10+ Best Database Security Softwares 2021

Database security tools are used by businesses to ensure the data stored within a database is secure and used properly. These help to maintain security standards and simulate potential threats. ... Encryption is the last common feature among these products.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
McAfee Database Security McAfee Database Security 9.5 Peter A. Leav 1987 $2.5 B
Santa Clara 1698+ Reviews
500M +
Oracle Database Security Oracle Database Security 9.4 Safra Catz 1977 $39.5 B
‎Redwood City 1698+ Reviews
1M +
Trustwave Trustwave 9.3 Art Wong 1995 $500 M
N/A 1688+ Reviews
52K +
Imperva Database Security Imperva Database Security 9.2 Pam Murphy 2002 $321.7 M
San Mateo 1698+ Reviews
5.9K +
IBM Guardium Database Security IBM Guardium Database Security 9.1 Ram Metser 2002 $77.1 B
1587+ Reviews
400 +
Sophos Sophos 9 Kris Hagerman 1985 $640.7 M
1587+ Reviews
100M +
SQLRECON SQLRECON 8.9 Daniel Costa 2004 $1 M
Los Angeles 1695+ Reviews
DataSunrise Database Security DataSunrise Database Security 8.8 Boris Tamarkin 2015 $86 M
Seattle 1698+ Reviews
DBHawk DBHawk 8.5 Manish Shah 2015 $5.3 M
San Diego
1698+ Reviews
Fortinet FortiDB Fortinet FortiDB 8.5 Ken Xie 2000 $2.5 B
California 1698+ Reviews
3K +

McAfee Database Security

9.5 User Rating
Robust security, Streamlined database security management, Continuous compliance Feature

McAfee is a database security software that observes and tracks the Database Management System and guards it against external and internal threats and even intra database exploits. It offers features such as broad protection, comprehensive security, and efficient threat defense. Plus, it provides McAfee Security Suite for the database. These include McAfee Database Activity Monitoring, McAfee Virtual Patching, and McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases.

Oracle Database Security

9.4 User Rating
Content Management, Information Integration, Lead database Feature

Oracle is a database security software that offers authentication, authorization, auditing, and more. Authentication guarantees that only authorized users gain access to the system. It assures that those users only have access to features and resources they are allowed to access. Moreover, Oracle employs schemas and security domains to manage data access and restrict database resource usage.


9.3 User Rating
Stateful firewall, Intrusion detection/prevention, Anti-virus Feature

Trustwave is database security software that uses a distributed architecture and enterprise-level analytics to secure relational databases and big data stores, both on-premises and in the cloud. It aids businesses in overcoming resource constraints. Plus, it allows companies to detect database configuration errors, access control issues, missing patches, and other flaws to avoid data leakage and misuse.

Imperva Database Security

9.2 User Rating
SIEM integration, Extensive reporting, Secure cloud Feature

Imperva Database Security is database security software that provides analytics, protection, and response across all data assets, both on-premise and in the cloud, providing its users the risk visibility they need to avoid data breaches and compliance incidents. It helps users detect and prioritize data threats, pinpoint risky data access activity, monitor and audit all database activities, protect data, uncover hidden risks, and reduce threats.

IBM Guardium Database Security

9.1 User Rating
Audit activities, Data activity, Compliance workflows Feature

IBM Guardium is database security software that protects data, simplifies processes, and improves results. It modernizes the security architecture while automating manual processes with an open, connected approach to data security. It also gives businesses complete visibility, actionable insights, and real-time controls to help them comply with regulations, protect sensitive data, and secure it, regardless of where it is stored.


9 User Rating
Web protection, Server Security, Secure Wi-Fi Feature

Sophos is database security software that provides comprehensive next-generation data protection solutions that are always on, easy to deploy and manage. It protects data at every stage. With its endpoint security, users can simplify and automate cross-platform security, centralize management, stop data loss, control devices, applications, and network access to protect the business and comply with regulations.


8.9 User Rating
IP List scanning, Export results as XML or text file, 6 Active scanning techniques Feature

SQLRECON is a reliable database security software. It can combine all sorts of SQL servers as one tool to find servers that you aren’t aware are in your local network. So, you can secure them the right way. SQLRECON has a powerful scanning engine, multiple active and stealth scanning techniques, and more to enhance your database security.

DataSunrise Database Security

8.8 User Rating
Database Firewall, Dynamic Data Masking, Data Auditing Feature

DataSunrise Database Security is a multifunctional software that optimizes your database’s protection. It has superior encryption techniques, a firm database firewall, real-time activity monitoring capability, customizable data traffic filtering, and many more. DataSunrise Database Security can protect databases from the latest threats and risks in the digital world. Every business needs it to safeguard its assets.


8.5 User Rating
Central data security, Okta integration, Data logging Feature

DBHawk is a top-rated database security software. It has advanced tools that aren’t present in other security software. DBHawk has object access control, zero trust data access, built-in shared SQL series, and many more. It also has ready-made dashboards, charts, reports, and schedules for business documentation. DBHawk is a cost-effective option to improve your database’s security.

Fortinet FortiDB

8.5 User Rating
vulnerability management, User access management, Risk management Feature

Fortinet FortiDB is a powerful database security software. It’s capable of protecting enterprise-scale databases. It covers all the possible factors that can weaken a database’s security, such as data access privileges, operational threats, configuration weaknesses, OS issues, and exploits. Simply put, Fortinet FortiDB can patch up the holes in a database’s security.