10+ Best Contract Lifecycle Management Softwares 2021

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) automates and streamlines contract processes during key stages. ... Standardizing and controlling contract development. Strengthening operational, contractual, and regulatory compliance. Creating contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates and legal clauses.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Apttus CLM Apttus CLM 9.4 Frank Holland $35 2006 $150 M
California 3000+ Reviews
SAP Ariba CLM SAP Ariba CLM 9.3 Sean Thompson $599 1996 $335 M
Palo Alto 1698+ Reviews
4.6M +
Icertis CLM Icertis CLM 9.3 Samir Bodas $59 2009 $100 M
Washington 2000+ Reviews
5.7M +
Coupa CLM Coupa CLM 9.2 Rob Bernshteyn N/A 2006 $390 M
San Mateo 1777+ Reviews
25K +
ContractWorks CLM ContractWorks CLM 9.1 Will Reynolds $600 2013 $5.7 M
5000+ Reviews
1K +
Conga Contracts CLM Conga Contracts CLM 9 Matthew J. Schiltz $55 2006 $110 M
3000+ Reviews
17K +
Cobblestone Cobblestone 9 Mark Nastasi N/A 1995 $5 M
3800+ Reviews
Parley Pro Parley Pro 8.9 Olga Mack $59 2018 $5 M
Los Altos
4800+ Reviews
Agiloft Agiloft 8.9 Eric Laughlin N/A 1990 $11.6 M
Redwood City 3490+ Reviews
Concord CLM Concord CLM 8.8 Matt Lhoumeau $50 1975 $31.9 M
4800+ Reviews
180K +

Apttus CLM

9.4 User Rating
$35 Price
Electronic Signature, Completion Tracking, Government Contracts, Pre-built Templates Feature

Apttus is a contract lifecycle management software that ends manual and disorganized contract processes. It enables users to deliver higher-quality experiences through increased visibility and automation. It provides end-to-end solutions that transform revenue operations and ease up business complexity. Plus, it can help users to solve any revenue-related issues and improve business outcomes.


9.3 User Rating
$599 Price
Profile management, Supplier discovery, Business matchmaking Feature

Sap Ariba is a contract lifecycle management software that automates the creation, execution, and management of any contract. It provides powerful tools and features that can help companies improve operational, contractual, and regulatory compliance. It can also manage procurement and sales contracts, intellectual property licenses, internal agreements, and more. Plus, it can standardize and control contract development.

Icertis CLM

9.3 User Rating
$59 Price
Contract Visibility Completion, Tracking Approval, Workflow, Speciality Contracts Feature

Icertis is a contract lifecycle management software that transforms contracts from static documents into strategic advantages by organizing and connecting the critical contract data that defines how a company operates. Its solution starts with the ICI platform, which covers the entire contract management lifecycle. Then, even after each contract’s completion, it continues to provide value.

Coupa CLM

9.2 User Rating
Purchase Requisitions, Detect Fraud Intelligently, Accelerate Approvals Feature

Coupa is a contract lifecycle management software that helps users or customers to manage contracts from creation to final execution. It can also enable users to accelerate and operationalize every contract. Plus, it also provides users control and efficiency throughout the contract lifecycle, allowing users to maximize the value of their contracts.

ContractWorks CLM

9.1 User Rating
$600 Price
Custom Reporting, Customizable Email, Email Alerts Feature

ContractWorks is a contract lifecycle management solution for businesses and teams of all sizes. It provides various powerful yet simple features that can help users manage their contracts and agreements. It can dramatically improve contract visibility, reduce risk, and ensure that businesses never miss another contract renewal deadline. Plus, it can be set up in minutes.

Conga Contracts CLM

9 User Rating
$55 Price
Advanced Analytics Completion, Tracking Compliance Management Feature

Conga Contracts is contract lifecycle management software that enables businesses and users to create, track, maintain, and report various business contracts. Conga Contracts makes it simple to take on and manage contracting processes. Plus, it offers end-to-end powerful tools and features that allow users to create long or complex contracts quickly and without making any mistakes.


9 User Rating
Version tracking, Template library, Track Contract Feature

CobbleStone is an artificial intelligence-powered contract lifecycle management system that can automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle with user-friendly features and administration. For larger organizations, it also offers standard named-user licensing or concurrent user licensing. Plus, the solution comes in three different editions, each with different pricing tiers and functionality levels.

Parley Pro

8.9 User Rating
$59 Price
Interactive discussions, Document management, Comments Feature

Parley Pro is a dynamic contract lifecycle management (CLM) software. It can automate every step of the CLM process, starting from the contract initiation, negotiation, approval, and so on. Parley Pro has a wide selection of contract templates for your business needs. It also has the tools to monitor every contract’s progress. Thus, helping you ensure that contracts are heading in the right direction.


8.9 User Rating
Powerful Searching, Brandable Portals, Powerful Searching Feature

Agiloft is a contract lifecycle management software designed for business and legal needs. It automates contract processing, provides standard contract templates, and speeds up contract finalizations. With its AI component, Agiloft also monitors ongoing contracts, ensuring that both parties are compliant with the terms and conditions. Agiloft streamlines the process and brings more visibility to a contract’s lifecycle.

Concord CLM

8.8 User Rating
$50 Price
Contract Management, Document Management, Collaboration Tools Feature

Concord is a simple-looking contract lifecycle management software but with great functionality. Concord has a library of contract templates that meets industry standards. Users can choose any of them based on their needs and situations. With Concord, contract negotiations and approvals will be faster. And with its e-signature feature, Concord offers a paperless alternative to finalizing contracts. They’ll be easier to manage and will have more visibility.