10+ Best Billing And Invoicing Softwares 2021

According to a research conducted by Fundera, 82% of businesses fail because of insufficient or inconsistent cash flow. That is why it is vital to schedule invoices and track cash flow statements steadily, although it is easier said than done. Fortunately, software makes it more simple. So, if you want your business to thrive, you should use a Billing and Invoicing software. A Billing and Invoicing software aims to help automate various processes of generating and sending invoices. On top of that, these apps also provide essential tools for you to receive payments. Benefits:
  • It provides a better way to track invoices.
  • You can receive payments faster through this software.
  • It offers a way to send invoices instantly.
Having the right software is critical to your business/ success. That is why, if unsure of what software to use, we provide a solution. If you scroll down, you will see a list that contains the best Billing and Invoicing software available in the market.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Freshbooks Invoice Freshbooks Invoice 9.5 Mike McDerment $6 2003 $65 M
Toronto 1798+ Reviews
24M +
Wave Invoice Wave Invoice 9.4 Kirk Simpson N/A 2009 $40.5 M
Canada 1999+ Reviews
100K +
Zoho Invoice Zoho Invoice 9.3 Sridhar Vembu N/A 1996 $600 M
Chennai 1989+ Reviews
45M +
Quickbooks Invoice Quickbooks Invoice 9.2 Sasan Goodarzi $5.34 1983 $16.7 M
California 1787+ Reviews
3.2M +
PayPal Invoicing PayPal Invoicing 9.1 Daniel Schulman N/A 1998 $17.8 B
California 1888+ Reviews
305M +
Zipbooks Zipbooks 9 Tim Chaves N/A 2015 $11 M
Lehi 1878+ Reviews
1K +
Simplybill Simplybill 8.9 Colin Heller $5 2008 $13 M
1898+ Reviews
2M +
Express Invoice Express Invoice 8.8 Peter Lupton $69.95 1993 $12 M
1879+ Reviews
18M +
Hiveage Hiveage 8.7 Lankitha Wimalarathna N/A 2014 $7.8 M
Boston 1898+ Reviews
65K +
Microsoft Invoicing Microsoft Invoicing 8.6 Satya Nadella N/A 2015 $7.8 M
Redmond 1978+ Reviews
120M +

Freshbooks Invoice

9.5 User Rating
$6 Price
Customized invoices, Customizing due dates, Client Credit Feature

FreshBooks Bi is an award-winning software application, designed for small business owners. The platform provides users with ways to automate customer invoicing. Plus, it also supplies robust tools that can help with time tracking. With FreshBooks BI, you can avail of its flexible system that offers extensive features with affordable prices.

As an award-winning software, there is no doubt that FreshBooks BI can help deliver better results. However, that does not mean that it is free from bugs or issues. So, before you subscribe to the app, you need to know that it can miscategorize some items when importing expenses. Plus, FreshBooks BI’s accounting functionality is not as robust as billing and invoicing.

Wave Invoice

9.4 User Rating
Billing and Invoicing, Investment tracking, Payment tracking Feature

Wave Invoice is an advanced cloud-based software that caters to the needs of freelancers, startups, and small businesses. The app provides a smart way to automate their bookkeeping processes, so that they can work more efficiently and effectively. On top of that, with Wave Invoice, you can access its comprehensive feature set that includes payment tracking, billing, invoicing, payroll management, accounting, receipt scanning, and many more.

Unfortunately, the platform also lacks in a key few areas. These are its sub-optimal system and poor customer service. Another issue is after installing updates, it can negatively affect your past and present bookkeeping.

Zoho Invoice

9.3 User Rating
Accounting Contact Management, Mobile Apps, Invoices Feature

Zoho Invoice is an online software application. It enables small business owners to streamline their processes for receiving payments and monitoring expenses. With Zoho Invoice, you can easily stay on top of your estimates, transform them into invoices, and send them to your customers. This allows your clients to view any outstanding invoices or upcoming payments. Plus, you can access the app’s advanced features, such as customizable templates, client portal, time tracking, and much more.

Now that you know of the Zoho Invoice’s advantages, it is only fair to show you its disadvantages. So, what you should know is that its mobile app is quite lacking and its interface is rather complicated. Additionally, it can get expensive fast, depending on the number of clients.

