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Board Space

Board Space

8.6 User Rating
$240 M Revenue
15000+ No of Employees
2014 Founded
SaaS Industry
Board Management Software Category
Pat Crosscombe CEO

Board Space is a tech company founded in 2014. It’s relatively a young company in the tech industry, but it has already garnered a decent reputation, thanks to its excellent board management software. Board Space made their presence felt in the SaaS industry. And with over 15,000 employees, the company shows no signs of slowing down.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Boardable Boardable 9.9 Jeb Banner $79 2016 $23.4 M
Great Lakes
6700+ Reviews
500 +
Diligent Boards Diligent Boards 9.6 Brian Stafford $900 1994 $330 M
New York 4500+ Reviews
14K +
Boardbook Boardbook 9.5 Marion Lewis N/A 1994 $34.6 M
Austin 3400+ Reviews
BoardEffect BoardEffect 9.5 Todd Gibby N/A 2007 $100 M
Washington 4670+ Reviews
180K +
Boardmanagement Boardmanagement 9.3 Harry Casimir $49 2016 $1 M
Southern US
6570+ Reviews
Azeus Convene Azeus Convene 9.2 Rene Lindio N/A 2010 $50.8 M
Portsmouth Rd
3560+ Reviews
Sherpany Sherpany 9 Tobias Häckermann $3100 2010 $14.9 M
3450+ Reviews
Onboard Onboard 9 Paroon Chadha N/A 2003 $3.8 M
Great Lakes
3400+ Reviews
BoardPaq Board Portal BoardPaq Board Portal 8.7 Randy Schilling $99 2010 $58.4 M
Saint Charles
4670+ Reviews
BoardBookit BoardBookit 8.6 Marion Lewis $585 2012 $7 M
3450+ Reviews


Monthly Subscriptions


“ BoardSpace - a fantastic addition to the board portal marketplace ”

10/10 (overall) - Bonnie O.
  • BoardSpace is a product designed and developed by a real life end user. It was conceived following the many frustrations of attempting to manage the volumes of information created in the course of running a board of directors.
  • The best products emerge from this problem-solving stand-point, and BoardSpace can help you address the challenges of keeping a board of directors on task, and on track
  • There is not much not to like about Boardspace. It is continually evolving and responding to the needs of its clients with new developments and features.
  • Being a relatively young product, there is inevitably a few ‘bugs’ to discover and report back to the development team. However, the response from Boardspace is quick and efficient to fix any issues, and the price point more than makes up for this.

“ Boardspace improved our communication and efficiency for a reasonable cost ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Francie B.
  • It offers a good way to deal efficiently with meeting minutes. Also the ability to add comments to the Agenda items that are restricted to being viewed by Board members only before/during/after meetings is helpful. Uploading documents in groups is easy enough.
  • Task reminders work well as deadlines/scope are modifiable as circumstances change and they reduce the need for endless email messages. Able to add and modify Board member profiles easily.
  • Does require a bit of planning and agreement as to how to name tags and attach them to documents for effective searches. You need to foresee what kind of searches you will do.
  • Adding/removing/modifying Tags is easy, which is good. Able to control which users can access different types of documents so more sensitive documents are not public.

“ BoardSpace is exactly what I hoped for, and then some ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Paul J.
  • It makes managing the role of secretary so easy during board meetings.
  • It makes the tasks between meetings so easy… minutes, future agendas, action items.
  • The BoardSpace team is open to hearing ideas, and I’ve shared them! The more users get on the system and ask for the same things, the more easily the BoardSpace team will be able to dedicate resources to those enhancements. Is the system as slick as other multi-million dollar funded apps and platforms? No.
  • Some of the navigational features could be more slick. But there is always room for improvement… and speaking from experience the BoardSpace team is open to, and desires to, make improvements that benefit the user base.


  • Process Management
  • Performance Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Security
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Drip Marketing
  • Email Distribution
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Marketing Management
  • API
  • Analytics
  • Automated Billing
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Collaboration Tools

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Q & A

Q. Does Board Space have a demo?

Yes, Board Space offers a demo to potential clients. In fact, they offer two options; one is a pre-recorded demo, and the other is a live demo, which you have to request. They also have a webinar that can help improve your board management skills and a web page explaining the benefits of board management software.

Q. How much does Board Space cost?

Board Space will cost you $69 per month. That plan includes the following features: SMART Minutes, Action Tracking, Documents Storage, Event Planning, Email Notifications, and Unlimited Data Storage. You can also request a quote from Board Space. For that, you’ll need to provide your personal information.

Q. Who is the founder of Board Space?

The founder of Board Space is none other than Pat Crosscombe, who is also the CEO. She’s also a co-editor of The Elevator, which is Board Space’s official newsletter.