10+ Best Contract Management Softwares 2021

Contract management software is a programme or service used to manage the creation, negotiation, amendment, signature and data analysis of legal contracts.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
ContractWorks ContractWorks 9.2 Will Reynolds $600 2013 $5.7 M
5000+ Reviews
1K +
PandaDoc CMS PandaDoc CMS 9 Mikita Mikado N/A 2011 $18.5 M
San Francisco 1987+ Reviews
17K +
Outlaw Outlaw 9 Evan Schneyer $50 2017 $2 M
New York 4300+ Reviews
Smartdocs Smartdocs 9 Tom Pintens $380.11 2010 $7.2 M
Palo Alto 3500+ Reviews
Concord Concord 9 Matt Lhoumeau $50 1975 $31.9 M
4800+ Reviews
180K +
Apttus Apttus 8.9 Frank Holland $35 2006 $150 M
California 3000+ Reviews
Conga Contracts Conga Contracts 8.9 Matthew J. Schiltz $55 2006 $110 M
3000+ Reviews
17K +
Asentex Asentex 8.8 Luis Camarena N/A 2012 $6 M
California 2000+ Reviews
Icertis Icertis 8.8 Samir Bodas $59 2009 $100 M
Washington 2000+ Reviews
5.7M +
SpringCM SpringCM 8.6 Dan Dal Degan $29 2005 $25 M
Chicago 1400+ Reviews
600 +


9.2 User Rating
$600 Price
Custom Reporting, Customizable Email, Email Alerts Feature

ContractWorks is an easy-to-use contract management software programmed to centralize contract management. ContractWorks provides solutions that would help you efficiently manage contracts, such as alerts and notifications, customizable access, and artificial intelligence features. Also, ContractWorks grants access to its Secure Contract Repository, Smart Document Tagging, OCR Text Search, and Built-in Electronic Signature capabilities.

Despite how powerful ContractWorks is, we cannot disregard that this platform also has slight downsides. The application’s signature process is a bit confusing to configure, putting a large volume of files could slow the system, and approval modules need to improve.

PandaDoc CMS

9 User Rating
Roles Management, Document Analytics, Content Locking Feature

PandaDoc is a digital document management solution designed to automate business document processes, including contract management. This platform includes all the necessary tools that would ease up document processing, from proposals and quotes, down to eSignatures and contracts. On top of that, PandaDoc also provides vast integrations to multiple CRM, payment, and marketing software.

Nonetheless, PandaDoc still has its downsides despite how robust this platform is for your contract management. It might be a little expensive to have, the drag-and-drop feature is a little bit clunky to use, and its interface is not as smooth as it should.


9 User Rating
$50 Price
Contract creation, Email alerts, Third party integrations Feature

Outlaw is a cloud-based contract management software that manages contract generation, negotiation, and execution for businesses. This software provides vital tools that streamline contract management, such as central contract repository, cloud-based redlining, contract approval workflows, and audit tracking. Additionally, Outlaw provides summaries and definitions of legal terms to ensure that your contracts are secure.

With these features in just one app, we can truly say that Outlaw is one of the best contract management software that is available today. But despite that, we still cannot disregard that Outlaw has negative qualities as software. There are several issues with slow speed performance, particularly for templates, the app could be difficult to use at first, and its pricing is a little bit expensive.


9 User Rating
$380.11 Price
Engagement Tracking, E-Signature, Integration, API / Integrations Feature

SmartDocs is a document and contract automation software programmed to automate document and contract management. SmartDocs allows its users to seamlessly manage document processes through its high-quality features like customizable templates, reliable compliance, and legal standard features, digitized signature, and auto-tracking capabilities.

Overall, SmartDocs could be the right contract management software for you to pick. However, before you choose this software, make sure that you also consider looking at some of SmartDocs’ disadvantages. SmartDocs only provide you with basic tools, its integration options need to improve, and there are several issues with glitches and bugs.


