10+ Teradata Alternatives and Competitors


8.5 User Rating
$2.2 B Revenue
10152+ No of Employees
1979 Founded
SaaS Industry
Database Management Category
Victor L Lund CEO

Teradata, as a software application, is one of the more robust database management software for large enterprises. It offers a robust set of tools and features, plus, it also provides a centralized system where users can store and easily access all vital data. On the business end, Teradata is also making huge strides. Established in 1979 in San Diego California, Teradata slowly rose towards fame, which it now has; with more than 2,000 customers happily using their app. Their CEO, Victor Lund, surely made this happen. Aside from him, they also need to thank the more than 10,000 employees, three of whom stand out. These are Awny Al-Omari (Engineering Fellow), Dave Nixon (Customer Obsessed), and Bonnie Holub (Artificial Intelligence Specialist).

With more than $2.2 billion in revenue per year, Teradata truly focuses on providing the right tools to satisfy their customers. That said, this makes it a remarkable statistic, considering its topnotch competition. With well-established platforms, such as Oracle RDBMS, Knack, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Improvado, MongoDB, MySQL, Solarwinds, and IBM DB2, it is amazing how Teradata can still achieve its goals. Get to know more about Teradata and its competition below.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Oracle RDBMS Oracle RDBMS 9.6 Safra Catz N/A 1977 $39.5 B
Redwood City 1000+ Reviews
430K +
Knack Knack 9 Samyr Qureshi $39 2010 $44.1 M
San Francisco 4000+ Reviews
2.6K +
Amazon Aurora Amazon Aurora 9 Chris Urmson $0.10 2014 N/A 10,000+
Seattle 3000+ Reviews
250K +
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 8.9 Satya Nadella $931 1989 N/A 5,000+
Colorado 3500+ Reviews
229.1K +
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 8.9 Christophe Pettus N/A 1996 $31.2 M
1200+ Reviews
2K +
Improvado Improvado 8.8 Daniel Kravtsov $100 2017 $3 M
San Francisco 3000+ Reviews
MongoDB MongoDB 8.8 Dev Ittycheria N/A 2007 $540.5 M
New York 2000+ Reviews
18.4K +
MySQL MySQL 8.8 Marten Mickos N/A 1994 $5.4 M
California 2000+ Reviews
Solarwinds Solarwinds 8.6 Kevin B. Thompson $1615 1999 $1 B
Austin 3000+ Reviews
300K +
Teradata Teradata 8.5 Victor L Lund $1.83 1979
$2.2 B
San Diego
2500+ Reviews
2.6K +



Key Employees

Awny Al-OmariAwny Al-OmariEngineering Fellowhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/awny-al-omari-6333
Dave NixonDave NixonCustomer Obsessedhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/davemnixon
Bonnie HolubBonnie HolubArtificial Intelligence Specialisthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/bonnieholubphd


“ Data quality and operations lead ”

8/10 (overall) - Verified User
  • Is capable of running on single-nodes, as well as multi-nodes.
  • Parallelism is built into the system.
  • Comparing Hadoop to a data warehouse is like comparing apples to oranges. The data warehouse is a concept and Hadoop is a technology.
  • I really want to see Teradata evolve all the new technology on par with Hadoop

“ Teradata - one size fits all, really. ”

8.5/10 (overall) - David Shi
  • Scalability, where it’s able to house magnitudes more data compared to a standard SQL database while still retaining good performance.
  • Performance, able to quickly retrieve millions of rows with ease.
  • Some syntax slightly different to standard SQL
  • Needs expertise to best create tables so as to not ‘skew’ database

“ Powerhouse for Data Warehousing and Analysis ”

8/10 (overall) - Rahul Malik
  • Another excellent feature of Teradata is the Connectivity portion. It can so easily connect to almost all the major systems like Mainframes, Oracle DB or IBM DB2. The import of loads is super fast and efficient.
  • It is also really helpful when you have to troubleshoot an error because it provides great diagnostic information and therefore saves you a lot of time and effort by not having to go through all the logs manually and find the error and cause for it.
  • Migration of data from Teradata to some other RDBMS systems is quite painful as the transition is not that smooth and you need to follow many steps and even if one of them fails. You need to start from the beginning almost.
  • Last but not least the UI is pretty outdated and needs a revamp. Though it is simple, it needs to be presented in a much better way and more advanced options need to bee presented on the front page itself.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Assessment Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration
  • Mobile apps
  • Performance Management

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Q & A

Q. Does Teradata handle big data?

Handling a large amount of data is what Teradata offers to its users. Yes, Teradata is capable of handling a large volume of data, both structured and unstructured. This feature is also the reason that makes Teradata widely used by large data warehousing operations.

Q. Is Teradata an RDBMS?

Yes, Teradata is programmed as an RDBMS or Relational Database Management System. It has a database capacity like Oracle that can be used to run large commercial databases of 100 Terabytes and as small as 10 Gigabytes.

Q. What are some of the companies that use Teradata?

Companies that utilize Teradata Database are often found in the United States, with more than 1,979 in number. Companies like Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., Aviva Canada, Inc., Virginia Credit Union, Inc., Credit Union, and Airgas are the known operations that use Teradata as their prime database platform.

Q. How much does Teradata cost?

Teradata offers a starting price of $34,000 per TB to its users.