10+ Best Cybersecurity Softwares 2021

Computer security software or cybersecurity software is any computer program designed to enhance information security.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Alert Logic Alert Logic 9.1 Bob Lyons $550 2002 $120 M
Houston 1897+ Reviews
3.8K +
Teramind Teramind 9.1 Isaac Kohen $24.23 2014 $9.6 M
1895+ Reviews
20K +
Deep Instinct Deep Instinct 9 Guy Caspi N/A 2014 $1 M
New York 1877+ Reviews
26M +
AVG Antivirus Business Edition AVG Antivirus Business Edition 9 Gary Kovacs $44.99 1990 $155 M
1999+ Reviews
18K +
BitDefender BitDefender 9 Florin Talpes N/A 2001 $140 M
1989+ Reviews
500M +
Webroot Webroot 8.9 Mike Potts $29.99 1997 $215 M
Colorado 1997+ Reviews
300K +
Heimdal CORP Heimdal CORP 8.9 Morten Kjaersgaard N/A 2011 $11.2 M
1878+ Reviews
400K +
Coronet Coronet 8.8 Guy Moskowitz $6.99 2013 $20.8 M
Tel Aviv 1878+ Reviews
2.5M +
SiteLock SiteLock 8.8 Neill Feather $14.99 2008 $31.3 M
Scottsdale 1878+ Reviews
57M +
AT&T Cybersecurity AT&T Cybersecurity 8.8 Barmak Meftah $1075 2007 $71.8 M
California 1747+ Reviews
65K +

Alert Logic

9.1 User Rating
$550 Price
Security analytics, Asset discovery, Extended endpoint protection Feature

Alert Logic is one of the available cybersecurity software in today’s market programmed to deliver top-notch managed detection and response (MDR) solutions. This platform provides all the necessary access to secure your system against cyber threats, such as Intrusion Detection, Log Management, Anti-Virus Integration, Asset Discovery, Extended Endpoint Protection, Security Monitoring, and much more. On top of that, Alert Logic also provides compliance coverage so that you can ensure the best security and compliance across your system.

Nonetheless, there are also downside factors that you need to consider before you use Alert Logic. The application’s log review is a little bit difficult to work on, as well as its deployments.



9.1 User Rating
$24.23 Price
Session Recording, Privileged, User Monitoring Feature

Teramind is a cloud and on-premise software designed for threat prevention and system and employee monitoring. Teramind provides six basic solutions to its users, which are user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, data loss prevention, employee monitoring, compliance and audit, and insider threat prevention. The application’s features provide automated processes such as warning, block, lock-outs, allowing its users to ensure that their business security efficiently.

However, despite how great platform Teramind is, some disadvantages are essential for you to know before purchasing the app. Utilizing Teramind is somewhat confusing to set up, its pricing is a little bit expensive, and system time out issues occur from time to time.


Deep Instinct

9 User Rating
Device management, Application Security, Anti Virus Feature

Deep Instinct is a cybersecurity platform that provides endpoint protection features across devices. This software has an advanced form of threat protection, which is deep learning AI, that enables the platform to provide high-end system threat prevention technology, all in just a single platform. Deep Instinct showcases their features like advanced endpoint security, advanced mobile security, automatic threat analysis, and much more.

Regardless of how powerful this platform is, we still cannot ignore that Deep Instinct has negative features as well. The application’s downsides might affect your overall use, so you might as well check them out before you utilize the software.


AVG Antivirus Business Edition

9 User Rating
$44.99 Price
Business firewall, File server security, Email protection Feature

AVG Antivirus Business Edition is a malware protection and virus scanning platform designed to provide protection against cyber system threats. The primary function of AVG Antivirus Business Edition is to protect your business from hacker attacks, web and email threats, and other forms of system malware. It all works through the system’s high-end capabilities, such as Remote endpoint management, file server security, endpoint security, email server security, and email protection.

The same as any other software, we cannot deny that AVG Antivirus Business Edition also has negative qualities. The app’s support system might be complex to use, there are instances where the app tends to slow, and its scanning function might need to improve more.



