10+ Teramind Alternatives and Competitors



9.1 User Rating
$9.6 M Revenue
49+ No of Employees
2014 Founded
SaaS Industry
Cybersecurity Software Category
Isaac Kohen CEO

Teramind is an advanced cybersecurity software that also offers solutions for employee tracking and data loss prevention or DLP. With this app, you can stay on top of what is happening within your organization’s network, file system, application, social media, website, and much more. Teramind is also a go-to app for multiple businesses. As a matter of fact, it now has more than 20,000 active users even though it was only established in 2014. In addition to that, Teramind is also earning precisely $9.6 million per year in revenue. And, it also has more than 1,800 reviews scattered all review sites on the internet.

All the numbers show that CEO, Isaac Kohen, and its small team of around 49 employees, are doing excellent work in providing what users need for internet security. However, since Teramind shares the market with other robust software, it is best to learn about them as well. They are Alert Logic, Deep Instinct, AVG Antivirus Business Edition, BitDefender, Webroot, Heimdal CORP, Coronet, SiteLock, AT&T Cybersecurity, and CIS. If you want to know more about each platform’s performance, scroll down now.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Alert Logic Alert Logic 9.1 Bob Lyons $550 2002 $120 M
Houston 1897+ Reviews
3.8K +
Teramind Teramind 9.1 Isaac Kohen $24.23 2014 $9.6 M
1895+ Reviews
20K +
Deep Instinct Deep Instinct 9 Guy Caspi N/A 2014 $1 M
New York 1877+ Reviews
26M +
AVG Antivirus Business Edition AVG Antivirus Business Edition 9 Gary Kovacs $44.99 1990 $155 M
1999+ Reviews
18K +
BitDefender BitDefender 9 Florin Talpes N/A 2001 $140 M
1989+ Reviews
500M +
Webroot Webroot 8.9 Mike Potts $29.99 1997 $215 M
Colorado 1997+ Reviews
300K +
Heimdal CORP Heimdal CORP 8.9 Morten Kjaersgaard N/A 2011 $11.2 M
1878+ Reviews
400K +
Coronet Coronet 8.8 Guy Moskowitz $6.99 2013 $20.8 M
Tel Aviv 1878+ Reviews
2.5M +
SiteLock SiteLock 8.8 Neill Feather $14.99 2008 $31.3 M
Scottsdale 1878+ Reviews
57M +
AT&T Cybersecurity AT&T Cybersecurity 8.8 Barmak Meftah $1075 2007 $71.8 M
California 1747+ Reviews
65K +


Teramind Starter
$24.23 per user/month
Free 7 days trail
User Activity Monitoring
User Behavior Analytics
Teramind UAM
$50.51 per user/month
Free 7 days trail
User Activity Monitoring
User Behavior Analytics
Teramind DLP
$60.68 per user/month
Free 7 days trail
User Activity Monitoring
User Behavior Analytics

Key Employees

Niso FreskoNiso FreskoCo-Founderhttps://tr.linkedin.com/in/niso-fresko-b57ab136
Elias VargasElias VargasSecurity Solutions Consultanthttps://pe.linkedin.com/in/vargaselias
Sergei PalitsynSergei PalitsynDeveloperhttps://ru.linkedin.com/in/sergei-palitsyn-699a36a0


“ Fantastic system with plenty of applications ”

9/10 (overall) - Timothy O.
  • Teramind is a very comprehensive monitoring system that has plenty of functionality and customization.
  •  The support is definitely knowledgeable in regards to their product which I can appreciate.
  • It can be a bit daunting if you are new to tools of the sort.
  • The massive customization, especially with alerts, requires a decent amount of system knowledge.

“ Convenient and comprehensive cloud based PC monitoring software. ”

9/10 (overall) - Larissa H.
  • It’s easy to install, access, and monitor client PCs .
  • This is a mature and feature-rich solution for on-premise and remote user monitoring.
  • There was some firewall and anti-virus configuration necessary.
  • This is a somewhat more expensive solution than others we researched, but it also has the most features.

“ Perfection for a virtual company ”

9/10 (overall) - Brandon G.
  • Teramind has an automated alert system that can be customized for many things.
  • Monitor clock in / out performances accurately
  •  The only suggestion I have is to tweak how your licensing assignment works.
  •  Teramind tracks by actual device and not by user so the licensing application issue no longer exists


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • Application Integration
  • Assessment Management
  • Assignment Management
  • Automated Billing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Email Distribution
  • Sales Enablement
  • Security
  • Email Notifications
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Team Collaboration
  • Performance Management
  • Process Management

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Q & A

Q. How much does the Teramind software cost?

The Teramind software offers its customers a total of three  (3) subscription based packages for them to select. These plans are: the Teramind Starter plan ($30/month and max 5 users), the Teramind UAM plan ($65/month and max. 5 users), and the Teramind DLP ($77/month and max. 5 users).

Q. Does Teramind offer a free trial period?

Yes, it does. The Teramind software offers its users with a free trial period that is good for seven (7) days. This provides users with enough time to learn how the system works and how it can help grow their company. Plus, this gives them the opportunity to decide whether Teramind is worth investing in.

Q. What does the Teramind platform do?

Basically, the Teramind platform records all activities on every available computer then sends it to the app’s server. All the information can be used to process optimization operations, prevent data loss, determine employee productivity, and detect insider threats.

Q. Is the Teramind software visible on a user’s computer?

For all of its users, Teramind provides you with two options: hidden and revealed, and both are entirely for you to decide. If you decide to deploy it in revealed mode, your employees can see the Teramind app and are allowed to sign it on or off.