10+ Microsoft Azure AI Alternatives and Competitors

Microsoft Azure AI

9.3 User Rating
5000+ No of Employees
2010 Founded
SaaS Industry
Artificial Intelligence Software Category
Satya Nadella CEO

Microsoft is among the leading figures in the tech industry. So, it isn’t surprising that they’re also among the leaders in the AI race with their Azure AI. It’s widely recognized and praised by famous industry analysts such as Forrester, IDC, Gartner, and Omdia. Microsoft Azuer AI and its CEO, Saty Nadella, aims to make AI a mainstream element in any industry and empower developers.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
IBM Watson IBM Watson 9.6 Thomas J. Watson N/A 2014 $5.7 B
New York 1757+ Reviews
26.7K +
Google AI Google AI 9.5 Sundar Pichai N/A 2017 N/A 1,000+
Mountain View 1654+ Reviews
13K +
Microsoft Azure AI Microsoft Azure AI 9.3 Satya Nadella $931 2010 N/A 5,000+
Colorado 3500+ Reviews
229.1K +
Infosys NIA Infosys NIA 9.2 Atul Soneja N/A 1981 $210.2 M
Bangalore 4000+ Reviews
1B +
Salesforce Einstein Salesforce Einstein 9.2 Bob Stutz $25 1999 $57.2 M
San Francisco 3790+ Reviews
CVViZ CVViZ 9.1 Amit Gawande $29 2016 N/A 50+
Mumbai 3450+ Reviews
Amazon SageMaker Amazon SageMaker 9 Andy Jassy $0.10 1994 N/A 10,000+
Seattle 3000+ Reviews
250K +
TensorFlow TensorFlow 8.9 Topher White N/A 2015 $5 M
San Francisco 3400+ Reviews
Wipro HOLMES Wipro HOLMES 8.9 Rohit Adlakha N/A 2016 $50 M
Bangalore 4500+ Reviews
Rainbird Rainbird 8.8 Anthony LaFetra N/A 1933
$620 M
2300+ Reviews


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“ Machine learning with style ”

9.5/10 (overall) - Stanley D
  • SQL Database as a service.
  • Hybrid benefits.
  • Provisioning times relatively long compared to other platforms.
  • Azure backup restore can take forever sometimes.

“ Amazing! ”

9/10 (overall) - Radoslav G
  • Extended support for EOL applications and OS.
  • Snapshots of databases are just built-in and super easy to choose one to recover from.
  • Not able to upload custom images.
  • Need more security controls and file-level access controls on SMB shares, unless I’m missing something.

“ Azure ML is fun to use ”

8.5/10 (overall) - Daniel H
  • It is easy to manage the static public and private IPs that are being used, in one central place.
  • Adding extra data disks to VMS is nice and easy. The performance has been fine for our general use.
  • The AD sync between Office 365 and our controller syncs passwords well enough, but data is a pain. Usually, you have to update everything in AD and can’t from anywhere else after you turn on the syncing.
  • More tooltips on settings would be helpful, at least if you turn on a novice mode or something. It’s built for system admins and has a steep learning curve for people doing basic things.


  • Access Control
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Accounting Intergration
  • Application Integration
  • Agile Software Development
  • Assessment Management
  • Automated Billing
  • Billable Hours Tracking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaign Analysis
  • CRM Integration
  • Campaign Planning
  • Security
  • Team Collaboration

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Q & A

Q. Can people access Microsoft Azure AI for free?

Yes, users can access Microsoft Azure AI for free, but temporarily. People can access Azure’s popular free services for 12 months. All they need to do is create an Azure free account. But in order to create an Azure free account, they must provide their credit card info, and Microsoft account username.

Q. What programming languages does Azure support?

Microsoft Azure supports these languages:

  • C#
Q. Is Microsoft Azure AI easy to navigate?

Relatively, Microsoft Azure AI is quite easy to navigate. People who are computer-savvy and have studied computer functions shouldn’t have any trouble using it. But for beginners, they might have some difficulties. It’ll take time for them to get used to Azure’s ins and outs. They just need to explore it as much as they can. Or better yet, ask for assistance or read a tutorial about Azure’s components.