10+ Best Corporate LMS Softwares 2021

Corporate learning management systems (LMS) software provides access to online materials and courses for training and development purposes. The two main use cases for corporate LMS software are internal (employee training) and external (customer training). Some corporate learning management systems have built-in ecommerce/billing features, whereas others might integrate with an online storefront. Courses designed for customer training may be monetized in a couple of different ways. They can be sold to customers in addition to a company’s software product as a training resource, or as a stand-alone product. This may be the case for professional training providers that offer online training courses for complex software, such as Oracle or SAP. Other corporate learning management systems may be purely designed for distributing courses, managing learners, and reporting on completion and compliance. However, most corporate LMS software includes a set of common tools or capabilities:
  • Content authoring tools
  • Content library
  • Learning pathway tools
  • Scheduling features for webinars or offline training
  • Reporting and analytics
Some vendors also offer point solutions that focus on course creation, curation, and providing online material from subject matter experts. These are sometimes referred to as learning content management systems (LCMS), and can usually be integrated with corporate LMS software.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
TalentLMS TalentLMS 9.5 John Leh N/A 2012 $9.1 M
San Francisco 1654+ Reviews
1K +
SAP Litmos SAP Litmos 9.4 Rich Chetwynd N/A 2007 $34 M
Dublin 1547+ Reviews
22M +
Docebo Docebo 9.3 Claudio Erba N/A 2005 $46.3 M
Toronto 1654+ Reviews
6M +
Lessonly Lessonly 9.2 Max Yoder N/A 2012 $6.8 M
Indianapolis 1689+ Reviews
3M +
Articulate 360 Articulate 360 9.1 Adam Schwartz $17.44 2002 $50 M
New York 1987+ Reviews
98K +
Pluralsight Pluralsight 9 Aaron Skonnard $20.15 2009 $316.9 M
Utah 1547+ Reviews
1M +
Adobe Captivate Prime LMS Adobe Captivate Prime LMS 8.9 Shantanu Narayen $4 1982 $3.2 B
San Jose 1789+ Reviews
250K +
Saba Cloud Saba Cloud 8.8 Phil Saunders $300 1997 $33 M
Dublin 1654+ Reviews
4K +
Bridge LMS Bridge LMS 8.7 Dan Goldsmith N/A 2008 $20.9 M
Utah 1547+ Reviews
4K +
TalentCards TalentCards 8.6 Thanos Papangelis N/A 2017 $815 K
California 1784+ Reviews
500 +


9.5 User Rating
Data Import/Expor,t Mobile Access, Reporting Feature

TalentLMS is a corporate LMS that trains people as teams, not as individuals. It can help employers or trainers create courses for sales training, onboarding training, customer training, compliance training, and partner training. TalentLMS also enables users to change language settings. That way, trainees will have a better understanding and experience in their courses. TalentLMS is key to building a smart and collaborative organization.

SAP Litmos

9.4 User Rating
Intuitive user interface, Custom branding / Whitelabel, Ecommerce shopping cart Feature

SAP Litmos is a highly-adaptive corporate LMS that can educate all segments of your business. That includes employees, partners, contractors, suppliers, sales team, and even customers. What it ultimately does is keeping everyone in the loop about updates in your business. SAP Litmos is very user-friendly and it can convey info in 35 languages. It’s the right training platform for every organization, especially those with people from different nationalities.


9.3 User Rating
Learning plan, Gamification, Automation Feature

Docebo is a corporate LMS platform that supports mobile learning. Among its key features is Pages where users can customize its interface for a better and much more personalized learning experience. Docebo also allows gamification, which can make learning more engaging. With gamification, learners will receive coins, badges, and will rank up as they progress in their courses, adding a sense of fun and adventure to their learning experience.


9.2 User Rating
Knowledge Base, Leaderboard, Gamification Feature

Lessonly is a powerful training platform that offers extensive tools for every business’ learning management system. Lessonly is an all-in-one training software that enables businesses to assess, plan, build, learn, practice, and perform efficient learning experiences. With Lessonly, users can experience superb LMS features, including course authoring, e-learning, learning content, microlearning, video learning, and more.

Articulate 360

9.1 User Rating
$17.44 Price
Gamification, Content Import/Export, Storyboarding Feature

Articulate 360 is an e-learning development platform designed for teams across various industries. This platform specializes in providing users with learning management services that develop custom, interactive courses that work on every device. Articulate 360 also provides a library of 7+ million templates, characters, videos, icons, and more resources that lower design costs for faster course creation.


9 User Rating
$20.15 Price
Administrative dashboard, Analytics, Customization Feature

Pluralsight is an online education service provider that offers video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals. This platform aligns learning management systems across businesses, allowing them to evaluate the technical abilities of their teams. With Pluralsight, users can now simplify LMS processes, thanks to the platform’s high-end features like skill gap analysis, skill assessment, and comprehension checks.

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

8.9 User Rating
$4 Price
Collaboration Analytics, Online support, Display
 management Feature

Adobe Captivate Prime LMS is a comprehensive learning management system platform that delivers modern learning experiences. This software offers high-end LMS solutions that train employees, partners, and customers effectively. Packed in a modern digital learning platform, Adobe Captivate Prime LMS offers superb LMS features like learner dashboard, offline access, learner tracking, and gamification.

Saba Cloud

8.8 User Rating
$300 Price
Gamification, Mobile Learning, Academic/Education Feature

Saba Cloud is a next-generation cloud-based solution for talent management that helps organizations provide learning, engagement, and development programs. This software establishes and drives an effective learning environment, thanks to its high-end learning management system features like certificate management, customization, activity grading, customization, grade book audit trail, and mobile learning support.

Bridge LMS

8.7 User Rating
Reporting, Learner Profile, User Activity & Analysis Feature

Bridge LMS is a learning management system and performance platform that provides all-in-one learning management tools. This software provides powerful performance management capabilities that connect and align organizations. Bridge LMS specializes in delivering high-end LMS solutions, including interactive quizzes, custom branding, course progress indicators, simplified access to training, and optional content library.


8.6 User Rating
Academic/Education, Mobile Learning, Gamification Feature

TalentCards is a corporate LMS software designed for all types of workers. TalentCards helps you train new employees even if you aren’t in the same room with them. It enables you to structure your training program on the web and deliver them straight to your trainees’ smartphones. That allows you to guide new employees working in the field. You don’t have to be with them personally all the time. With TalentCards, your employees will experience optimized learning.