9 User Rating
Advanced Threat Defense, Webcam Protection, Anti-fraud Feature

Bitdefender is an anti-virus and cybersecurity software programmed for personal and business use. This software is renowned as an award-winning solution, for it showcases a set of features that provides comprehensive and real-time malware protection. With Bitdefender, you can enjoy complete real-time data protection, advanced threat prevention, robust web security, and much more, all in just one platform.

Still, you need to take note that Bitdefender has its downsides that might affect your overall utilization. When using Bitdefender, you could encounter issues like ransomware clean-up issues, lacking spam protection, firewall, mobile protection, or additional encryption technologies, especially for low-tier version, and support system could be lacking.



8.9 User Rating
$29.99 Price
API Compliance Management, User Management, Offline Protection Feature

Webroot is one of the available cybersecurity solutions today that provides Internet security. Webroot has the full-scale capacity to deliver protection against malware threats like spyware, keyloggers, Trojan, rootkits, and other types of advanced threats. What makes this software an advanced platform, is that it could be deployed via the cloud to ensure that its services are always up to date.

Despite how superb Webroot is, still, you have to consider the platform’s disadvantages. Webroot’s bonus security tools are too advanced for the average user, its cost could be a little expensive, and Webroot’s filtering extension needs further improvement.


Heimdal CORP

8.9 User Rating
AI/Machine Learning, Endpoint Management, Incident Management Feature

Heimdal Corp or Thor Enterprise is an endpoint cybersecurity software designed to provide a multi-layered security suite. This app provides vital features for cybersecurity processes, such as malware monitoring, software management, internet traffic reporting, web scanning, and filtering. Moreover, the software also features its top-notch solutions like perimeter DNS filtering, endpoint DNS filtering, patch management, privileged access management, next-gen antivirus, endpoint detection and response, and managed detection and response.

Knowing that this app is a powerful platform, it’s also best that you should get a gist of Heimdal Corp’s downsides. Discovering its negative qualities ensures the best user experience on your end, so take time to consider this.



8.8 User Rating
$6.99 Price
Threat Intelligence Anti Virus, Endpoint Management, Incident Management Feature

Coronet or SecureCloud is a cybersecurity software designed as an enterprise-grade security platform for business. This software provides email, cloud apps, endpoint security, and data loss prevention to secure your business system from any cyber-attacks. With Coronet’s capabilities, it is highly guaranteed that you can focus more on your business, without the stress of worrying much about your cybersecurity.

To sum up everything, Coronet could be your best platform to choose from. However, you should also remember that this platform is just like any other software, wherein there are several issues. Make sure to discover these negative qualities so that you can weigh in how the app could work for you.



8.8 User Rating
$14.99 Price
File-Level Scanning, Weekly Scan Report, Automated Malware Detection Feature

SiteLoock is another comprehensive solution for cybersecurity available in the market today. Recognized as a global leader in website security solutions, SiteLock provides a complete feature for web protection that is cloud-based. This software can also deliver 360-degree monitoring for malware and threats, website performance acceleration capabilities, and PCI compliance standards for businesses.

However, utilizing SiteLock doesn’t only mean that you can experience its high-end features, for this platform also has its share of disadvantages. The application might be an expensive platform for you; its billing disclosures are not transparent, and the app not very specific with malware detection.


AT&T Cybersecurity

8.8 User Rating
$1075 Price
Global Security, Gateway Premises based firewalls, Cybersecurity services Feature

Formerly known as AlienVault, AT&T Cybersecurity is one of the available software today that manages and protects against cyber-attacks. AT&T Cybersecurity’s primary purpose is to help reduce the complexity of addressing cybersecurity issues. It works through the app’s security solutions, which are asset discovery, endpoint detection & response, intrusion detection, secure web gateway, threat detection, threat intelligence, and so much more.

Just like any platform, AT&T Cybersecurity has its disadvantages in terms of its function and specs as well. AT&T Cybersecurity’s correlation rules are limited, it takes time to get used to the app, and its cost might be a little expensive.