10+ Best Absence Management Softwares 2021

Absence management is about reducing employee absenteeism (usually due to illness or injury) through policies and procedures. In order to have an effective impact, these policies and procedures will need to be communicated to both employees and managers, with management/HR taking a pro-active role in applying them.


Logo Name Sort Rating Sort CEO Pricing Sort Founded Sort Revenue Sort Employees Sort Location Sort Reviews Sort Customers Sort
Peoplesoft Absence Management Peoplesoft Absence Management 9.5 Dave Duffield N/A ‎1987 $699 M
1654+ Reviews
26K +
Workday Absence Management Workday Absence Management 9.4 Aneel Bhusri $100 2005 $2.8 B
California 1546+ Reviews
3.2K +
BambooHR Absence Management BambooHR Absence Management 9.3 Brad Rencher $6.19 2008 $81.8 M
1847+ Reviews
17K +
BrightHR BrightHR 9.2 Alan Price $38.59 2015 $9 M
1547+ Reviews
1.7K +
Kronos Absence Management Kronos Absence Management 9.1 Aron Ain N/A 1977 $14.3 B
Massachusetts 1527+ Reviews
40K +
Absence.io Absence.io 9 Nikbin Rohany $1.78 2014 $3 M
1578+ Reviews
25K +
Calamari Absence Management Calamari Absence Management 8.9 Sara Joy $40 2014 $3 M
1587+ Reviews
20K +
Freshworks Absence Management Freshworks Absence Management 8.8 Girish Mathrubootham N/A 2010 $100 M
San Mateo 1657+ Reviews
100K +
247HRM 247HRM 8.7 Varun Reddy $20.36 1996 $5 M
1698+ Reviews
800 +
ActiPLANS ActiPLANS 8.6 N/A $1.5 2014 $11.1 M
Canada 1658+ Reviews
40 +

Peoplesoft Absence Management

9.5 User Rating
Rules-based application, Manager transactions, Configurable approvals Feature

Peoplesoft is an absence management software that helps organizations or companies track employee’s attendance and absences. It is a must-have software for multinational organizations to monitor workforce availability. Peoplesoft is best for handling the core of HR, benefits, and compensation. HR department usually used Peoplesoft. It provides features such as employee database, leave management, absence management, timesheet management, employee schedules, and more.

Workday Absence Management

9.4 User Rating
$100 Price
Performance Management, Benefits administration, Time Tracking Feature

Workday is a software with all the tools to manage employee absences. With Workday, HR managers can track their employees’ time-in and time-out in real-time. So, they’ll immediately know who’s present and absent every shift. Workday also has a voice-activated time-off request feature, which allows employees to request paid leaves, sick leaves, or undertime. No need for printed request forms. Workday is what HR managers need to oversee their workforce better.

BambooHR Absence Management

9.3 User Rating
$6.19 Price
Global capabilities, Time and attendance tracking, eSignature Feature

BambooHR is a software that provides innovative tools to perform the most essential HR management tasks. Of course, that includes absence management. BambooHR can perform time-tracking and keep employee records. With it, HR managers will have all the information they need to measure their employees’ absenteeism. After that, they can create strategies to manage employee absences better.


9.2 User Rating
$38.59 Price
Absence Calendar, Automatic Notifications, Customisable Reporting Feature

BrightHR is a high-quality absence management software. Its innovative time-tracking capability lets HR managers oversee employee attendance with ease. BrightHR can keep records of tardiness, absences, medical leaves, and paid/vacation leaves. With all those records in one, HR managers can easily oversee their employees’ absenteeism. Moreover, BrightHR has unlimited online storage space. HR managers can store as many employee files as they can.

Kronos Absence Management

9.1 User Rating
Payroll Information Editor, Compensation Planning, Automate Payroll Processing Feature

Kronos is a powerful absence management software that’s compliant with labor laws. It can help HR managers track their employees’ vacation time, sick time, AWOL, and tardiness. All in a single platform and with maximum visibility. With Kronos’ help, HR managers can reduce the cost of their employees’ absenteeism and optimize workplace productivity.


9 User Rating
$1.78 Price
Track working hours, Edit and delete time entries, Track overtime Feature

Absence.io is a dynamic employee management software. Among its key features is absence management. Absence.io’s absence management enables you to have a clear overview of your employees’ absenteeism. It allows you to process and approve medical leaves, vacation leaves, and other types of leaves in one go. The procedure will be completely paperless. Absence.io is also capable of time-tracking. You can manage and monitor your employees’ working hours easily.

Calamari Absence Management

8.9 User Rating
$40 Price
Time Clock Software, Employee Scheduling Software, Attendance Tracking Software Feature

Calamari is a simple but innovative absence management software designed for HR managers. Its two key features are real-time time-tracking and leave management. With those two features combined, HR managers can closely monitor their employees’ attendance and absenteeism. Calamari can fully automate the absence management process. That means less paperwork for the HR managers and more time to do hands-on HR tasks.

Freshworks Absence Management

8.8 User Rating
Productivity, Collaboration, Automation Feature

Freshworks is a high-standard HR software that can help HR managers perform absence management. Among the features it offers is Time Off, which enables HR managers to track and record every employee’s paid leaves, sick leaves, and unannounced absences. Freshworks gives them a platform to analyze their employees’ absenteeism and create strategies to mitigate its effects.


8.7 User Rating
$20.36 Price
Time Tracking, Payroll Outsourcing, Case Studies Feature

247HRM is high-end attendance management that delivers extensive absences management. This platform delivers extensive time-tracking solutions that manage employee attendance accurately, allowing companies to manage their workforce effectively. 247HRM also offers other high-powered attendance management features, including flexible time management, business rules, leave management, employee self-service portal, performance appraisal, and much more.



8.6 User Rating
$1.5 Price
PTO Tracking, Email Notifications, Approval Management Feature

actiPLANS is a high-powered absence management platform that manages workforce leave management processes. This software has all the essential features that streamline the entire absence management process across various types of businesses, from requests down to approvals. actiPLANS also provides other sets of absence management tools, including reports, timesheets, PTO calculation, and mobile attendance tracker.