10+ Best Contact Management Softwares 2021

A contact manager is a software program that enables users to easily store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers. They are contact-centric databases that provide a fully integrated approach to tracking of all information and communication activities linked to contacts. Features & Capabilities:
  • Contact information storage
  • Contact information management
  • Calendar application integrations
  • Contact filtering
  • Click to call
  • Mass Email


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Zoho.Com Zoho.Com 9.7 Sridhar Vembu $9.45 1996 $500 M
Chennai 5000+ Reviews
13M +
Office 365 Contact Management Office 365 Contact Management 9.4 Satya Nadella $55.12 2011 N/A 156,500+
Redmond 3767+ Reviews
100K +
Salesmate Contact Management Salesmate Contact Management 9.4 Samir Motwani $12 2016 $2 M
Southern US
5460+ Reviews
Funnel CRM Funnel CRM 9.4 Muhammad Gohar Shafique $10 2018 $8 M
Portland 2300+ Reviews
700 +
Pipedrive Contact Management Pipedrive Contact Management 9.1 Raj Sabhlok $12.50 2010 $12 M
New York 1897+ Reviews
50K +
Bitrix24 Contact Management Bitrix24 Contact Management 9.1 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1987+ Reviews
5M +
Cloze Cloze 9 Dan Foody $17 2012 $1.1 M
4500+ Reviews
Maximizer Maximizer 8.6 Iain Black $40 2006 $20 M
Vancouver 3450+ Reviews
150K +
Freshworks Freshworks 8.6 Girish Mathrubootham N/A 2010 $100 M
San Mateo 2450+ Reviews
100K +
Pobuca Pobuca 8.6 Isidoros Sideridis N/A 2016 $5 M
London 5790+ Reviews


9.7 User Rating
$9.45 Price
Sales Force Automation, Email Marketing, Project Management Feature

Zoho.Com is one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software platforms available in the market. This includes a robust contact management solution that enables sales teams to stay on top of their clients’ contact information. However, there are a few downsides to using Zoho.Com, including its limited customer support, complex reporting tools, and counterintuitive user-interface.

Office 365 Contact Management

9.4 User Rating
$55.12 Price
Explore&Integrate, Flexibility, Security Feature

Office 365 Contact Management, as its name suggests, is a robust contact management software that enables teams to organize contact information of their clients. Aside from this, Office 365 Contact Management also features a robust mobile application for an on-the-go experience. However, it does have a few downsides, such as its complex interface, clunky dashboard feature, and poor customer support.

Salesmate Contact Management

9.4 User Rating
$12 Price
API platform, Activity Tracking, Custom reports Feature

Salesmate Contact Management is a highly intuitive and advanced solution offered by the Salesmate application. In essence, this specific tool enables businesses to stay in control of their clients’ contact information, so that they can keep in contact with them for new products and services. However, Salesmate Contact Management could work on their customer support and mobile platform.

Funnel CRM

9.4 User Rating
$10 Price
Contact Forms, Sales Funnels, Proposal Feature

Funnel CRM is a straightforward and highly intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that offers an advanced tool set for businesses of all sizes. One of its premier solutions is the contact management Funnel gement feature that enables you to manage client information in one platform. However, CRM does have a limited number of integrations and it does not allow customers to download reports.

Pipedrive Contact Management

9.1 User Rating
$12.50 Price
Email integration, Powerful API, Contact History Feature

Pipedrive Contact Management is an advanced contact management software that caters to businesses of all sizes. This solution is part of Pipedrive’s CRM or Customer Relationship Management platform, enabling you to utilize the app’s built-in tools and features. However, Pipedrive Contact Management does have a few downsides, including its limited mobile application and its sales funnel feature needs more improvements.

Bitrix24 Contact Management

9.1 User Rating
Bulk email, Daily planner, Calendar sharing Feature

Bitrix24 is a contact management software that provides a practical solution for managing a business online. It offers tools like CRM, document management, tasking, time management, and project management to all users. Plus, it simplifies communication through social features like commenting, liking, and other automated processes like notifications and subscriptions. Moreover, it has excellent customer service that users can ask anytime.


9 User Rating
$17 Price
Task Reminders, Email Tracking, Team collaboration Feature

Cloze is one of the leading contact management software that is available in today’s market. In essence, this app provides a centralized platform for users to manage their clients’ information for easy access. With its straightforward installation, you can start using it instantly. However, Cloze does not have the most user-friendly interface and it also needs to improve its customer support team.


8.6 User Rating
$40 Price
Email marketing, Business Intelligence, Customer Service management Feature

Maximizer is a contact management software built for sales, marketing, and customer service. It’s a platform capable of managing all your contacts and streamlining them for efficiency. Your connections for your business’s sales, marketing, and customer service needs will be more reachable. Tracking everything that concerns those business aspects can be done in an instant. You can call or message your contacts in just one click, swipe, or tap.


8.6 User Rating
Productivity, Collaboration, Automation Feature

Freshworks is a contact management and next-generation customer engagement software that helps break internal silos and deliver exceptional personalized experiences across sales and marketing. It offers an AI-powered CRM that enables sales and marketing experts to understand customers with the right insights at the right time across each touchpoint. It includes marketing automation, sales automation, and chat all in one solution.


8.6 User Rating
Capture email signatures, Reminders Scan, business cards Feature

Pobuca is a cloud-based contact management software or tool that allows users to share contacts with their co-workers and partners. It can convert your multiple business contact list into one address book, which users can access everywhere. Plus, it offers a solution bundle that supports users or companies to achieve their organization’s strategic goals. Moreover, Pobuca develops and grows returning clients or customers.