10+ Best Business Plan Softwares 2021

Business plan software takes the legwork out of writing a business plan by simplifying the process and eliminating the need to start from scratch. The software makes sure you have all the details covered to not only guide you down the road but also to help attract potential investors should you be looking for some.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Liveplan Business Plan Liveplan Business Plan 9.8 Sabrina Parsons $20 1983 $20 M
6700+ Reviews
200K +
GoSmallBiz GoSmallBiz 9.5 Fran Tarkenton $39 1996 N/A 32+
Atlanta 6000+ Reviews
50K +
Business Plan Pro Business Plan Pro 9.4 Tim Berry $99.95 2012 N/A 500+
Oregon 4890+ Reviews
Bizplan Bizplan 9.3 N/A $29 2007 $3.1 M
Ohio 5600+ Reviews
Enloop Enloop 9.1 Cynthia K. McCahon N/A 2008 $4.8 M
San Francisco 3400+ Reviews
Planguru Planguru 8.9 Christian Wielage $99 2013 $2 M
Wilkes Barre
2340+ Reviews
Wise Business Plans Wise Business Plans 8.8 Joseph Ferriolo N/A 1999 $50.3 M
Las Vegas 3400+ Reviews
Business Sorter Business Sorter 8.8 William M. Ballance $12 2018 N/A 500+
New York 3400+ Reviews
Upmetrics Upmetrics 8.6 Drew Payne $9 2017 $2 M
San Francisco 4500+ Reviews
StratPad StratPad 8.5 Alex Glassey $29.99 2014 $13.2 M
3500+ Reviews
100K +

Liveplan Business Plan

9.8 User Rating
$20 Price
Collaboration Tools, Lean Planning, Sales Forecasting Feature

LivePlan Business Plan is an advanced solution that provides business plan capabilities for all companies in various industries. This cloud-based application offers advanced tools, including forecasting, performance tracking, planning, and budgeting. Nevertheless, there are a few disadvantages associated with LivePlan Business Plan. This includes a counterintuitive system and unresponsive customer support team.


9.5 User Rating
$39 Price
Workflow, Integrations, Analytics and Reports Feature

GoSmallBiz by Tarkenton is an intuitive and straightforward business plan software. In essence, this platform caters to small businesses in a variety of industries. Aside from that, this app provides highly configurable and detailed plans and it allows you to generate financial reports without spreadsheets. However, GoSmallBiz does have a limited number of business plans and it only exports to PDF and Word formats.

Business Plan Pro

9.4 User Rating
$99.95 Price
Business Management, Business Valuation Tools Feature

Business Plan Pro, as its name suggests, is a straightforward business plan software that caters to all businesses. This on-premise solution provides users with a wide range of business plan templates that they can utilize to get started right away. Nevertheless, there are a few downsides to using it, including a minimal support team and limited number of third-party integrations.


9.3 User Rating
$29 Price
Collaboration, Dashboard, Business Plan Templates Feature

Bizplan is a comprehensive business plan software that caters to businesses of every size. It offers a customizable dashboard that enables users to have a clear view of their business’ performance. Plus, this cloud-based tool also features a range of business plan templates. However, Bizplan does have poor customer support and a steep learning curve for new users.


9.1 User Rating
Business Plan, Dashboard, Collaboration, Investor Management Feature

Enloop is a user-friendly and helpful business plan software, especially for new business owners. This software can generate texts and automate accurate financial forecasts to formulate an effective business plan. Users can customize them by editing texts, adding images, incorporating tables, and other data. Enloop also gives users a score of their business plan’s effectiveness, which helps in making further improvements.


8.9 User Rating
$99 Price
Ratio reports, Forecasting, Break Even Analysis Feature

PlanGuru is an advanced business plan software that caters to businesses of all sizes. This cloud-based solution provides an intuitive interface, so that you can use it immediately. On top of that, PlanGuru features robust forecasting and budgeting tools. However, this app is priced higher than its competitors, and it offers a small number of business plan templates.

Wise Business Plans

8.8 User Rating
Activity tracking, Reporting & statistics, Integration Feature

Wise Business Plans is a straightforward business plan software that caters to all businesses – from small businesses to large corporations. This cloud-based solution aims to link companies with world-renowned experts to help them improve their overall performance. However, there are a few disadvantages to using Wise Business Plans, including its counterintuitive system and a lackluster customer support team.

Business Sorter

8.8 User Rating
$12 Price
Collaboration, Dashboard, Social Sharing Feature

Business Sorter is an advanced business plan software that aims to help improve their business’ performance. This cloud-based solution provides tools and features that will enable you to have a comprehensive view over your organizational operations. Plus, Business Sorter is quite easy to use. However, its calendar feature needs improvement and it has a limited number of integrations.


8.6 User Rating
$9 Price
Collaboration, Dashboard, Reporting & Statistics Feature

Upmetrics is a highly intuitive business plan software that caters to businesses of varying sizes. This cloud-based software enables users to monitor and manage their business performance through in-depth analytics and reporting. Additionally, it also offers plenty of collaboration tools. With this said, there are a few disadvantages to using Upmetrics, including its limited number of business templates.


8.5 User Rating
$29.99 Price
Investor Management, Business Plan, Templates Dashboard Feature

StratPad is a simple yet effective business plan software designed to serve small to midsize businesses. This cloud-based software provides highly affordable pricing, enabling smaller companies to achieve growth. On top of that, StratPad also features robust project management tools. However, this solution does not offer much for future growth and a few features are counterproductive.