Quickbooks Invoice

9.2 User Rating
$5.34 Price
Cloud Accounting, Cash Flow Management, Time Tracking Feature

QuickBooks Invoice is a cloud-based accounting software that offers billing and invoicing capabilities. It provides small businesses to large enterprises a solution to manage invoices, expenses, projects, and much more. With QuickBooks, you can use its unified dashboard to gain valuable insights regarding company performance and local trends of major businesses.

Our team, though, values the importance of knowing an app’s drawbacks, so that you can easily select the best app for your company. Hence, before choosing QuickBooks Invoice, you should know that it has a counterintuitive system and the reporting functionality could be better. Another area where QuickBooks Invoice lacks is its limited inventory tracking system.

PayPal Invoicing

9.1 User Rating
Inventory Tracking, Online Invoicing, Mobile Card Reader Feature

PayPal Invoice is a simple online billing and invoicing software. It offers a solution for businesses of all sizes to send customized and professional invoices. With this app, your clients can simply open an email from PayPal or you can opt to send them a link through your personal email. PayPal Invoice also provides a way for your customers to pay, such as PayPal or PayPal Credit, debit card, and credit card.

It is also important to note that PayPal Invoice also lacks in a few areas in its system. Firstly, it has poor customer service. Secondly, the app’s seller protection policies do not cover digital merchandise. Lastly, its setup process takes longer than desired.


9 User Rating
Online invoicing, Time tracking, Team management Feature

ZipBooks is a cloud-based payment software application that also provides users with billing and invoicing functionality. One of the main features that this app offers is bank integration. It helps you to instantly upload transactions and create various reports of company expenditures in real-time. On top of that, users can easily create custom invoices that include messages, themes, and logos to give it a more personal touch.

In terms of functionality, there is no questioning the ZipBooks platform. However, it does have a few bugs and issues that it needs to work on. These include a compatibility issue with mobile browsers and its interface could be more intuitive.


8.9 User Rating
$5 Price
Dashboard, Invoice, Integration workflow Feature

Simplybill is a straightforward invoicing application that offers businesses, from small to large, with managing their invoices. It provides you with a solution to check if your clients have either received or read an invoice that you sent, or if it failed to send to your client. On top of that, Simplybill offers features that can help you see the due date of each invoice and monitor all payments.

With Simplybill, you can easily track invoices and payments, but it does not offer much more other than those. The app does not offer any sort of payment gateway that you or your clients can use and its mobile app is far from its desktop version.

Express Invoice

8.8 User Rating
$69.95 Price
Online Invoicing, Project Billing, Contact Database Feature

Express Invoice is an extensive software that offers businesses with an affordable and simple invoicing solution. With this app, aside from invoices, you can also generate quotes and orders. On top of that, Express Invoice allows you to show the invoices for your clients either through email, print, or face-to-face. The platform also provides a reporting feature, so that you can monitor performance, payments, and so much more.

However, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. So, for you to select the best app, we compiled a few of Express Invoice’s disadvantages. These are its limited customization on quotes, no credit card payment support for non-Windows users, and its customer support team is rather lacking.


8.7 User Rating
Online Invoicing, Integration, Invoice branding Feature

Hiveage is a cloud-based billing and invoicing software that serves all types of businesses – from freelancers to large enterprises. This straightforward application provides you with the tools to add data to your invoices instantly. On top of that, Hiveage stores all invoices and also categorizes them so that you can easily keep track of which invoices are viewed, sent, saved, and paid.

Nevertheless, the Hiveage app has a few drawbacks. What you need to know before you use the app is that it has limitations to its accounting functionality. Additionally, the app lacks in both customer support and reporting capabilities.

Microsoft Invoicing

8.6 User Rating
Activity Dashboard, Collaboration Tools, Invoice Feature

Microsoft Invoicing is an advanced cloud-based software application that enables users to generate invoices. With this platform, you can access its advanced set of features, such as data syncing, payment tracking, tax management, discount management, and so much more. On top of that, Microsoft Invoicing also lets you produce custom estimates through multiple devices for added convenience.

Although Microsoft Invoicing is a top-notch software, it also has a few flaws in its system that you should be aware of. So, before you start subscribing to the app’s price plans, you out to know that its interface is counterintuitive and its setup process takes quite a long time.