10+ Best Background Check Softwares 2021

Background check software provides companies and candidates with pre-employment screening solutions to ensure the veracity of new hires' stated backgrounds. ... These solutions commonly conduct employment, education, credit history, and criminal background checks, while some even facilitate drug screens.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Checkr Checkr 9.5 Daniel Yanisse $8 2014 $100 M
San Francisco 1658+ Reviews
10K +
Hireright Hireright 9.4 Guy Abramo $39.95 1995 $482.5 M
1587+ Reviews
6K +
Goodhire Goodhire 9.3 Mike Grossman $29.99 2013 $14 M
Redwood Shores
1989+ Reviews
1.2K +
SkillSurvey Reference SkillSurvey Reference 9.2 Ray Bixler N/A 2001 $27 M
1589+ Reviews
11K +
Intellicorp Intellicorp 9.1 Jerry Klajbor N/A 2005 $15 M
San Jose 1547+ Reviews
30K +
Betterteam Betterteam 9 Adam Seabrook $39 2016 $2.9 M
San Francisco 1565+ Reviews
2K +
Paycom Paycom 8.9 Chad Richison N/A 1998 $737.7 M
Oklahoma City
1696+ Reviews
17K +
Sterling Talent Solutions Sterling Talent Solutions 8.8 Josh Peirez N/A 1975 $558.9 M
New York 1654+ Reviews
24K +
Hireology Hireology 8.7 Adam Robinson N/A 2009 $19 M
Chicago 1784+ Reviews
6.5K +
Intelius Intelius 8.6 Abani Heller $29.95 2003 $27 M
1547+ Reviews
5K +


9.5 User Rating
$8 Price
Progressive screening, Mobile friendly, Advanced Analytics Feature

Checkr is an AI-powered background check software. Any company from any industrial category can use Checkr for safer and more sound hiring decisions. Checkr can check a job candidate’s records concerning civil, health, drug use, driving, and other important credentials. Its AI system can review a person’s entire background at a faster pace. Checkr is the tool that every organization needs to onboard the right people.


9.4 User Rating
$39.95 Price
Self-serve dashboard, Easily accessible, Colorful charts Feature

HireRight is an intelligent software for extensive background checks. It can help employers meet their urgent hiring needs in no time without the risk of onboarding suspicious candidates. HireRight’s advanced components are capable of running background checks at superior speeds. Small, midsize, and large businesses can reinforce their security measures and quicken their hiring process with HireRight.


9.3 User Rating
$29.99 Price
API, Background Screening, Workflow Management Feature

GoodHire is an easy-to-use and highly flexible background check software. It’s a powerful tool that can generate accurate background check results in under a minute. What that does is speed up the hiring process. GoodHire is a breeze to adopt due to its user-friendly interface. Anyone will not have trouble getting the hang of it. With GoodHire, employers can meet countless job candidates with the right experience.

SkillSurvey Reference

9.2 User Rating
Reference Check, Customer Relationship, Job Specific Surveys Feature

SkillSurvey Reference is a software that can perform reference checking in under a few minutes. It can yield pinpoint accurate results that lead employers to hire the right candidates. Hence, it improves their talent selection and streamlines their hiring procedure. SkillSurvey Reference is the perfect tool to reinforce workforces faster than usual.


9.1 User Rating
Alerts and Notifications, Integrations, Real-Time Tracking Feature

IntelliCorp is a high-quality background check software. It’s fully capable of producing a 360-degree view of every job candidate. With IntelliCorp, employers can see a candidate’s complete background before deciding to hire them. This software can enhance a company’s pre-employment process and it ensures only qualified candidates can enter. IntelliCorp improves the workforce and makes sure each of them is compliant with the organization’s standards and practices.


9 User Rating
$39 Price
Job Ad Builder, Social Networks Job Posting, Email Clients Integration Feature

Betterteam is a powerful software that can send multiple job boards in just one submission. Employers can use it especially when they’re mass hiring. Betterteam will send their job boards to the most trusted and credible job posting sites in the job market. It ensures that they’ll attract the best candidates with the right experience and background. Betterteam can do all of those in one stroke.


8.9 User Rating
ACA Reporting, Onboarding, Workforce Management Feature

Risk is involved in hiring new employees. But with Paycom, employers can eliminate that risk. Paycom is a software that can fully automate background checks. It thoroughly screens every job candidate, checking if they have the right credentials and have no criminal records. Employers will never be victims of fake job candidates if they have Paycom.

Sterling Talent Solutions

8.8 User Rating
Alerts and Notifications, Real-Time Tracking, Integration APIs Feature

Sterling Talent Solutions is an advanced background check software that enables management to make more accurate, efficient, and better hiring decisions. This cloud-based software provides users with comprehensive background checks through its identification services. Nonetheless, although Sterling Talent Solutions offers a robust solution, it does have a few downsides. This includes its counterintuitive system, poor customer support team, and complex setup process.


8.7 User Rating
Digital Onboarding, Search and Organizational Tools, Background Checks Feature

Hireology is a cloud-based software that provides a comprehensive background check platform for midsize companies to large enterprises. This application enables users to streamline their recruitment marketing and hiring processes, promoting efficiency. On top of that, it also enables you to focus on other tasks. However, Hireology’s sales team is not the best and its system is not the easiest to navigate.


8.6 User Rating
$29.95 Price
Background checks, Comprehensive report, Reverse phone lookup Feature

Intelius is a straightforward background check software that enables human resources and management to look up information on new applicants. This web-based solution offers a simple process for employers to see an overview of a person’s information based on location, name, and phone number. With this said, Intelius takes quite a long time to display results and the results themselves are not as in-depth.