10+ Best Change Management Softwares 2021

Change Management is the process of requesting, determining attainability, planning, implementing and evaluation of changes to a system.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Whatfix Whatfix 9.3 Khadim Batti N/A 2014 $39.2 M
San Jose 1878+ Reviews
500 +
Freshservice Freshservice 9.2 Girish Mathrubootham $13.37 2010 $100 M
California 1878+ Reviews
10K +
Cognician Cognician 9.2 Barry Kayton N/A 2010 $1 M
South Africa
1787+ Reviews
500 +
SysAid SysAid 9 Sarah Lahav N/A 2002 $28.2 M
Airport City
1787+ Reviews
55K +
Jira Change Management Jira Change Management 9 Mike Cannon-Brookes N/A 2002 $1.2 B
Sydney 1798+ Reviews
135K +
Remedy Change Management Remedy Change Management 8.8 Larry Garlick N/A 1990 $1 B
California 1888+ Reviews
1.4M +
Servicenow Servicenow 8.8 Bill McDermott N/A 2003 $4 B
Santa Clara 1578+ Reviews
4K +
Gensuite Gensuite 8.8 R. Mukund N/A 1997 $12 M
Cincinnati 1874+ Reviews
1M +
StarTeam StarTeam 8.6 Stephen Murdoch N/A 1976 $1 M
Newbury 1784+ Reviews
10K +
Solarwinds Web Help Desk Solarwinds Web Help Desk 8.5 Kevin Thompson N/A 1999 $1 B
Austin 1787+ Reviews
320K +


9.3 User Rating
User tracking, Data analytics, API Collaboration Feature

Whatfix is an effective change management software that can help businesses of all sizes. WIth the app, companies can boost employee productivity, a simple onboarding process, and provide much needed contextual support. Whatfix enables managers and administrators to effectively engage with their employees through various channels, and analyze their performance levels. Plus, with an intuitive UI, they won’t have to worry about taking too long to process change requests.

Now that you know a thing or two about how Whatfix can help you, we thought that you should know about the things that it can’t help you with. It has limited tools for customization, the analytics feature could be more detailed, and, at times, you can be logged out randomly, causing the flow to be disrupted.


9.2 User Rating
$13.37 Price
Analytics, Security, Calendar management Feature

Although known for its IT Help Desk functionality, Freshservice is also an advanced cloud-based change management software that can help IT companies simplify operations. The app’s ITIL-ready components can help managers with managing incident reports, releases, assets, and, of course, change. Plus, both software and hardware assets can be tagged, tracked, and delinked, making all visible.

This app is one fantastic software, and with its superb functions, Freshservice is definitely one of the best around. However, having said that, it also has a few issues that we thought you should know. Its workflow automation feature could use improvements,  reporting tools are lacking, and its API’s are incomplete, are few things to take note of.


9.2 User Rating
Scope Management, Resource Allocation, Meeting Management Feature

Cognician is an online change management software that can help companies and organizations, whether small or large, with providing fantastic change events. The platform provides teams with customizable learning stages that are also insightful, straightforward, user-friendly, portable, sociable, and more. On top of that, Cognician offers multi-day surveys, learning paths, assessments, reminders, and so much more.

Overall, Cognician is a powerful to have at your fingertips. Nonetheless, the system still has a few unresolved issues regarding its system that you should know about. A few of them are on occasion, some emails would be directly sent to a client’s spam box, an ineffective reporting tool, and a less than versatile analytics feature.


9 User Rating
Audit Management, Help Desk, Change Management Feature

Sysaid is a cloud-based change management software for IT companies. Plus, it provides help desk capabilities for its users. The app offers businesses and organizations with a solution that can help them with  technology related issues. With Sysaid, you can have access to its key features, such as asset management, network monitoring, reporting, performance analysis, customizable dashboards, help desk automation, and more.

There is no question that Sysaid can deliver what you need in a change management software. However, it does have a few bumps in the road when you use it. A few of them are its limited third-party integrations and customizations, mediocre mobile application, and a less than consistent account management function.

Jira Change Management

9 User Rating
Roadmaps, Agile reporting, Customizable workflows Feature

The JIRA platform was not designed to be a change management platform, however, thanks to its superb flexibility, businesses can definitely incorporate their change management processes into the platform as a form of a change request. Users can easily automate their workflow processes so that the app is better suited for their needs.

The JIRA platform is one of the world’s leaders in software that can definitely provide your company with anything it needs to thrive, and that includes change management. However, the platform is far from perfect. Its workflow automation is inefficient, the UI is confusing, and limited reporting functionality, are a few disadvantages when it comes to using this app.

Remedy Change Management

8.8 User Rating
Collaboration, Configuration Management, Client Management Feature

Remedy Change Management is a sophisticated change management software that provides businesses with scheduling, planning, incorporating, and monitoring the change process so that it can be delivered to the entire organization. Plus, it also offers users with an IT service management functionality that can help them fully implement the changes needed.

Although Remedy Change Management is an excellent app to implement change management, you must understand that it also has a few drawbacks. So, before deciding on using it, you need to know a few that you might encounter, such as its reporting can take too long to finish and export, the app lacks templates for easy customization, and it has quite limited integrations with third-party applications.


8.8 User Rating
Real-time dashboards, Change management, Performance analytics Feature

ServiceNow is both an IT service management and change management software combined into a single platform. With the app, users can access its advanced features, such as release management, incident management, problem management, asset management, IT cost management, and more. ServiceNow enables users to track, report, and resolve issues, then monitor the progress of the change process.

With ServiceNow, you are treated with a robust platform filled with excellent features. But, even it has a few disadvantages that you should look into. For example, its UI has a steep learning curve, the system logs you out from time to time, its ticketing system is quite slow, and the initial set up process can be overwhelming for some.


8.8 User Rating
Workflow Management, Compliance Management Task Management, Audit Planning Feature

The Gensuite platform is a straightforward cloud-based change management software. Businesses, from startups to large enterprises, are enabled to streamline their management compliance, process change requests that include screening, evaluation, review, approval, execution, and follow up. On top of that, users can process safety and functional risk factors in their company.

With all of its wonderful tools and features, Gensuite is one of the more popular apps in the industry. With that being said, though, there are a few issues that you might encounter. These issues include its less than intuitive interface, low-quality support team, and a set up process that takes longer than desired.


8.6 User Rating
Collaboration, Build management processes, Reporting Feature

Starteam is a robust change management software from the company, Micro Focus. The platform aims to help companies in developing and incorporating changes through various ALM tools and storehouss. With Starteam, users can automate their change management process so that the entire business can benefit from a high level of success when it comes to software.

Overall, Starteam is a fantastic software to work on, but before choosing this software, you must first know of its kinks that the app would need to improve. These issues are a complex user interface, a poor customer support team, a less than ideal set up, and its prices are quite high compared to other systems.

Solarwinds Web Help Desk

8.5 User Rating
Network Diagnostic Tool, Automation of ticketing report, Simplified projects Feature

SolarWinds Web Help desk is a cloud-based ticketing and change management software that also provides organizations with tools and features for service management. Aside from change management, the app aims to help users manage a few other factors, such as knowledge management, incident management, and asset management. On top of that, SolarWinds Web Help Desk enables users to automate their workflows to ensure that all change management policies are complied upon.

With such an advanced platform, one would think that SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a perfect software. However, one would be mistaken, as this app, like all the apps on the list, has a few issues. These would include a small number of support materials, a less than competitive price, limited integrations, and a poor technical support team.