10+ Best Customer Experience Softwares 2021

Customer experience software is a cloud-based solution designed to measure and improve the experience customers have with a company. It collects information from every customer interaction and lets the company analyze and improve its performance.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Zendesk Customer Experience Zendesk Customer Experience 9.5 Mikkel Svane N/A 2007 $816.4 M
San Francisco 1654+ Reviews
150K +
Genesys PureConnect Genesys PureConnect 9.4 Tony Bates $75 1990 $2 B
California 1747+ Reviews
50M +
Medallia Medallia 9.3 Leslie J. Stretch N/A 2001 $421.5 M
San Francisco 1847+ Reviews
49B +
Gainsight Gainsight 9.2 Nick Mehta N/A 2009 $50 M
San Francisco 1987+ Reviews
8K +
Zoho CRM Plus Zoho CRM Plus 9.1 Sridhar Vembu $33.42 2001 $500 M
Chennai 1587+ Reviews
13M +
MindTouch MindTouch 9 Aaron Fulkerson N/A 2004 $10 M
San Diego
1748+ Reviews
43M +
Podium Podium 8.9 Eric Rea N/A 2014 $12 M
Lehi 1748+ Reviews
7K +
Pendo.io Pendo.io 8.8 Todd Olson N/A 2013 $65.8 M
North Carolina
1874+ Reviews
153M +
Quadient Inspire Quadient Inspire 8.7 Geoffrey Godet N/A 1984 $316.1 M
1744+ Reviews
5.5K +
WalkMe WalkMe 8.6 Dan Adika $2.40 2011 $126.3 M
San Francisco 1578+ Reviews
2K +

Zendesk Customer Experience

9.5 User Rating
Community forums, Open API Real time updates, Knowledge base Feature

Zendesk Customer Experience is a cloud-based customer support platform built for companies that aim to shape better customer relationships. This application helps transform your company’s customer service into a lead source, thanks to the app’s most flexible software features. Zendesk is ideal for every startup or small business, for this app is centered on pulling one’s business customer service over the top. Programmed to measure all interactions in one platform, Zendesk Customer Experience encompasses all the essential to advanced features that improve all the customer experiences within a company. Zendesk Customer Experience primarily works through advanced technology that analyzes feedback from each customer experience area, then guides its users toward improvement across all touchpoints. What also tops Zendesk Customer Experience in the best customer experience software charts is it provides a smooth experience while ensuring the best results for customer experience (CX) management. As it delivers the best customer experience solutions among various businesses, Zendesk Customer Experience becomes the primary competitor for other customer experience providers.

Genesys PureConnect

9.4 User Rating
$75 Price
Accessibility, Quality management, Speech analytics Feature

Genesys PureConnect is an all-inclusive customer experience software that enables mid-sized to large businesses to improve not only their customer experience but also their customer engagement as well. On top of that, this cloud-based solution provides you with a platform that can help them empower your employees as well as retain customers. With Genesys PureConnect, you can take advantage of its low learning curve, so that you can get started right away with your customer experience goals. And, this solution also allows you to customize the app how you want.

Indeed, Genesys PureConnect is a robust solution and a well-established one as well. However, it is far from a perfect solution. Like all other apps, this one also has a few downsides, which you should know prior to using it. That said, Genesys PureConnect has an inattentive and slow-responding customer support team. Aside from that, it also has a long and complicated installation process and its capabilities depend on which deployment method you choose as Genesys PureConnect offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options.


9.3 User Rating
Interactive Analytics, Dashboarding, Push Reporting Feature

Medallia is an award-winning SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that offers high end customer experience tools and features. This cloud-based app enables users to not only improve their customer experience, but to understand and manage it as well. Medallia has all the essential tools for users to gather customer feedback. On top of that, it also aims to provide you with real-time alerts whenever a customer is interacting with your platform, whether through email, website, social media, or in-app.

Since Medallia is an award-winning solution, it has more than enough reasons for your company to select it as your daily customer experience software. However, prior to that, you need to know about Medallia’s disadvantages as well, so that you know what to expect. With that said, Medallia has a less than attentive customer support team and a complex implementation process as well. On top of that, this app also has a slight learning curve at the beginning.


9.2 User Rating
Engagement analytics, Sponsor tracking, Dashboards Feature

Gainsight is an advanced customer experience software developed for businesses of all sizes. Aside from that, this cloud-based solution also offers highly robust tools to drive customer success, including revenue optimization, product experience, customer data, and much more. Should you find any trouble when using its system, Gainsight has a reliable and responsive customer support team that will help you. In addition, this app also features a simple overview for customers to see their progress with your company. Last but not least, Gainsight also offers a robust integration with Gmail.

There are many positives when it comes to utilizing Gainsight, however, there are a few negatives as well. You should know about them prior to using Gainsight. With that said, this customer experience solution does not have the most user friendly features. Gainsight’s installation process is also quite complex. And you will encounter several maintenance issues right after its implementation.

