, users can plan, analyze, simulate, and predict outcomes, which helps them make the right choices for their organization. Board is a flexible software that can adapt to any business environment.


9 User Rating
$500 Price
Email Integration, ERP Integration

Quickbase is a decision-making software designed for resolving recurring issues in an organization. Its system enables IT teams and business troubleshooters to work together in deciding the best approaches. Quickbase can gather a plethora of data and put them on one platform. It can provide real-time data to allow timely decision-making. This platform has the power to steer organizations to the right path.


8.7 User Rating
Assignment Management, Collaboration Tools, Electronic Signature Capture Feature

FlowForma is a high-quality decision-making software. It offers a single visual aid that flashes every relevant data and information for making decisions. FlowForma also has a voting system feature. It allows members of an organization to have a say on what approaches to do. FlowForma can tally the votes quickly and present the results to the top decision-makers in the organization.


8.7 User Rating
Product Management, Collaboration, Idea Management Feature

Syncopation is another leading decision-making software that provides robust decision framing and analysis tools. Syncopation primarily provides a DPL Decision Tree model that allows users to build an intuitive and scalable decision-analytic model. Syncopation also delivers extensive capabilities that simplify decision-making processes, including excel linking, sensitivity analysis, XLSX conversion, and flexible modeling functionalities.




8.6 User Rating
$2 Price
Assignment Management, Collaboration Tools, Electronic Signature Capture Feature

Planbox is an agile and flexible decision-making software. It’s intended for online businesses to make it easier for them to hold virtual decision-making sessions. Planbox enables online business managers to collaborate in deciding the best approaches. Planbox can handle hour-long meetings with up to 100 participants at once. This software is what online business managers need to stay connected with their colleagues.


8.6 User Rating
$29 Price
Product Management, Collaboration, Idea Management Feature

airfocus is an online prioritization and road mapping software designed to optimize decision-making processes. This high-end decision-making software has the capacity to simplify and streamline every businesses’ project and goal through the application’s powerful prioritization and clear road mapping capabilities like customizable prioritization framework, charts, and timeline roadmap. With airfocus, users can also integrate their processes with multiple third-party systems.


Decision Lens

8.5 User Rating
Project Portfolio Management, Budgeting, Change Management Feature

Decision Lens is a powerful enterprise planning platform programmed to simplify businesses’ project planning. This platform solely based its resource capabilities on multi-criteria decision-making that evaluates multiple conflicting criteria in every decision-making process. With Decision Lens, users can seamlessly integrate strategic plans for their operations, thanks to the platform’s high-end features, such as strategy navigator, bottleneck analysis, data insight, portfolio rollup, and so much more.