10+ Best Data Loss Prevention Softwares 2021

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and processes used to ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized users. ... DLP also provides reporting to meet compliance and auditing requirements and identify areas of weakness and anomalies for forensics and incident response. Features:
  • Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and comply with relevant regulations.
  • Protect Intellectual Property critical for the organization.
  • Achieve data visibility in large organizations.
  • Secure mobile workforce and enforce security in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments.
  • Secure data on remote cloud systems.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Securetrust Securetrust 9.6 Paul Lynam $999 1952
$191.4 M
5600+ Reviews
Symantec Symantec 9.5 Vincent Pilette N/A 1991 $715 M
San Jose 7900+ Reviews
MS Office 365 DLP MS Office 365 DLP 9.3 Satya Nadella N/A 2011 $137 M
Washington 1547+ Reviews
2M +
Forcepoint DLP Forcepoint DLP 9.2 Matthew P. Moynahan N/A 1994 $658 M
Texas 1547+ Reviews
1M +
Code42 Code42 9.1 Joseph Payne N/A 2001 $115 M
1587+ Reviews
37K +
McAfee McAfee 9 Peter A. Leav N/A 1987 $2.5 B
Santa Clara 1987+ Reviews
500M +
Proofpoint DLP Proofpoint DLP 8.9 Gary Steele N/A 2002 $888.2 M
California 1587+ Reviews
250 +
IBM Data Protection IBM Data Protection 8.8 Arvind Krishna N/A 1911
$19 B
New York 1658+ Reviews
2.2K +
Digital Guardian Digital Guardian 8.7 Mordecai Rosen $15 2003 $82 M
Massachusetts 1654+ Reviews
500 +
Barracuda Backup Barracuda Backup 8.6 William Jenkins N/A 2003 $315 M
California 1587+ Reviews
200K +


9.6 User Rating
$999 Price
Compliance & Risk for Enterprise, Web Risk Monitoring, PCI Compliance Feature

SecureTrust is a comprehensive software that simplifies Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. This software provides all-in-one payment compliance solutions, including data loss prevention capabilities that help protect information and customers. On top of that, SecureTrust offers flexible security solutions that help organizations meet their risk and compliance challenges.



9.5 User Rating
Advanced Machine learning, Desktop firewall, Artificial Intelligence Feature

Symantec is a cybersecurity software that offers multiple IT security solutions, including data loss prevention. Symantec’s data loss prevention solution has the capacity to discover and locate confidential files on files, web servers, databases, cloud storage repositories, and on desktop and laptop systems. On top of that, Symantec also monitors network traffic for the transmission of confidential data.


MS Office 365 DLP

9.3 User Rating
cloud-based productivity, Collaboration, Applications Integration Feature

MS Office 365 DLP is an intelligent service solution that provides comprehensive data loss prevention solutions. MS Office 365 DLP has the capability to automatically classify data and use the set policies to stop and block unauthorized access to classified content. This solution also governs data and sends notifications when someone violates a rule.


Forcepoint DLP

9.2 User Rating
Adopt cloud services, Identify sensitive data, Security controls Feature

Forcepoint DLP is a computer security software that provides robust data protection for data loss prevention processes. This software delivers head-to-head security features that simplify data loss prevention, allowing users to control their data in one single policy. On top of that, Forcepoint has the ability to ensure regulatory compliance, such as for GDPR, CCPA, and more.



9.1 User Rating
Meet compliance, Regulatory standards, Monitor critical file movement Feature

Code42 is an advanced data loss prevention or DLP software that is designed to help midsize businesses to large corporations. This cloud-based solution enables companies to detect threats from the inside. It enables users to eliminate any insider threat without stopping their operations. However, you need to connect to a VPN so that you can use Code42. Otherwise, it will not work.


9 User Rating
Firewall, Spam filter, File encryption Feature

McAfee is one of the leading antivirus and data loss prevention (DLP) software available in today’s market. This platform provides users with the essential tools that aim to help them eliminate any potential threat from entering their servers. However, McAfee offers a less feature-rich platform on Mac and iOS devices, as well as limited ransomware detection features.

Proofpoint DLP

8.9 User Rating
Email Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Security Feature

Proofpoint DLP, as its name suggests, is an advanced data loss protection software that caters to large enterprises. This software, which you can deploy on-premise or on the cloud, provides users with advanced tools that can eliminate threats that can cause data loss. However, Proofpoint DLP does not have the most intuitive platform and its installation process could be better.

IBM Data Protection

8.8 User Rating
Hybrid cloud, Optimize data protection, On-premises storage options Feature

IBM Data Protection is a leading data loss protection (DLP) software that is designed to help large enterprises. It features a highly extensive cloud-based solution that enables companies to identify weaknesses in their servers, so that they can fix them. With this said, however, IBM Data Protection does not have the most intuitive platform and its customer support team could be better.

Digital Guardian

8.7 User Rating
$15 Price
Data Classification, Endpoint DLP, Network DLP Feature

Digital Guardian is a data loss prevention platform that provides non-compromise data protection that stops data loss. Digital Guardian, powered by AWS, is designed to see and block threats to sensitive data easier. It has a unique approach that allows fast deployment and on-demand scalability while providing full data visibility and protection. It is also cloud-delivered means it has simplified deployment, cross-platform coverage for no gaps, and flexible controls to stop any risks. With Digital Guardian, companies and other organizations can prevent the risk of data loss.

Barracuda Backup

8.6 User Rating
Replication, Security, Inline Deduplication Feature

The Barracuda Backup is an affordable data loss prevention software for onsite and remote data storage and access. It quickly and securely stores data in a different offsite location. It also removes duplicate data inline at the block level to decrease traditional backup storage requirements while reducing backup windows and bandwidth requirements. Plus, it provides features such as ransomware protection, data recovery, and hybrid physical, virtual, and SaaS environments protection. With Barracuda Backup, companies and organizations can protect their data wherever it resides.