Zoho CRM Plus

9.1 User Rating
$33.42 Price
Email Hosting, CMS Support, CustomerSupport Security Tools Feature

Zoho CRM Plus is an advanced solution developed by Zoho and designed for all businesses – from startups to large enterprises. This cloud-based platform provides users high end tools and features to help them improve their customer experience. On top of that, Zoho CRM Plus, enables you to implement the best customer experience throughout the customer’s journey. This software also enables you to engage with your customers through multiple channels during each stage of their buying process. Last but not least, Zoho CRM Plus features a fast-responding customer support team to help you make full use of its system.

Indeed, Zoho CRM Plus is one of the leading customer experience software available in today’s market. All things mentioned above are proof of that. However, this does not mean that it is not free from issues or bugs. So, with that said, the Zoho CRM Plus platform has a counterintuitive user-interface. In addition, the app also does not have the most ideal implementation process. And Zoho CRM Plus also has a restrictive automation process.


9 User Rating
Agent-Assistance, Customer Self-Service, Integrations Feature

MindTouch is a cloud-based customer experience software designed for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises. This application features high-end knowledge management solutions that enable users to increase their customer’s value through various platforms. On top of that, the MindTouch app does not only offer a robust customer experience solution, but it also features agent assistance, knowledge management, and self-service solutions. Plus, if you encounter problems with its system, you can always contact its customer support team that is constantly ready to serve you.

With several customer experience software available today, you need to find the software that best fits your company’s needs. That is why we also recommend that you know not only its advantages but also its disadvantages as well. Regarding the MindTouch platform, you need to know that it has less than friendly user interface which means there is a learning curve. Aside from that, it also has a complicated implementation process and MindTouch also produces different results depending on the search engine.


8.9 User Rating
SEO Management, Engagement Analytics, Integration Feature

The Podium app is one of the most popular customer engagement platforms designed for startups to large corporations. This cloud-based solution offers a way for businesses to transform how they interact with their customers and vice versa. Podium enables users to gather relevant customer reviews from various platforms as well as private feedback. On top of that, with this solution, you can improve your customer experience, which can greatly increase your sales. Aside from that, Podium features a highly intuitive system, along with a superb customer support team and an implementation process that is fast and easy.

Despite its superb platform, Podium also has its fair share of issues and downsides. This is vital to you and to anyone that is looking for a particular solution for their business. With that said, you and your customers cannot search through old messages for specific keywords. Podium also does not notify you when a customer leaves a review of your product. And this app’s notification system needs improvement.


8.8 User Rating
Analytics Security, Encryption, Client management Feature

Pendo.io is an all-in-one product experience software that aims to help software product teams to cater to their users better. This cloud-based solution enables you to understand which features your customers are using and which features they are ignoring. On top of that, the Pendo.io app also lets you know which features are making users’ lives easier and which ones they are having a hard time on. It also offers a superb customer experience functionality. And to top it all off, Pendo.io offers an intuitive user interface and a reliable customer support team.

Pendo.io is also one of the more popular software, but it is far from a perfect solution. Yes, this app also has its fair share of disadvantages, which you should know prior to implementing it on your company.With that said, Pendo.io’s installation process is not the quickest and easiest to work with. Aside from that, this app’s feedback tool needs improvement.

Quadient Inspire

8.7 User Rating
Web Analytics, Asset Management, Reports & Dashboards Feature

Quadient Inspire is an award-winning CCM, which is short for customer communications management platform. It offers advanced customer experience functionality designed for businesses in large markets. On top of that, Quadient Inspire aims to help users create personalized content, manage customer complaints through all channels. This app also enables users to monitor their customers’ buying journey. Quadient Inspire also features superb deployment options. You can either choose to deploy the app on the cloud or on-premise, whichever works best for your company. Aside from that, Quadient Inspire’s customer support team is one of the best in the business.

There are several superb customer experience solutions available in today’s market. That is why the best way to determine which is the most ideal solution for your organization is to identify a platform’s disadvantages. With Quadient Inspire in mind, you need to know that it does not have the most user-friendly installation process. And its integration processes are quite counterintuitive compared to other apps.


8.6 User Rating
$2.40 Price
Analytics, Lead management, Customizable reporting Feature

WalkMe is a straightforward cloud-based solution that offers interactive guidance tools and features for user experience managers, sales managers, and service managers. This platform enables users to increase engagement by driving customer experience on a company’s website. The WalkMe platform offers advanced solutions to help your customers find relevant and useful links to their queries. With this app, you can create walkthroughs for your customers as well as embed videos in these walkthroughs for visual aid. Plus, if you are having trouble with its system, WalkMe features a reliable customer support team.

Even with WalkMe’s advanced solution, it still has issues that you need to know prior to using it. This provides you insights to help you determine if it is the best solution for your business. With that said, the WalkMe app does not have a user-friendly interface for new users. This customer experience solution also has a complex and lengthy installation process. On top of that, WalkMe does not have a dedicated mobile solution.