9 User Rating
$50 Price
Contract Management, Document Management, Collaboration Tools Feature

Concord is an end-to-end contract management software that provides reliable contract management solutions for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses. This software allows users to create, collaborate, negotiate, e-sign, and manage agreements efficiently. Thanks to its highly flexible capabilities. Concord also centralizes contract processes, for this app has integrations with Salesforce, Okta, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

However, along with Concord’s capacity to deliver high-quality contract management, we cannot disregard some of its downsides, primarily if you aim to pick this platform for you to use. Concord has limited customization options, its analytics and reporting are not that superb as it should be, and workflow automation needs to enhance.


8.9 User Rating
$35 Price
Electronic Signature, Completion Tracking, Government Contracts, Pre-built Templates Feature

Apttus is an all-in-one business software designed to provide business process automation. This platform mainly provides quote-to-cash solutions as well as contract management for your business needs. On top of that, Apttus provides you a series of high-end features, such as eSignature, Proposals, Excel integrations, CPQ-CRM integration, Price adjustments, and so much more.

Whether or not you want to pick Apttus as your primary platform for contract management, it’s better for you to know some of the application’s disadvantages. Upon utilizing Apttus, you might encounter issues like slow system speed, lack of reporting features, hard-to-implement tools, and a not-so-user-friendly user interface.

Conga Contracts

8.9 User Rating
$55 Price
Advanced Analytics Completion, Tracking Compliance Management Feature

Conga Contracts is one of the contract management software available in the market today. This all-in-one contract lifecycle management (CLM) software provides comprehensive solutions to generate, maintain, and track contracts for businesses. Conga Contracts comes with top-notch features, such as contract creation, alerts and notifications, open in word access, reporting, single sign-on integration, and so much more.

With Conga Contracts’ high-quality features, there is no question that there are also negative qualities that concern the app. Conga Contracts needs to improve its reporting features, respond to multiple downtime issues, and improve its customer support system.


8.8 User Rating
Compliance Tracking, Electronic Signature, Workflow Management Feature

Asentex is a contract management software programmed to simplify business contract management. Asentex is a provider of automated contract lifecycle management that allows users to manage contract processes as fast as a snap. These benefits work through the application’s pre-designed and customizable contracts, drag and drop features, third-party integrations, reports, and more to mention. On top of that, Asentex is also accessible to mobile devices.

Like any other software, Asentex is not a perfect platform, for it also has negative issues. The app’s disadvantages might affect your overall use, so you might as well consider it before you choose to pick the app as your contract management platform.


8.8 User Rating
$59 Price
Contract Visibility Completion, Tracking Approval, Workflow, Speciality Contracts Feature

Icertis is considered as one of the leading contract management software designed for businesses. Icertis, as an all-in-one contract management platform, provides a series of features that streamlines contract lifecycle management, such as Completion Tracking, Approval Workflow, Specialty Contracts, Government Contracts, Contract Status Reports, and more. On top of that, Icertis provides comprehensive compliance features to identify contract risks quickly and efficiently.

Overall, we cannot question Icertis’ capacity as a contract management software. However, as a potential client, you still need to consider that there are some lapses of using Icertis app. The user interface of Icertis is a little bit clunky, its licensing modules are not that flexible, and reporting has to improve.


8.6 User Rating
$29 Price
Contract Management, API, Integration, Collaboration Feature

SpringCM is a cloud-based platform that automates, generates, and delivers effective contract management. This platform eases up contract management, especially for business, for it delivers comprehensive and robust features. Since SpringCM provides a highly scalable workflow that is highly accessible anytime and anywhere, you can also streamline your contract management, even across mobile devices.

Moreover, now that you’ve already discovered what SpringCM can provide you, it is time for you to know some of the application’s disadvantages. SpringCM needs to improve its reporting feature, for it’s a little bit difficult to use, and dashboards features also need to improve.