10+ Best Artificial Intelligence Softwares 2021

Artificial intelligence software definition: “Software that is capable of intelligent behavior.” In creating intelligent software, this involves simulating a number of capabilities, including reasoning, learning, problem solving, perception, knowledge representation.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
IBM Watson IBM Watson 9.6 Thomas J. Watson N/A 2014 $5.7 B
New York 1757+ Reviews
26.7K +
Google AI Google AI 9.5 Sundar Pichai N/A 2017 N/A 1,000+
Mountain View 1654+ Reviews
13K +
Microsoft Azure AI Microsoft Azure AI 9.3 Satya Nadella $931 2010 N/A 5,000+
Colorado 3500+ Reviews
229.1K +
Infosys NIA Infosys NIA 9.2 Atul Soneja N/A 1981 $210.2 M
Bangalore 4000+ Reviews
1B +
Salesforce Einstein Salesforce Einstein 9.2 Bob Stutz $25 1999 $57.2 M
San Francisco 3790+ Reviews
CVViZ CVViZ 9.1 Amit Gawande $29 2016 N/A 50+
Mumbai 3450+ Reviews
Amazon SageMaker Amazon SageMaker 9 Andy Jassy $0.10 1994 N/A 10,000+
Seattle 3000+ Reviews
250K +
TensorFlow TensorFlow 8.9 Topher White N/A 2015 $5 M
San Francisco 3400+ Reviews
Wipro HOLMES Wipro HOLMES 8.9 Rohit Adlakha N/A 2016 $50 M
Bangalore 4500+ Reviews
Rainbird Rainbird 8.8 Anthony LaFetra N/A 1933
$620 M
2300+ Reviews

IBM Watson

9.6 User Rating
Discovery acceleration, Domain-specific research, Personalized communication Feature

IBM Watson is an AI software that aims to provide expert solutions to enterprises across different industries. This includes business in the area of healthcare, advertising, customer service, and IT operations. Its products and services develop an organization’s process, technology, and the entire structure to make way for faster and more efficient outcomes through data-based strategies and an upgraded system.

Google AI

9.5 User Rating
Data Analytics, API Management Operations Feature

Google AI is a powerful artificial intelligence software by Google. It’s a useful tool that aids researchers, such as data journalists, scientists, data geeks, or anyone else who’s into extensive data research. Google AI enables them to gather data more quickly than ever. And it gives access to a huge library of educational and informative resources for everyone, not just data experts.

Microsoft Azure AI

9.3 User Rating
$931 Price
Full-stack development, Web app development, Azure Cognitive Search Feature

Microsoft Azure AI is one of the most prominent figures in the artificial intelligence industry. And it’s Microsoft’s flagship in the artificial intelligence race. Microsoft Azure AI can help its users analyze data and predict outcomes. It’s pretty convenient for research and data gathering. It’s also capable of understanding speech and interpreting images, similar to how humans do so.

Infosys NIA

9.2 User Rating
High-performance, Scalable, Machine learning Feature

Infosys NIA is an AI platform that supports all sorts of business and IT processes. With Infosys NIA, companies can conveniently adopt digital transformation into their operations, a lot faster than other companies that don’t use it. Infosys NIA can perform data management to the highest level to help businesses achieve their full potential.

Salesforce Einstein

9.2 User Rating
$25 Price
Lead Scoring, Account Insights, Opportunity Insights Feature

Salesforce Einstein is an AI software geared towards bringing prime solutions for CRM. It comprises different technologies to aid in making extensive and advanced sales and marketing strategies for enterprises. The application boasts of delivering premium intelligence for intercepting opportunities and customer needs, providing updated solutions, and upgrading technological and manpower performance for better results.


9.1 User Rating
$29 Price
Analytics, Onboarding, Project Management Feature

CVViZ is an AI human resource tool for an efficient recruitment system. It aims to help companies acquire the best talent in the field through a dynamic hiring process that secures the right people for a specific job description and automates screenings and profile evaluations. It connects you with potential candidates by tapping into different platforms. The platform also offers extensive service by setting up online hiring procedures with virtual interviews and

Amazon SageMaker

9 User Rating
$0.10 Price
Prepare the data, Deploy the model, Evaluate model performance Feature

Amazon SageMaker is a comprehensive machine learning platform. It aims to provide fast and efficient ways for data scientists and developers to create, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models. It alleviates the burden of working on an ML process to enable ease when developing the models and deploying ML use cases.


8.9 User Rating
Good support, Efficiently works, Multi-dimensional arrays Feature

TensorFlow is an open-source library for machine learning. It makes the development and training of machine learning easier. It contains an extensive versatile collection of libraries, tools, and resources to help developers and researchers deploy ML models with fewer complexities. It contributes to convenient model creation, dynamic research experimentation, and increased ML production.


8.9 User Rating
Speech Recognition, Patterns Discovery, Knowledge Curation Feature

Wipro HOLMES is an artificial intelligence platform that offers cognitive solutions and automated services. It aims to drive efficiency, economy, and experience through its functions. It helps elevate the quality of businesses and their operations to optimize their performance. Its capability provides efficient resolve to a number of needs such as the processes of creation, publication, and supervision, among others.


8.8 User Rating
Automatically adjustment, Watering restrictions, Saving you water Feature

Rainbird is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that enables enterprises to automate their decision-making processes. This allows their organizations to increase operational efficiency. On top of that, with this cloud-based app, it enables you to build knowledge maps. However, Rainbird does not have the easiest system to navigate, and its support team also needs improvement.