10+ Best Business Management Softwares 2021

A business management software, by definition is an application or set of programs that help businesses support, improve, and automate their processes. Such software assist in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, reporting activities and increases overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Bitrix24 Business Management Bitrix24 Business Management 9.5 Sergey Rizhikov N/A 1998 $25.8 M
Virginia 1987+ Reviews
5M +
Odoo Business Management Odoo Business Management 9.5 Fabien Pinckaers $6 2005 $150 M
3000+ Reviews
4.5 +
Zoho One Zoho One 9.4 Sridhar Vembu $19.79 1996 $3.4 B
Chennai 2000+ Reviews
13M +
Sage Business Management Sage Business Management 9.3 Steve Hare $10 1981 $2.3 B
1200+ Reviews
6.1M +
NetSuite Business Management NetSuite Business Management 9.2 Zach Nelson $99 1998 $800 M
San Mateo 1590+ Reviews
21K +
Deltek Maconomy Deltek Maconomy 9.2 Mike Corkery $46 1989 $220 M
Copenhagen 5670+ Reviews
558 +
Zistemo Zistemo 9.1 Siggi Buss $17.71 2014 N/A 50+
3398+ Reviews
Scoro Scoro 9 Fred Krieger $26 2013 $6 M
London 3450+ Reviews
Wrike Business Management Wrike Business Management 9 Andrew Filev $9.80 2006 $136 M
San Jose 1000+ Reviews
2.3M +
StudioCloud StudioCloud 8.8 Trent W $10 2007 N/A 10+
4500+ Reviews

Bitrix24 Business Management

9.5 User Rating
Activity steam, Simple to use, Cloud or self hosted Feature

Bitrix24 Business Management, as its name suggests, is a business management solution and is one of the tools offered by the Bitrix24 platform. This cloud-based solution offers highly advanced features that aim to help you stay in control of your business. However, with this said, Bitrix24 Business Management does have a clunky interface, a slow-responding support team, and a complex installation process.

Odoo Business Management

9.5 User Rating
$6 Price
Calls management, Leads Nurturing, Reporting Feature

Odoo Business Management is one of the many solutions offered by the fully integrated platform, Odoo. This open-source solution enables teams to take control of their business, thanks to this app’s wide range of tools, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales, project management, and more. There are a few disadvantages to consider before using Odoo Business Management, though. This includes the fact that customizing its platform is complex and its support is highly limited.

Zoho One

9.4 User Rating
$19.79 Price
Email Marketing, Project Management, Advanced Analytics Feature

Zoho One is a straightforward cloud-based business management software for businesses of every size. This platform enables teams to manage their marketing, sales, HR, finances, etc., more effectively. Additionally, it enables users to generate leads, manage client information and communicate with them. However, Zoho One  does take a while for you to adjust to its system, and even though its support team is responsive, resolving issues takes too much time.

Sage Business Management

9.3 User Rating
$10 Price
Collections, Automation, Payment Processing, Inventory, Reporting Feature

Sage Business Management or Sage Business Cloud is a highly business management solution that helps small businesses to succeed. This business management software offers core accounting, project accounting, expense management, and compliance management within a suite. Plus, it provides information, insights, and tools that businesses need to achieve their goals. Moreover, Sage Business Cloud has payments services that enable users to make the payment instantly using Sage accounts.

NetSuite Business Management

9.2 User Rating
$99 Price
Marketing, General Ledger, Tax management, Cash management Feature

NetSuite Business Management is a comprehensive business management software developed to help large enterprises manage their business operations better. This platform, whether you deploy on the cloud or on-premise, offers a wide array of tools and features, including ones that help you streamline your workflow into its platform. However, NetSuite Business Management does have a few downsides. This includes the steep learning curve, lackluster customer support team, and complex installation.

Deltek Maconomy

9.2 User Rating
$46 Price
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Project Management Feature

Deltek Maconomy is a business management software that delivers information and solution that allows superior levels of project intelligence, management, transparency, control, and collaborations. This software consists of the main module containing functionalities of finance, time registration, and job costing.  Its industry-focused knowledge and expertise make projects successful and achieves performance that increases productivity and income.


9.1 User Rating
$17.71 Price
Project time, tracking System 360 Feature

Zistemo is a widely anticipated software that helps track working hours, time spent on all duties, and all the documentation needed from the customer’s negotiated contract to the accountant’s receipts. This software is suitable for companies, corporate departments, agencies, human resource departments, lawyers, accountants, freelancers, consultants, garden services, and gyms. Plus, it is flexible on all devices. Meaning, you can work with it anywhere you want.


9 User Rating
$26 Price
Project Management, Customization, Work Scheduling Feature

Scoro is the management software that can blend into any type of business. It’s a user-friendly platform that can generate dashboards that connect every important business data cohesively. Scoro streamlines everything for its users, making their monitoring and management task ten times easier. All the statistics, reports, updates, and such will be in one place, easy to find and track.

Wrike Business Management

9 User Rating
$9.80 Price
Asset management, Activity dashboard, Activity tracking Feature

Wrike is a management software that can improve a team’s collaboration. Wrike features customizable tools that enable every team member to view, edit, and share files easily. With Wrike, users can create personalized dashboards and request forms to have better coordination with colleagues. This software can simplify a company’s management, which then leads to better productivity and efficiency.


8.8 User Rating
$10 Price
Scheduling, Project management, Online booking Feature

StudioCloud is an easy-to-use management software that has everything. It can help in any business process that you can think of, such as bookkeeping, scheduling, online booking, lead generation, client management, invoicing, marketing campaigns, and many more. Whatever type of business you’re running, StudioCloud can help you manage it conveniently and efficiently. You should definitely try it.