10+ Best Brand Management Softwares 2021

Brand Management Software is the best option for you to execute a marketing campaign for your brand.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Frontify Frontify 9.6 Roger Dudler N/A 2013 $3 M
1895+ Reviews
2.5K +
Bynder Bynder 9.4 Bert van der Zwan N/A 2013 $48 M
Netherlands 1987+ Reviews
1.3K +
Brandworkz Brandworkz 9.4 Jens Lundgaard $500 1997 $5.4 M
London 1875+ Reviews
2.5K +
Loomly Loomly 9.2 Thibaud Clement $25 2016 $1.4 M
Los Angeles 1877+ Reviews
780 +
Third Light Third Light 9.1 Michael Wells $6540 2002 $1 M
Cambridge 1999+ Reviews
500 +
Brandfolder Brandfolder 9 Luke Beatty N/A 2012 $12 M
Colorado 1874+ Reviews
60.5K +
Lucidpress Lucidpress 9 Karl Sun N/A 2013 $4.1 M
South Jordan
1879+ Reviews
1M +
Widen Collective Widen Collective 9 Matthew Gonnering N/A 1948
$21.5 M
1875+ Reviews
1.4K +
Outfit Outfit 8.9 Bruce Stronge N/A 2013 $10 M
Australia 1878+ Reviews
3.2K +
Yext Yext 8.8 Howard Lerman $4 2006 $228 M
New York 1230+ Reviews
1.5B +


9.6 User Rating
Access control, Collaboration tools, Custom development Feature

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management software that offers businesses with a highly intuitive UI to help them handle assets easier. On top of that, the app enables users to import all of their brand assets and access style guides, including videos, gifs, photos, and so much more. With Frontify, you can access its robust features, such as configurable project workflows, brand portal, and pattern libraries.

Now there is really no doubt that Frontify can deliver the services you need, however, it is highly beneficial that you know its disadvantages, before using it. First, it is quite an expensive platform. Second, the customization tools are rather limited. Last but not least, it lacks integration options.


9.4 User Rating
Digital Assets, Brand Guidelines, Analytics Integrations Feature

The Bynder app is a cloud-based all inclusive platform that offers businesses of all sizes with a solution for digital asset management or DAM, branding, and marketing. This software enables them to sustain and allocate both private and public virtual assets, such as documents, videos, images, and more. Bynder incorporates all digital assets and organizes them into a single and highly accessible database system.

Although Bynder does offer a complete platform for its customers, it also has a few flaws in its system. So, before using the app, you need to know that Bynder has a complicated set up process, its search functionality is somewhat limited, and it is priced higher compared to its competitors.




9.4 User Rating
$500 Price
Project Management, Reporting and Analysis, Workflow Dashboards Feature

Brandworkz is an extensive brand management and digital asset management or DAM software. With this app, businesses can store content and virtual assets, and make Brandworkz as their only work hub. On top of all that, the app enables users to handle and allocate marketing assets to their various platforms.

With such a robust and centralized platform, Brandworkz makes brand management easy for its users. However, before you decide on using it, you also need to know about its downsides. So, with Brandworkz, you might find its system a bit disorganized, its reporting tools to be rather limited, and, at times, its customer support team is slow to respond.



9.2 User Rating
$25 Price
Analytics Calendar management, Email integration, Text analysis Feature

Loomly is a digital marketing software that provides individuals, such as influencers, social media managers, and freelancers, with tools to help them stay on top of their platforms and content. Regarding platforms you can manage various content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus. With Loomly, you can use its extensive feature set, such as keyword filtering, analytics, post scheduling, automated publishing, and much more.

Having said a short overview of the app’s features and capabilities when using it, now we direct our focus to its weaknesses. Upon using Loomly, one might experience an inability to tag personal LinkedIn profiles and publish directly to Instagram. In addition, the UI has a slight learning curve at first usage.



Third Light

9.1 User Rating
$6540 Price
Customized branding, Integration Tracking, Secured collection Feature

Third Light is an advanced digital asset management software.It enables businesses to manage their images, company logos, documents, and other brand assets, in one centralized platform. On top of that, the Third Light allows users to import, customize, and export all of virtual assets and files. The app serves companies in various industries, such as Tech, Retail, Finance, Science, and much more.

If you are thinking about subscribing to one of Third Light’s plans, you should first know a few weak points in its system. What you should take into account is its complicated user interface and sharing of assets with clients or other users is also a complex process.


9 User Rating
Integration Security, Bulk uploading, Workflow Management Feature

Brandfolder is an online asset management and brand management software. It helps businesses and organizations to upload, store, organize, and export digital assets. Plus, it also provides them with tools to manage permissions and digital rights. With Brandfolder, users can access its unified database where they can update audios, press releases, logos, and other virtual assets.

However, the app also has a few shortcomings in some areas in its system. That is you need to be informed about them prior to using it. The first thing to note is that the prices are steep for small businesses. Next, organizing assets in its system is not very intuitive. Last, the Brandfolder system could be more optimized when loading pages.



9 User Rating
Accessible content, High-quality templates, Full text control Feature

Lucidpress is an online web-to-print software that helps businesses of all sizes. It aims to provide users with advanced features to help create custom designs for their logos, campaigns, marketing prints, and more. Plus, users also have the functionality to generate marketing materials through the Lucidpress platform’s customizable template system. The app also provides you with digital asset management functionality to increase flexibility.

Now that you have learned a quick thing or two about Lucidpress’ platform, you ought to know about the app’s drawbacks. When using this software, you might feel overwhelmed when using it for the first time. Then, you might also find that adding more users is more complicated than it may seem. Lastly, the exporting process leaves room to be desired.



Widen Collective

9 User Rating
Activity Auditing, Brand Portals REST API, Collective Management Feature

Widen Collective is both a brand management and digital asset management or DAM software. It provides companies with a solution to create and share content. The platform provides users with a unified database where they can organize video, images, and audio files. Furthermore, Widen Collective allows them to segregate via categories, metadata, and collections for more flexibility.

This software is widely known to be robust and extensive. However, it does have limitations in various areas in its system. The first thing that you might experience is a loss of some project requests from the database. Another is its long and complex installation. Finally, Widen Collective’s searching and searching functionality is quite lacking.




8.9 User Rating
Workflow Management, Asset Categorization, Reporting/Analytics Feature

Outfit is a cloud-based brand management software that also offers marketing production capabilities. With the software, businesses of all sizes can track asset executions and campaigns with their various media platforms to maintain consistency with their brand image. On top of that, Outfit also enables all users to generate, share, and collaborate multiple content with other teams or clients.

Knowing an app’s advantages is only 50 percent of the solution, you should also know some of its disadvantages to determine its overall functionality. With Outfit, its downsides include a limited tracking tool, restricted number of compatible browsers, and the app’s customer support team is lacking.



8.8 User Rating
$4 Price
Branded Content, Syndication, Analytics, Dashboards, Knowledge API Feature

Yext is an online reputation management software that enables companies to improve their branding. With this app, users can access their comprehensive feature set, including review requests, social media metrics, response management, and sentiment analysis. On top of that, the Yext software provides you with tools to handle all positive customer experiences. This is done through the software’s tracking and communication tools.

Nonetheless, like all the other apps in the industry, Yext also has a few disadvantages that you need to know. These drawbacks include a not so friendly interface, limited customer support options, and the setup process is quite complex and takes longer than expected.