10+ Best Business Continuity Management Softwares 2021

Business continuity management is defined as the advanced planning and preparation of an organization to maintaining business functions or quickly resuming after a disaster has occurred. It also involves defining potential risks including fire, flood or cyber attacks.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Quantivate Business Continuity Quantivate Business Continuity 9.5 Andy Vanderhoff N/A 2005 $8 M
1698+ Reviews
760 +
Catalyst by Avalution Catalyst by Avalution 9.4 Brian Zawada N/A 2005 $27 M
Dublin 1784+ Reviews
18.7K +
LogicManager Business Continuity LogicManager Business Continuity 9.3 Steven Minsky N/A 2005 $14 M
Boston 1698+ Reviews
470 +
Continuity Logic Continuity Logic 9.2 Tejas Katwala N/A 2006 $7 M
1875+ Reviews
700 +
SAI360 Business Continuity SAI360 Business Continuity 9.1 Peter Granat $250.22 2003 $600 M
Chicago 1698+ Reviews
Fusion Framework System Fusion Framework System 9 Michael Campbell N/A 2006 $24.4 M
Chicago 1987+ Reviews
850 +
ClearView ClearView 8.9 Hoan Ton-That (R.) $250 2017 $41.2 M
1874+ Reviews
Datto SIRIS Datto SIRIS 8.8 Tim Weller $1288 2007 $458 M
1789+ Reviews
3.6K +
Onspring Business Continuity Onspring Business Continuity 8.7 Chris Pantaenius $175 2010 $9 M
Kansas 1987+ Reviews
5.5K +
ContinuityBond ContinuityBond 8.6 Laurie Schultz N/A 1987 $87.8 M
Vancouver 1874+ Reviews

Quantivate Business Continuity

9.5 User Rating
Risk Assessment, Crisis and incident management, Data-sharing capabilities Feature

Quantivate is an innovative software that can improve your business continuity management. It can perform business impact analysis, threat and vulnerability assessment, RPO/RTO documentation, and many more. Quantivate streamlines your business continuity management by uncovering factors that are easy to miss. With Quantivate, you can easily create effective strategies to reduce risk and ensure your company’s bright future.

Catalyst by Avalution

9.4 User Rating
Create Consistent Processes, Enable Effortless Analysis, Automate Administrative Tasks Feature

Catalyst is a smart business software that automates business continuity management. It can perform business analysis, produce insightful reports and dashboards, and streamline various administrative tasks. Catalyst’s tools can help managers and executives uncover easy-to-miss factors that might affect their company. That said, this software can play a vital role in ensuring short and long-term success.

LogicManager Business Continuity

9.3 User Rating
Analytics, Auditing, Custom fields Feature

LogicManager is one of the best business continuity management software in the market. It can help managers and executives identify risks, threats, and other factors that adversely affect their company. LogicManager is an affordable solution against entities that hinder sustainability. Companies that are aiming for growth should invest in LogicManager.

Continuity Logic

9.2 User Rating
Program management, Drag and drop for Admin plan changes, Centrally manage templates Feature

Continuity Logic is a business continuity management software that supports the full spectrum of business continuity management planning. This software encompasses essential enterprise governance programs and processes, allowing businesses to develop organization-specific custom applications. On top of that, Continuity Logic offers easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, secure, cost-effective, and dynamic business continuity management.


SAI360 Business Continuity

9.1 User Rating
$250.22 Price
Data Privacy Management, Audit Management, Data Breach Notification Feature

SAI360 Business Continuity is a business continuity management that automates business continuity processes. This software provides extensive business continuity solutions that integrate operational resilience, enabling operational managers to recover from any business disruption. SAI360 Business Continuity also delivers other high-end solutions that leverage business continuity, including crisis management, business impact assessment, recovery strategy, and action management.


Fusion Framework System

9 User Rating
Auditing, Audit Management, Compliance Management Feature

Fusion Framework System is an integrated risk management software that offers high-end business continuity management solutions. Fusion Framework System was designed to help businesses allow risk and continuity programs to be at the center of their operations, allowing them to break down silos, automate processes, and gain impactful insights. With Fusion Framework System, users can also access other high-end solutions, including third-party management, IT recovery management, and more.



8.9 User Rating
$250 Price
Contract Administration, Sales Quotation, Dispatch Board Feature

ClearView is another extensive business continuity management software that provides innovative, best-in-class, and accessible solutions across businesses. ClearView offers integrated SaaS business continuity management solutions that support the entire BCM lifecycle. ClearView also offers multiple solutions that users can use to leverage their business continuity management, including impact analysis, plan development, plan exercising, incident management, and impact analysis.



8.8 User Rating
$1288 Price
Reliable, Verified Backups, Boot verification Feature

Datto SIRIS is business continuity and disaster recovery software built for businesses. Datto SIRIS delivers high-end solutions to simplify businesses’ business continuity and disaster recovery processes. The software delivers fully-featured solutions to allow businesses to manage their operations seamlessly, including reliable data protection, flexible restores, global cloud infrastructure, reliable backups, and more.


Onspring Business Continuity

8.7 User Rating
$175 Price
Audit planning, Audit management, Auto-reminders Feature

Onspring Business Continuity is business continuity and recovery software built to deliver high-end solutions for enterprise organizations. This software has the capacity to protect business operations with actionable recovery strategies, consolidated process automation, and real-time analytics capture. Onspring Business Continuity also centralizes plans, objectives, scope, communications, and team assignments—all in one platform.



8.6 User Rating
Risk Identification, Impact Analysis, Action Plans Feature

ContinuityBond is a workflow-based business continuity management platform that delivers effective continuity plans for businesses. This software has the functionality to maintain effective business continuity programs and reduce risk exposure while strengthening the ability to respond to business disruptions. ContinuityBond makes everything possible, through its automated BCM workflow, simplified business impact analysis, business continuity reporting, and more.