10+ Best Audit Softwares 2021

Specialized programs that perform a variety of audit functions, such as sampling databases and generating confirmation letters to customers and vendors. It can highlight exceptions to categories of data and alert the examiner to possible error.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
TeamMate+ AM TeamMate+ AM 9.5 Karen Abramson N/A 1994 $13.8 M
Tampa 1587+ Reviews
3K +
Gensuite AM Gensuite AM 9.4 R. Mukund N/A 1997 $50 M
Cincinnati 1787+ Reviews
1M +
Form.com Form.com 9.3 Oleg Matsko N/A 2002 $1 M
1874+ Reviews
1M +
Audits.io Audits.io 9.2 Arttu Vesterinen $332.95 2012 $1 M
1784+ Reviews
1.6M +
MetricStream Audit Software MetricStream Audit Software 9.1 Bruce Dahlgren N/A 1999 $1 B
California 1785+ Reviews
49.6K +
Netwrix Auditor Netwrix Auditor 9 Steve Dickson N/A 2006 $51.8 M
1784+ Reviews
10K +
iAuditor iAuditor 8.9 Luke Anear N/A 2004 $56.7 M
1875+ Reviews
12.4K +
Cygna Auditor Cygna Auditor 8.8 Rainer Maure N/A 2019 $10 M
Christian Ehrenthal
1874+ Reviews
2M +
Onspring Audit Onspring Audit 8.7 Chris Pantaenius $175 2010 $25 M
Kansas 1587+ Reviews
5K +
ManageEngine ADAudit Plus ManageEngine ADAudit Plus 8.6 Sridhar Vembu $595 1996 $365.2 M
Chennai 1878+ Reviews
70K +

TeamMate+ AM

9.5 User Rating
Analytics, Response Management, Audit Planning Feature

TeamMate+ AM is an advanced audit software that enables auditors to streamline their various audit processes, so that they can increase efficiency. With this web-based solution, it enables teams to identify risk factors and then create assessment reports, as well as generate and manage audits. However, you should know that TeamMate+ AM does have a counterintuitive interface and a slow-responding customer support team. Plus, the setup process could be better.

Gensuite AM

9.4 User Rating
Workflow Management, Compliance Management, Audit Planning Feature

Gensuite AM is an all-in-one audit management software that is part of Gensuite’s Environment, Health and Safety solution. Basically, this platform enables auditors to generate and manage audits, as well as monitor risk factors and create assessment reports. Plus, it also ensures that companies are complying with safety policies and protocols. However, using Gensuite AM is easier said than done and its system can suddenly freeze without reason.


9.3 User Rating
Data collection, Custom reports, Risk management Feature

Form.com is a comprehensive field service software that also provides features for users to audit their processes. This cloud-based solution enables teams to maximize their workflows when it comes to conducting field operations. Aside from that, Form.com also lets users collect relevant data in real-time. Nevertheless, this platform is not quite easy to use and its Android app needs to be updated.


9.2 User Rating
$332.95 Price
Automated statistics, Reporting, Customizable Feature

Audits.io is an advanced cloud-based audit software that caters to small to mid-sized businesses. This app enables teams to improve their facility management and customize audit categories. On top of that, it is also easy to use and offers a superb support team. However, its administrative tools are quite complex and functions of Audits.io’s template editor needs to be improved.

MetricStream Audit Software

9.1 User Rating
Data Analytics, Security, Integration Engine Feature

MetricStream Audit Software is an extensive cloud-based audit management software that enables teams to manage risks better. This app ensures that the internal audit program is in line with the company’s goals. On top of that, it helps organizations to prepare for multi-dimensional risks. However, there are downsides to using MetricStream Audit Software, including its counterintuitive interface and poor customer support team. The app’s installation process is also quite complex.

Netwrix Auditor

9 User Rating
Workflows IT, Risk Assessment, Reports Feature

Netwrix Auditor, as its name suggests, is a superb audit management software that analyzes user behavior and assesses risk factors. It focuses on providing its functionality for IT teams, in order to keep data private. On top of that, Netwrix Auditor features security intelligence, which identifies security vulnerabilities in your system. With that said, this platform does have a steep learning curve and its customer support team is no help to users.


8.9 User Rating
API Dashboard, Data collection, Reports Feature

iAuditor is a comprehensive audit software that is used to conduct millions of inspections per month. This cloud-based application enables businesses and organizations to maintain a safe working environment for their employees. Aside from that, this platform also gathers relevant data in real-time. However, when you miss a scheduled audit, you cannot go back and complete it. And iAuditor also does not remind you about your audit schedules.

Cygna Auditor

8.8 User Rating
Real Time Customized, Alerting, Simple installation Feature

Cygna Auditor is one of the leading providers of auditing software solutions from the Cygna Labs company. It offers advanced cloud-based reporting, management, and analytics for businesses of all sizes. The Cygna Auditor application specifically enables all users to restore any unwanted changes made on the Active Directory in an instant. On top of that, this solution provides real-time analysis, auditing, and alerts. With Cygna Auditor’s straightforward implementation process, you can streamline your processes with ease.

There is no doubt that Cygna is one of the best auditing software available. However, you need to ensure that it is the ideal solution for your company. That is why we are here. We provide you not only the pros of using an app, but the cons as well. In this case, the drawbacks to using Cygna Auditor include its counterintuitive user-interface and the fact that it is only available for Windows users.

Onspring Audit

8.7 User Rating
$175 Price
Audit management, email notifications workflow, Audit planning Feature

Onspring Audit is part of Onspring’s award-winning platform that offers an advanced set of tools and features for audit management. That is not the only thing this app offers, though. Onspring Audit also features high-end data management, reporting, workflow management, and more, to help you with your various processes. On top of that, this cloud-based solution allows you to take advantage of its straightforward system. This aims to help you effectively use the platform in as little time as possible.

If interested in using Onspring Audit, knowing its advantages and disadvantages is key. Now that you know about the advantages, it is time to provide you with the disadvantages of using Onspring Audit. With that said, the app’s reporting customization tool is highly limited. Another downside is that its dynamic document feature is quite counterintuitive. Last but not least, Onspring Audit does not have an active directory integration functionality within its platform.

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

8.6 User Rating
$595 Price
Audit reports, User management, Email notifications Feature

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is an advanced audit software designed for businesses in midsize and large industries. This web-based solution offers real-time monitoring, change audit reporting, and user and entity behavior analytics. With ManageEngine ADAudit Plus, you can take advantage of its intuitive system which enables you to effortlessly utilize it for your operations. On top of that, this application also has a straightforward installation process, so that you can get started right away. And it is even simpler to update the software when necessary.

With auditing software, you need to pick the best one to help your business grow. One of the most effective ways to do this is not by only learning of an app’s advantages, but also its disadvantages as well. With that said, the disadvantages of using ManageEngine ADAudit Plus includes its support team or lack thereof; they are hard to reach most of the time. Its reporting tool is also quite limited and it also does not provide reports automatically.